Fawn Rescue.mp4

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  1. Amanda johnston

    It’s sooooo cute!

  2. Ooooooooo! Like

  3. its asnif the mother turned around to say thank you.

  4. that screech was horrific

  5. “My people thank you, human.”

  6. The momma must have been scared.

  7. Now I know why a deer rushed me after I blew on a straw in the woods, their
    call sounds exactly like blowing on a glass straw.

  8. such a satisfying video! thanks! i love how you can see the mother is right
    there for the fawn so everything is just fine!

  9. Brilliant video! This proves that some humans can have value in nature. 

  10. More than just cute. This shows a wonderful sense of the humane. Just look
    how the Doe looks back at the person who rescued her fawn! 

  11. Godamn beautiful.

  12. The parent was saying thank you.

  13. 48 people have never watched Bambi.

  14. Oooooh ! It happened to me too, just last year! But it concerned a dog , a
    very old and nervous dog , the same situation! It was dangerous because
    Filippo , this is his name , is an old and irascible farmer , but because
    of the terrible fact that he was blocked there during all the night, for
    the first time in my own life, Philip licked my hand, but very gentlemanly

  15. I don’t understand how someone could dislike the video (50 people so far)

  16. Priscilla Thompson

    Love life.☺ Thank you whomever did this.

  17. John-Stanley McGovern

    my feels

  18. Richard Johnson Jr

    This is awesome!

  19. Its like the mom was saying thank you to the kind man for saving her young
    one. The way she kept looking back at him.

  20. Wow, where is this? The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  21. to whomever helped this baby…May you find blessings in your life 10 fold!
    Restored my faith in humanity for sure! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  22. Stop hitting me in the feels so hard.

  23. my sister makes voices just like this sound when she acts stupid

  24. That’s how it should be excellent and beautiful

    (also good that the person had gloves on… so mother deer won’t smell the
    human touch, otherwise she would abandon her calf)

  25. God bless you.

  26. Disregard the stupid idiotic comments: Great job, it had given up and was
    waiting to die…………good for you from Canada

  27. Nice to see the little fawn saved. 

  28. Why does my cat freak out every time she hears this video

  29. AWWWWWWW solo cute?

  30. Sarah Friedman St. John

    You deserve a hug and an award for doing that. Most people probably
    wouldn’t help the poor little thing like that. That is honestly one of the
    sweetest things I have ever seen someone do, especially for an animal. 

  31. Wow, the mom showed elation and gratitude. Pretty cool.

    “After all we’re all made up of the same stuff…. energy Bob..”

  32. TorrenOglethorpe

    I love the tiny noise it makes!

  33. So precious.

  34. It is the small gestures like this one, Sari. They restore my faith in
    humanity and reminds me that yes… There are good, kind and decent people
    in this world.
    Thanks for the post Lady Sari.

  35. Thanks so much! :)

  36. it looks tasty.

  37. Nathan “AwsomexsoupV” Vidz

    Oh deer

  38. Look at the mum she “said” thanks. Seriously how could anyone hurt an
    animal I just don´t get it ..they´re so precious!

  39. Poor babies 🙁 ! Happily, his fear didn’t last very long 🙂 ! Thanks Sir
    🙂 !!!

  40. 0:06 As if the fawn wasn’t already cute enough.. this one in particular had
    to have the cutest, squeakiest and most heart-tearing voice!

  41. ‫اخلاقك استغفرالله‬‎

    Darif voice!!!! I love this, Islam ordered judgments and reward when God is

  42. Im so curious why Jesus dont mention about poor animals ? Does Jesus dont
    love animal…?

  43. Volenti Non Fit Iniuria

    God bless you good man!

  44. How cute 🙂 untill it slams in your fucking car.

  45. Omg those little noises

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