Elderly man making sure his dog won’t get wet

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very wholesome stuff.


  1. I like how he takes his time

  2. When I saw this, “I wanna be your dog” by The Stooges started instantly playing in my head.

  3. oh you gon’ get yo feet wet….. i aint gon’ take you home…. oh come on he got his gawd dayum feet wet nawwww

  4. Gaius Julius Caesar

    There’s still hope.

  5. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    Make sure give that UBER a five star doggo

  6. that hat is amazing

  7. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    That doggo looks so royal with his little squint

  8. Car Ride Convos Podcast

    The most wholesome thing I’ve seen all day

  9. That’s really sweet! The dog does look very regal in his outfit! So cute!

  10. Awww…..what a nice man and a cute dog.

  11. *omg the hat*

  12. The song in the background is everything.

  13. meanwhile in the U.S. we have a woman using her daughter as an umbrella

  14. idkwhattoputhereok?

    Adorable, and loving.


  16. How precious. The man has a good dog and the dog has a good human.

  17. my god that hat is what sold me! that is straight up adorable!

  18. That dog looks so cute.

  19. soooo cute! this is the first time in a while that i really feel like a video deserves to be trending 😁i wish my videos were half as cute so i could make it on trending too, haha!

  20. That is a good dog 🐶❤️

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