Ferret jump fail

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  1. Gonza Olivera (Ojitos)


  2. Ow did not make it
    Thanks for sharing this

  3. #socute aww

  4. Is that Flulaborg music in the background? lool

  5. so kyatttt

  6. Wow I expected a lot more dislikes, not because I disliked it, but because
    people is so oversensitive.

    Now that I think of it, the double standard people have,
    If it would have been a dog or a cat, maybe the video would have a lot more

  7. Why did you put a glow band around its body. It clearly didn’t want that

  8. i loved my ferret except for the fact that he used to steal things from me.

  9. So funny 

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  11. Ferrets have very high pain tolerance. Little fellow could’ve fallen
    straight on his head and probably wouldn’t felt pain

  12. Soo cute! I’ve seen cats failing to jump but not a ferret! Looked more like
    a dive… ?

  13. Shame on you. You knew what was to come (ferret falls on floor). The ferret
    could easily brake a leg or even his neck. It fell on his nose from 1 meter
    hight. If you think that’s funny you’re a heartless monster and shouldn’t
    have animals.

  14. You knew he wasn’t going to make it, & it was a straight drop down onto a
    hardwood floor.
    It wasn’t malicious cruelty, but can you at least admit that you allowed an
    animal to experience fear & pain just so you could have something to post

    ME TOO.

  16. “Salacious Crumb Laughing” You Tube video all the way after the fail jump,

  17. Brilliant lol, looks like she psyched herself out :)

  18. No funny -,- beauty animals. 3

  19. Thumbs up if a certain giraffe brought you here.

  20. gta sa in the background?

  21. ROFL XD

  22. Cat falls it’s funny and cute, ferret falls it’s animal abuse… Ok. btw
    PETA sucks


  24. GTA SA in the background

  25. Hope you guys haven’t spent too much time on YouTube so that you still feel
    a little sting in your heart when you see a beautiful wild animal like this
    jailed to fill the human’s’ ever-growing need to feel even something.

  26. GamesAgentWalkthroughts

    anybody else hear that the radio station from gta san andreas is playing?

  27. Omg, this comment section really bothers me. Mainly because the popular
    opinion differs from mine.

  28. <3 GTA San Andreas ;)

  29. Is that San Andreas i hear?

  30. I’ve always wanted a ferret but my mom is allergic to them and i think
    they’re illegal to own as a pet in my state. :P

  31. Agustin Giangaspero

    why are you playing gta sanandreas

  32. Was your ferret unhurt after that jump? I read that ferrets can hurt
    themselves and pretend to be fine when they’re not, those silly patooties.

  33. alicia peet (aliciadonniefan23)

    too darn cute i love ferrets heheh

  34. Who else hears SF-UR in the backround? You know ur a gta freak if you did

  35. Poor thing. But this is too funny! Glad he’s ok. 

  36. So graceful! Such majesty! Much fail…wow!

  37. Isn’t that SF-UR from San Andreas playing in the background?

  38. 736 people clearly want to watch the world burn. Or don’t enjoy happiness.
    Or have no soul.

  39. No, you are in fact an asshole. Not a horrible, murderous monster, but an
    I had a ferret for 8-9 years until he died. Anyone that has a ferret knows
    they are clumsy, not agile at all, and try climbing and jumping off of
    things even though they can’t possibly succeed. You KNEW he would fall. You
    WAITED for it. You could’ve put a pillow or blanket on the floor below.
    Don’t act all innocent with your bullshit comment. You aren’t an evil
    person but you are an asshole. 

  40. Ha someone in the video is playing gta san andreas XD

  41. not a cat in disguise

    redditor here, this video will now be taken by le reddit army, and from
    this day on, this belongs to reddit.


    Reddit gold user,enlightened atheist,expert meme maker.

  42. The sound of the tv actually matches with what the ferret is doing lol

  43. what killed me was the build up … i knew it was going to end up in a
    disaster and still … 

  44. Were you playin GTA San Andreas? LOL The radio is on and is SF-UR!

  45. So somebody was playing GTA:SA…

  46. lol that gta sa radio in the background ! <333

  47. That GTA San Andreas soundtrack in the background ♥

  48. fucking idiot

  49. The human who filmed this video is a failure so are the people who thought
    this was funny that fair it look like it was hurt he should have stopped it
    he should not have waited and filmed it jerks every last one of you it
    sucks when bad people happen to good animals

  50. Looks like that ferret forgot to ferret!!!Lol!!!

  51. Lol

  52. Cracks me up every time I love it the cute little bugger.

  53. ha ha ha to je super

  54. Well, you can’t blame a ferret for trying…

  55. Sailllllllllll

  56. Hey at least you’ll find your ferret easier in the dark


  58. O was diagnosed with Lyme before this happened. I went to dermatologist the
    red bump was infected and had two prong marks. Ever since then I’ve been a
    lot worse. I now have fungal and a bacteria in my intestines bowel and
    private area
    It is hard to swallow and pain in my head
    I got bit on neck line. Spiders have systemic problems too. I now have
    parasites even though I know Lyme is protozoan. I now have strep atrophy
    and panic disorders. And since then I have been around fleas also plus skin
    is like goose pimples adtrnsl nurnoit
    I have never drank so much Pepsi or smoked more in my life.
    Neurotransmitters are high in histamin epilepsy epinephrine. Plus I have
    herpes simplex hypothyroidism palsies my gait I’d off and I have severe
    allergies meds and food. I am to Anaphactoid reaction. A lot of brain fog
    walking gait is off. I had neuroborrelosis too either from herpes or Lyme
    I am so confused I have been to over 40 doctors. And I am tapped out of
    money plus I have environmental illness. Becki

  59. Funny :)

  60. Isabella Zasimczuk

    Why do you just let your poor ferret fall?

  61. Ferrets are so annoying.

  62. Still funny everytime I watch it!

  63. Little ferret with big ambitions!

  64. Ferrets are not wild animals! They’ve been domesticated for about a
    thousand years! And they can take a fall as well as bop into walls without
    harm – get off the guys back already! And get a sense of humor!

  65. I remember when my ferret did something like this…. Only his target was
    about 4 feet vertically in front of him… He jumped from my bed and landed
    face first into my dresser.

    RIP Ziggy. I miss you buddy.

  66. Schneider Fuzeme


  67. If I got a penny for every time my ferrets fell, I could retire 😛 Great

  68. Ferret Playz Minecraft

    This Is NOT Funny The Ferret Could Get Hurt ?

  69. +Marek Riha This made me laugh XD I don’t like the ugly comments I saw on

  70. not every single animal video is animal abuse, who knows how the ferret got
    up there. You dont know the surrounding area, and anyways the ferret did it
    on its own free will. Plus the ferret is perfectly fine, the owner even
    said so.

  71. BlueBeamProductions

    poor catsnake xD

  72. sail

  73. Aww so cute! Its not animal cruelty. The owner prolly saw his ferret
    getting ready to jump and quickly grabbed the camera to capture him doing
    it. At least the ferret is out and about and not kept in a cage all day
    like most people do to their pets..my chinchillas do this all the time too

  74. 0:23 It was at this moment that Ferret knew… he f**ked up

  75. You’d be surprised where a ferret can climb??????

  76. Poor thing. Had she not had a glow stick around her belly, she’d have
    gotten a lot closer to running away.

  77. lol this video is awesome. my ferrets climb their cage and jumped from it
    and it was a lot higher than yours fell. these people with sticks up their
    asses don’t know shit about them.

  78. jajajajja pobrecito xD

  79. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m a ferret parent and also Foster and work
    with Education wherever I can about these amazing little critters.

    I’ve seen many “fails” from couch to coffee table, but you can’t take away
    their joie de vivre and their bloody, single minded determination.

    This is an epic example. IF there are naysayers, they just haven’t had
    ferrets. 🙂

    Thank you again for the sharing.

  80. big problemas muy ferret fell 4 meterse and he its ok they are little tanks

  81. Roxana Fabiola Morales Gal

    pobre huron

  82. This video always brings a smile to my face. cute ferret failing a jump and
    then the owners laugh..cracks me up 🙂 no harm was done in this
    video..everything is fine. it’s just a cute video to laugh at :)

  83. i can hear gta san andreas in the background SFUR

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