Elephants pulverize giant pumpkins during 2015 Squishing of the Squash

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Lily and the elephant family stomped, smashed and munched their way through two gigantic pumpkins at the Oregon Zoo’s annual Squishing of the Squash today.
The two gourdzillas – the largest of which topped 1,100 pounds – were provided by Larry and Christy Nelson of Pacific Northwest Giant Vegetable Growers.


  1. They’re so cute!!

  2. That little baby is going to town having a good old time smashing that
    pumpkin. So damn cute!!!

  3. Do they have some sort of beef with the squash? Because they are serious
    about squishing the squash!

  4. Omg…who doesn’t like watching elephants smashing giant pumpkins!

  5. Can someone explain how does these squash get so big? Where’s the evolution
    benefit of being so huge?

  6. ……NOW IT’S A PARTY!

  7. For some reason, the laughter from the spectators really bothers me.

  8. I saw that elephants balls

  9. this is the best music video the smashing pumpkins ever did

  10. Those pumpkins never stood a chance

  11. Even tho they weigh tons they look pretty agile to me

  12. Oh my niggr, look at that! Oh lighten up, not everyone’s as PC nazi as you.

  13. Is it just me or do they not have any tusks?

  14. How can people just stand there and watch a innocent little pumpkin getting
    pulverize by big mean elephants so sad

  15. I’m so glad that the Oregon zoo realizes that they can do what they want
    with what they own.

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  17. Somewhere, Linus is crying in his blanket.

  18. Well they destroyed the shit out of those.

  19. I like how the adults let the kid play.

  20. That young elephant seemed to enjoy it most.

  21. They copied this from the band Smashing Pumpkins

  22. Elephants Rule!

  23. I don’t know what’s more impressive, the elephants or the pumpkins.

  24. Soooo, pumpkins are catnip to elephants. Good tip. Good tip.

  25. Just like a human kid, playing with its food.

  26. Captain FuzzyPants

    Is that Khloe K?

  27. What the?? Those pumpkins are abnormally huge. That one elephant is having
    the time of his life.. either that or he’s taking out some serious anger
    issues. I’m guessing he’s just havin’ a good time :)

  28. hahaha if the pumpkins are poop

  29. is Lily the smallest elephant

  30. 没有看懂什么意思


  32. Elephants can’t resist pumpkins. They love them!

  33. Why are people laughing….

  34. I live there

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