Eager Olaf Gets a Tad Off Track | Too Cute!

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Siberian Husky Olaf wants badly to be pack leader, but his sense of direction might not be the best of the bunch. | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. 1st comment

  2. Second

  3. Too cute

  4. i want that fluffy widdle face!

  5. Aww, olaf the dog!

  6. Beautiful animals but sad thing is that they don’t stay that way forever
    lol I’m a cat person but I like dogs too 

  7. Can’t wait to get a huskey :)

  8. *drowning in cuteness*

  9. *Pinkie Pie*: *giggling* Silly Olaf! He’s too far away to hear a single

  10. Perfect name, OLAF. Oh dear… my heart, this was too adorable.

  11. This “Too Cute” – Series makes my day always <3 I go insane out of cuteness
    here! :)

  12. They are so adorable!
    The Siberian Husky is without a doubt my all time favorite breed, they are
    absolutely gorgeous.

  13. If you don’t love dogs, there is something wrong with you.

  14. Stubborn lil stinker.

  15. The puppies are named after Disney movies!!! Score!!!!

  16. Olaf knows how to be a leader…realy cute video:)

  17. Huskies are so cute! I want one so bad, they seem like fun dogs.

  18. Olaf coat is beautiful, he will grow to be a really handsome dog.

  19. olaf is james may’s dog. both have no sense of direction.

  20. Those two are the most adorable puppies 

  21. cuteness overdose…..

  22. I have a husky named elsa

  23. MY FINGER IS HURTING ME of clicking the like buton ;D

  24. good

  25. Fuvk you dogs f*** you dog go to hell dog you almost killed the human race
    so f*** you again bitch ass mother f***** bitch ass mother f***** bitch ass
    mother f***** bitch ass mother f***** bitch ass bitch ass mother f***** go
    to hell at Dawg I see you in hell bitch after you go to hell after you go H
    lol go to hell please dogs lol be right back after you go to hell be right

  26. OMG! My old husky looked exactly like Olaf! But had blue eyes. And he never
    really came to me when called. XD

  27. My two Siberian Huskies are the same – they ALWAYS have their own agenda –
    and they never change their minds!!!!!!!! And this is from experience –
    ALL HUSKIES – think they are the leader – at one time or another!!!!!!!!!
    They are simply their own individual thinkers – when they choose to


  29. I wonder if Olaf the dog likes warm hugs too? Probably does!

  30. Olaf the great from skyrim its perfect but cause there is huskies in skyrim
    and its a cold place!

  31. This guys voice…

  32. This is too much! I don’t know if I can take anymore! To many cute puppies
    every where! XD

  33. Huskies make the cutest pups

  34. i love dogs AND cats

  35. Trinidad JѧԀє (Big Momma)

    This is too freaking cute!!!!!!

  36. who imagined Rocky music playing while they pulled the jugs?

  37. what happens to them if they aren’t good sled dogs?

  38. They’re so FLUFFYYYYYYY!!!!

  39. love

  40. But Olaf doesn’t give a fuck

  41. I want him now
    he is solo cute and fluffy

  42. Too much cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  43. Go olaf your so cute !!!!!!

  44. My dog gave birth today

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