Eagle cam: Eagles swap places after egg hatches at Codorus State Park, Hanover, PA

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Video captured at approximately 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, March 24. Video courtesy of Pa. Game Commission. Read more about the eagles at http://www.ydr.com/eagle/


  1. My class and me are watching this can everyday! We can’t wait to see the
    2nd egg hatch!

  2. Awesome

  3. I have kayaked here for many years and have witnessed the Eagles fishing
    off the lake. This is so cool!!

  4. Amazing

  5. I love eagles ;-)

  6. Cute and scary with giant birds

  7. Murica!

  8. Welcome! 

  9. This reminded me of dinosaurs

  10. First !!!

  11. They didn’t kiss before she left the nest, should we be concerned with
    their marriage? 

  12. Me encantan los animales, precioso video

  13. It looks like a baby Hulk xD!

  14. Eagles: I love you so much I am going to sit on you.

  15. Good i like

  16. beautiful!

  17. Thats how i look when my wife is sick and I have to do my daughter’s hair.

    “Ok, she said moisturize it…. Ok…. And then separate it with which
    comb? Oh yea, this one….. Ok, now separate into three strands, wtf?!?!…
    Ok, i got this…. Now braid, this one over here, that here, the other
    here, and repeat……”

  18. The mom eagle flies didn’t and the daddy Eagle sits on the baby so cute

  19. I litteretly just watched this egale cam! :D

  20. My favorite Mascot of alltime Live Bald Eagles

  21. Have they been given names yet? Alright guys think of the most murican name
    you can give a bald eagle hatchling! 

  22. The birds like “if moms not coming back ill just sit on yah instead”

  23. EAGLE DAD IS LIKE: uh… yeah i can see the egg hatching (I have the best
    vision in the world suckers)… just let me look around for like 5 minutes
    to the sky, clouds and stuff and then i’ll go and say hello to my baby! you
    know, typical dad!

  24. we love the video

  25. Dad, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!! Get your balls off me.

  26. Ugh I had to skip through it! He was taking too long to sit down on them!!

  27. When it comes to newborn baby eagle, Mr. Eagle… you are NOT the father!

  28. Oh so it’s not okay to have surveillance on people’s private property but
    people are okay with have surveillance on private properties of other

  29. Is this more American gender bending propaganda?

  30. Grats on the views YDR.

  31. Eagle dad: ( after mom eagle leaves) what should I do? Should I leave it?

  32. These monstrous birds have been known to attack children…. So a big
    thumbs down from me…

  33. круть

  34. You’re witnessing the birth of freeeeeeeeeeeedom

  35. Sometimes I wish I were an eagle perched in a nest looking down at all the
    chaos beneath me, …not really understanding what it all means. Just
    knowing to keep out of it and enjoy my nest.

  36. im the offensive and i find this very eagle

  37. They really are majestic birds

  38. The Eagle is like: “Joe, wtf where are you going, come back! What am I
    supposed to do, do I just sit on it? Ok i’ll go sit on it then.”

  39. that was great,,,, thanks for sharing

  40. better parenting then most black people

  41. truthaboveagenda

    Clear footage. Joseph

  42. Don’t they usually lay three eggs?

  43. Didn’t we see this when MLG stream was down?

  44. Bill AND Bell

  45. Lol were is that

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