Ferret Gets Groomed by His Companion After Surgery

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Pancake and Yossarian are 2 pair bonded Ferrets. After being gone for a couple days for surgery at the vet, Yossarian returns home to a relieved Pancake who foists an emergency grooming on him. Ferret Lovers come sign up at http://epicferret.com


  1. Soooo sweet!! Cute Lil woozles!!

  2. What kind of surgery did he have?

  3. He chewed up and swallowed a foam earplug and had to have it removed from
    his poor little tummy. Ferrets try to eat all kinds of things that can’t
    pass through their digestive systems and unfortunately this is an all to
    common operation for new ferret owners. Now that we are wiser we make sure
    that nothing of that sort enters our home.

  4. That didn’t sound any good at all…! Hope he’s still good today 🙂

  5. How is the Ferret doing now? Cute little guy

  6. why did Yossarian need surgery???

  7. How did you know he chewed it up? Just so I know for my little guy incase
    he eats something that he is not supposed to.

  8. I feel bad:(

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