Doug The Pug – Stranger Pugs

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  1. OMG first!!

  2. Aww it’s little Doug 😀 Doug is so cute keep up the good work people (and
    dogs) on this Channel!! Great vid!

  3. Adorable!!!!

  4. Mario&Luigiplushfiles

    Do a dude perfect parody called Pug Perfect

  5. The Barb one killed me!

  6. Guess I have to watch Stranger Things to understand .. Cute Pugs though .

  7. I LOVE THIS so much!!!! I wonder what the cast reaction is to this

  8. Twin Pugs.. “Damn good coffee!”
    0:10 reminds me of The Ludovico Technique / A Clockwork Orange.

  9. BARB

  10. Pug has more subscribers than me LoL!

  11. The Barb one made me lose my shit, I was hyperventilating from laughing so

  12. I don’t know what it is about that pug but he has got IT!

  13. how does the Dustin (toothless) pug and the barb pug look exactly like ppl!

  14. This turned my frown upside down.

  15. Yes. Quality content. A+.

  16. I don’t get it, but I thumbed up anyway… he’s a cute pup!

  17. I now know the true meaning to life everyone our lord and savior the pug .

  18. is that the dog from men in black?

  19. I bet this would be hilarious if I had watched that show

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