Excited puppy spots its owner

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  1. I see all kinds of comments saying that this is cruelty. What is cruel
    about a dog who is happy to see his owner? These kind of places are there
    for folks who have nobody to take care of their pet when they go on holiday
    for example.

    I am always amazed to see people who apparently have all the time of the
    world to sit at home doing nothing but complain about all kinds of stuff.
    Get a life.

  2. This dog is better looked after than the kids in nursery , I like the dog
    in the bottom right of the screen with the jumper on what breed is it

  3. It’s not real of course..

  4. Thats called the “shimey shake”

  5. Cutness overload 

  6. So cute he has a dance for the owner lol to cute.?

  7. Dear Redditors

    Fuck off and do your thing in Reddit please


  8. This put such a smile on my face :)

  9. Conga conga conga!!

  10. Never fails to make me laugh!

  11. I freakin luv this…it makes me happy every time I see it….

  12. Mya Clemons the wolf girl

    Awww so cute????????

  13. OOO!This is sooo cute!!! :3

  14. That is hilarious and soo adorable! LOL!!!

  15. May i ask what breed is this dog? He’s so cute!

  16. *Althought I’m 34, my girlfriend is into some really strange roleplay when
    we have sex. She always insists on pretending to be 14 years old.

    I don’t get why, she’ll be 14 in a couple of years anyway.*

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  18. Laughing my butt off.

  19. this pup is human!

  20. MJ-rhythm-of-Love

    **plays Peanuts theme song**

  21. Where is the one with the club music with heavy techno/base???? 

  22. aaaaaaaa mag ik die hond
    hij is echt superschattig

  23. only our best friends do that

  24. Pobre animalito. :(

  25. OMG! One of the CUTEST things I have ever seen! There aren’t any other
    words. Thanku!

  26. that is so funny

  27. Has better dance moves than me -_-

  28. How are there 960 asswipes disliking this video?

    Must be terrorists.

  29. Wigglw wiggle 

  30. Lol


  32. Kevin. that’s just brilliant. we were just watching it to the music of
    Riverdance! Even funnier (if that’s possible!) Thanks for the laugh :-)

  33. Lorena Mancisidor

    es demasiado tierno, exquisito no me canso de verlo me encanta el
    chocolatito lindo

  34. 966 cats…?

  35. hes dumb

  36. Look, I love dog so much, more than my own family. I do not think that is
    animal abuse. If you think this video is abuse, you probably think EVERY
    animal activists are related to abusing. What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Dog peeing
    You: HEY that is abuse!
    Dog eating
    You: I’m calling the police for abuse!
    Dog dancing
    You: the owner is evil.

    You, have mental problems.

  37. LOL ?????

  38. AdriansVideoKlipp

    Can someone link me the hardstyle edit of this video?

  39. What a lovely puppy :)

  40. Juzisi to je lostomilý to bych chtěla domů 😀 

  41. I cried

  42. if everyone felt this way every day we would have no war……

  43. omg this is the cutest thing ever…………………..

  44. i could watch this all day

  45. Behold the magnificent toy poodle. Most intelligent and loving dog ever.

  46. My loved animals

  47. that’s what white people look like in LA at a red light while they Jog..

  48. i cant imagine the beatings that dog went through.

  49. dogs are everything <3

  50. This dog does the salsa better than me

  51. Annushka The Professional Fangirl and Unicorn

    WHO THE FUCK HATES PUPPIES???!!?!?!?!?!!?

  52. 3… 2… 1… RAAAVE! +Pastanauts

  53. lol I think it was dancing. salsa lol???

  54. Very funny

  55. ashok vardhan kona

    What breed is that dog?

  56. I can’t…every time i watch this, my heart smiles!

  57. Cute Animal Videos

    Samba! Di Janeiro!

  58. Ochechule Ochechulov

    So Cute:)

  59. It took dancing lessons from Snoopy.

  60. Awwwww so cute

  61. seems neurotic and the other dog too that walks in circles, they are not
    happy puppies

  62. Me when I see the mailman deliver the package I ordered

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  64. WolfieDoes WolfThings

    This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Ü

  65. That puppy is doing the manrobotics taunt! Quick, trade him before he

  66. is that a new dance

  67. Please can anybody show me what kind of race is this dog???

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