Feeding a farting wombat – Natural World 2016: Episode 5 Preview – BBC Two

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Programme website: http://bbc.in/1VMz8lI A hairy nosed wombat called Pete has his favourite snack, sweetcorn.


  1. This looks like a obese koala that is pissed off bc his owner isn’t feeding
    him junk food anymore

  2. Ashley somebody

    I cant stop laughing me and my three year old are cracking up

  3. Theres always that one guy….

  4. My goodness, I wouldn’t want to get bit by him…

  5. Ausies are the best… Great people down under! ??

  6. it was him that pooted..

  7. 0:07 = art

  8. if this was the pokimon in real life I’d say fuck this

  9. there should have been more farting

  10. Darn it, now I want some corn.

  11. Mega-rodent poops like he eats: angrily.

  12. This guy looks just like Joel Edgerton.

  13. Maybe he’s gotta take a shit

  14. The things a fudging shredder you turn him on by putting an item next to
    his mouth… scary af

  15. Evan Michael Hardin

    0:07, And that’s what he thinks about corn.

  16. Not going to lie never knew what a wombat looked like

  17. OOoooo, poachers….

  18. Disgusting but interesting

  19. glitterchicka86

    omg! hes so cute i want him! i love him! hes a cutest animal ever with
    funny awesome personality! lol haha and he wants to bite that dude! haha.
    😀 dude is a good handler tho. 🙂 very calm.

  20. I don’t think it’s so much as eating the corn as it is fucking destroying
    anything you put near the fuckers mouth. Jesus. That thing looks like it
    could turn on you in a second, and shred your fucking face like a corn cob.
    Fuck that disgusting spawned troll baby.

  21. What the fuck is that? Hows it called in spanish?

  22. Old farmer Jamie Lannister feeds former king Robert Baratheon who was
    turned into a wombat, and is angry because of his uncomfortable situation.
    Or I just watch too much Game of Thrones.

  23. Jaime Lannister is high as fuck.

  24. Tam Do (TamDoViet)

    looks like Jamie Lannister feeding cersei with corn.

  25. f**ck it

  26. Do they fart cubes too?

  27. Fuck me, I wouldn’t be putting my hands anywhere near those powerful and
    erratic jaws! He is still then within a split second he has taken a chunk
    out of something!

  28. Those things are like 60 pounds at that size, that guy’s strong

  29. i love this video

  30. Danger: Keep face and fingers away from wombat’s blender-like mouth.

  31. Pete’s an asshole

  32. he looked right into the camera to fart lmao

  33. The Anime Gamer

    when he said one big muscle, I was looking at that thing and it looked like
    Jaba the Hut

  34. bald Asian eating corn- wombat eating corn & farting- hmmmmmmmmmm
    the intranette be tripping

  35. There was a lot less farting than I was lead to believe. I can’t say I am
    all the way disappointed though. It was a pretty good fart.

  36. Jamie Lannister feeding a wombat ladies and gentlemen.

  37. Christian Lanning

    That thing is pissed, he even eats angrily.
    Looks like a giant, muscular, pissed off shrew thing.

  38. XxXmintyoreoXxX

    came here for quality content and im impressed

  39. fartin pissed off wombat

  40. Mortal wombat?

  41. Pete was like get the fuck off me

  42. He eats like the Cookie Monster……nothing actually enters his stomach.

  43. Gabriel Incognito

    Just throw that ingrate lardass in the woods and let nature deal with his

  44. When bae’s like this is my first time

  45. Superkoopatrooper

    I don’t think he ate a dam thing, it’s just all over the ground.

  46. Is he Hugh Jackman?

  47. walter kersting

    Let’s hope it’s not a combat wombat.

  48. It’s like a rabbit and a beaver rolled into one

  49. Pete is one angry motha

  50. That guy looks like Jamie Lannister!

  51. I love him. Gimme

  52. can you eat pussy like that!!!

  53. Richard Huntington


  54. brave man putting his hands that close to that wood chipper

  55. When it farted I felt like I smelt it

  56. WhatYouSeeISWhat YouGet

    jaimi lannister?

  57. for people without kids this is what it is like trying to feed a 2 year old
    cracking the shits.

  58. More farting Pete!!

  59. Found this in the deep web…

  60. That thing’s twice as much of a pig, twice as farty, but twice more
    attractive than my ex.

    Really though, wombats are adorable and I hope Pete has a wonderful time in
    that sanctuary :^)

  61. Pete’s eating etiquette 0 to 100.

  62. Millhouserino Kripperino

    Not my proudest fap

  63. Wombats….. I assumed this was a dating site for non-supermodel girls
    .. . oh – that’s warthogs ! I always get them confused….

  64. 1:10 That is not how you say Medicine

  65. Apparently This Matters

    Pete had to have that. What a great animal. Cuddly, but muscular.

  66. Why doesn’t the wombat try to bite that dude?

  67. So he is farting and don’t want to eat corn just shove it up his ass ..
    Problem solved

  68. Tommy Northwood

    I wanna try the banana flavored sedagives.

  69. Wombats other favorite food is Womrats. If you don’t have a T16 handy
    Wombats will do the job when dealing with a Womrats infestation.

  70. Alex W.H. Miller


  71. I married my high school sweet heart, now 10 years later she’s my high
    school heavy weight, and she eats just like this Wombat…I’m scared of
    her, very scared.

  72. Wombats are annoying and agresive asfuk. Nasty lil Bach.

  73. All this made me want to do is not watch this show

  74. Wasn’t me…

  75. He’s saying “FIGHT ME YOU COWARD!”

  76. why do they eat like that

  77. The mix of

    A rabbit, a pig,

    and your mom!

  78. I want that little guy, how cool is he?

  79. num num num yum!!??????????

  80. It looks like the cross between a rabbit and a dog.

  81. con thỏ béo kinh. fat rabid

  82. That is cruel.Imagine if you were feeding your baby tranquilizer, everybody
    would be upset. Either stop feeding him tranquilizer or let me feed my baby

  83. Johnny Dickerdown

    poor little guy sounds tampered with

  84. PitBull Rabbit

  85. Where exactly is the womb at?

  86. wombats are natures assholes.

  87. that was bugsbunny a zombies version.

  88. Damn I thought the rats in New York were big.

  89. That is funny how he fart and then blame it on the giant rat.

  90. Eli Butterfield

    picky little jackass ain’t he

  91. How F…… Stupid

  92. Reminds me of that vine with dude eating an apple aggressively XD anybody
    seen that? XD

  93. Nice out Pete

  94. I like how he eats with conviction!

  95. Australian demon rabbit

  96. I’ve watched this 20+ times gets better every time??

  97. Juan Humberto Leon Espinoza

    beautiful animal….so cute

  98. the wombat farts like my wife!!L O L O L!!

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