Epic Ferret Bucket Challenge

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We take the Ferret Bucket Challenge started by FerretWorld.com!


  1. the challenge seems to be to get the ferrets to stay put long enough.

  2. Omg so awesome!

  3. I wanna’ cry.

  4. ferret waterfall
    1. a cascade of two or more ferrets escaping from an enclosure or
    containment area(or bucket).
    “When changing the cage, I transport my ferrets to their playpen to avoid a
    problematic ferret waterfall.”

  5. So cute!

  6. Me encanta! 

  7. This channel is definitely my most worthwhile subscription. Cheers to you
    and your ferrets for supporting a great cause and being adorable to boot!

  8. Amazing

  9. Beautiful,cute ferrets~ ~ω~

  10. ohmygosh that’s adorable <3! maybe I should do the ferretbucket challenge

  11. Good idea, jaja.

  12. I’ll be able accept the challenge in two weeks I and my bf will do it 

  13. Really cool 😉

  14. CreeperGirls G̱͙a̼̫m͖̕é̤͘s

    IS THAT ROCKY AND SILVION….sorry my mom said i could not have my ferrets
    so she game them to my sisters friend but her friend selled them and im
    very very sad ;(

  15. Hehaha

  16. I miss my lost and maybe dead ferret named Elsa so iff you find her please
    bring her and I live in navada near the palms please bring her back dead or
    no just do it;,,,,-(

  17. Why y’all did the ferret bucket challenge???

  18. Cruel git

  19. The challenge being, getting three ferrets in a bucket

  20. Amy Deanne (TitaniumBiscuit)

    What a cute idea! Loved it!

  21. What’s the enormous ferret that can smile called?

  22. C.j.(Cynthia Rucker) marriage thing, mom in law, we are best friends
    forever. C.J. Cynthia Jones. Nice to meet good people that love my ferret
    too. Awesome!

  23. I have been sick with bronchitis all of three weeks. You are great company.
    I wish I had a camera back in the day when they played.

  24. haha your ferrets are adorable

  25. Katharine “KikkiRose12467844” Winiewicz


  26. I am getting a ferret no matter what xD so cute !!

  27. you could have hurt or scared them

  28. This is probably one of the cutest videos I have seen in a long time. Just
    the whole thing. The love you obviously have for your ferrets and the
    ferrets of course are pretty darn near perfect smile makers. ;)

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