Elephants Dancing to Violin! Adorable!

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Me warming up for my performance of the Bach Concerto for Two Violins with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. I decided to go outside and play a bit for Kelly and Viola, 44 and 45 year-old elephants that have lived together for most of their lives. I found out that elephants REALLY like Bach…


  1. *Please* don’t support animal cruelty. Animals are not your toys, jesters,
    or slaves.

    Hjalmar Nyman
    reddit moderator 

  2. Stereotypy 

  3. is that gate really strong enough to keep elephants in :P

  4. Cinnamon crunch

    lol I was waiting for the part where the elephants throw dirt at her,I’m

  5. Now, drop the BASS!
    But seriously, thanks for sharing.



  8. MontagueProfessional

    Turn your fucking phone sideways you twat!

  9. heinrich dhyanarealms

    Normally I’m the last person to care about animal rights in particular, but
    in this case that swinging in elephants is textbook mental disorder

  10. unfortunately they are in captivity


  12. Ahh just great looking at this. I have just read several sources saying
    this is not normal behaviour and is largely in part due to their small
    enclosures negatively impacting them.

  13. fuck elephants are sentient creatures… And we have them caged like
    fucking wild animals…. Fucking humans…

  14. My God, your intonation is perfect. I’m sure the performance was amazing!

  15. As cool as this is, is it possible that they are merely trained to behave
    like this for an incentive, like food? Or do they genuinely find the
    vibrations entertaining?

  16. Seriously, Bach is timeless!!

  17. Oh good! Vertical video! Just like every HD TV, movie theater…

    …oh.. wait…

  18. Well glad to know I dance like an elephant.

  19. Play some real music like Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber.

  20. Registered Murse


  21. Vertical Video Syndrome

  22. hot damn, wisconsin, get some

    I didn’t know the orchestra was good out there, that was fantastic playing

  23. Doing Business With The Chinese

    mount and blade music ;)

  24. I came to be snarky about elephants in captivity, etc., but see that has
    already been covered. ;)

  25. elephants dance? looks like they play the violin too.

  26. Amazing to see they’re enjoying themselves :)

  27. ENCORE!!

  28. Poor guys. :(

  29. Unfortunately, these kinds of movements are exactly the same as those you
    see in elephants suffering from past trauma. Being that these are former
    circus performers, and being kept at a Circus Museum where they still give
    rides to tourists, I fall on the side of believing this elephants are
    stressed. Well-intentioned animal lovers are posting this as cute, but it
    actually makes me sad.

  30. Nuclear Dracula

    This is great, and it brought a smile to my face on an otherwise crappy
    day. Thanks!

  31. Girl should be Bach-ing that ass up instead.

  32. VikingSail Weinan (Vincent)

    they dance still better than me. :(

  33. Naturequestphoto

    They are not swaying to the music. This is a habitual behaviour known as
    weaving. It is a sign of boredom and mental stress.

  34. What could have been a truly amazing video is ruined by the idiot recording

  35. Love!

  36. dat moment when elephants can dance or shake better than you :3

  37. They may actually like the music but what does swinging from side to side
    mean in terms of elephant behavior?

  38. when an elephant swings its head around as such it does so because it is
    frustrated. look up “weaving in elephants.”

    when you are frustrated or agitated you might find yourself rocking back
    and forth. you might also dance if you are happy but elephants do not dance.

    you cannot know what it is like in the mind of an animal. all you can do is
    look at it and push your own experiences of life and your humanity onto the
    animal…you can project yourself into the animal…but you cannot know how
    an elephant/dog/cat/ whatever actually thinks. if you claim you can, you
    are simply projecting yourself onto the animal.

  39. Wish people would hold their phones SIDEWAYS like a tv sex when taking
    videos so we see the full picture :(

  40. Rafael Centenera

    lol ….. dancing wise neo cons 😛 ^_~ ….. #AngelNineGoldie

  41. they might enjoy the music but we do not see them before she starts playing
    and the stop swaying before she stops playing so it does not seem to be
    related to her music. With out seeing if they started after she was
    playing it is just a habit behavior.

  42. Johannes Fiftyeight

    390 down thumbs…
    I cannot comprehend that!

  43. Natural wonders, miracles 2 elephants

  44. Beautiful

  45. congratulations on posting a video of elephants who have underdone decades
    of trauma, and quite literally have a mental disorder as a direct result.
    but hey, you got your cute little video for youtube

  46. that’s just adorable.

  47. Good VIOLIN

  48. Hey Jumbo! Do the robot!

  49. Muito amor envolvido, meu Deus. A natureza é linda demais.

  50. que amor gente!!

  51. Way better than most conductors i know.

  52. …no dobra to mamy wprawki do tych wieczornych tanców…:-))

  53. So awesome !

  54. Good job

  55. So beautiful. Lovely

  56. fauna wildliferescue

    This is HEARTBREAKING NOT ‘adorable’. The elephants are NOT DANCING they
    are suffering from Zoochosis & exhibiting stereotypical behaviour fom being
    held & imprisoned in captivity the elephants are mentally traumatised

  57. This isn’t dancing, you idiots! These are really sick animals. Sometimes
    humans are so frustrating. They don’T even see when animals are suffering.
    But you probably all love to go to the zoo to see trapt animals with
    nothing to do in cages that are WAY to small or go to
    seaworld……………..P.S. Sorry for calling you idiots but looking at
    abused animals and thinking this is something nice is just sick. Sorry.

  58. That is Beauiful. They were dancing

  59. Guys, it’s just a way to burn time. Like how we shake our leg when we sit
    or tap our fingers when we are waiting for someone to meet us.

  60. The likes on this video and lack of research show why we are oppressed,
    controlled by government, sheeple lacking creative thought and integrity
    because nobody has can think outside of the box, do research and critically
    think. People just believe what they are told, like these poor suffering
    elephants are dancing to violin. Research zoochosis and try to find some
    empathy/sympathy for the suffering these creatures have. Imagine having a
    different species keep you captive in terrible living conditions for your
    entire life without social interaction, play, freedom, independence. Wake
    the fuck up you selfish ignorant idiots. When you get entertainment of
    another’s suffering and don’t take a stand for another creature. Karma is a
    bitch ppl. Whether it’s this life or the next. Scumbags.

  61. Whitewolf Wendi Brown

    This is FABULOUS! I used to read to the buffalo in Golden Gate park, they
    would gather around on their side, didn’t like anybody coming up to bug me.
    They liked being read to.
    You are very talented and they were loving being entertained by you,
    obviously approved highly of your choice of music 🙂

    I bet they hope you will come Bach more often ( LOL ) Yes I meant that

  62. These elephants are mentally ill. source: reddit

  63. but cute
    🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  64. Would have loved to see their reaction if they had heard BOTH violins
    playing the first movement.

  65. Wow COOL

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