Ferret-Proof Your Kitchen

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Ferrets can get anywhere! Make sure your ferrets can’t get under or behind appliances. If necessary get an adjustable partition to block off your kitchen entirely. Ferret Owners sign up at http://epicferret.com

Music: “Come and Find me” by Eric Skiff


  1. Thank you for putting this together. It is very important for people to
    understand that if there is a way to get into an appliance, these guys will
    find it.

  2. Samantha Warren

    This is no joke! I found BOTH of my boys stuck in the back part of the
    fridge! Which, I have to say was an entirely new spot! They seriously get
    anywhere and everywhere!

  3. Oh my! Yes that is even more shocking than being in my oven. Thanks for
    sharing and confirming the need to play it safe! =)

  4. My ferrets do that a lot but I put cereal boxes by the fridge because its a
    bad place for them. ANY little space and its game on for them to get into.
    They are like little babies for sure because they are so curious and get
    into trouble so fast!

  5. When we first got Loki, he managed to get his head wedged under the fridge.
    He couldn’t go forward or backwards, so my boy had to lift the fridge with
    one hand and scoop him up with the other because as soon as he was unwedged
    he tried to go further UNDER the fridge, even though he had been crying a
    moment before because of being stuck. >.< Ferrets, man.

  6. Hah! Yes that’s definitely Ferret mentality: I’m a Ferret…if it didn’t
    kill me the first time I have no problem pushing my luck a bit further!
    Thankfully they can’t get under our fridge but we had a close call recently
    with a sofa that is apparently not ferret proof either so now to do some
    more furniture shopping =/

  7. My sofa reaches all the way to the floor so we haven’t had that problem,
    but he WILL climb on the sofa, which he knows he’s not allowed to do, and
    then down onto the heater and get BEHIND the sofa. We’ve blocked off the
    area but we can’t keep him from getting onto the sofa so we keep an eye on

  8. Ferret proofing a house is definitely important. One of my ferrets used to
    always climb up the sides of the stove from the inside and sleep under top
    of it where the burners were at. A little wire mesh solved that issue.

  9. Idiot iiooiooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  10. This happened to me w/ my newest addition Trixie! Smh once she found that
    spot in my old apt she kept going bk. Now in my new place she decided
    underneath the fridge was more comfortable smh. Needless to say she’s
    banned from the kitchen area period lol. Great video

  11. I really want a ferret, cause everytime i go to petco i see one of my
    favorite ferret and play around with it for a bit with packing peanuts

  12. but i dont know what foot to get

  13. Fridge can be dangerous because there could be a fan under there ( scary )
    As for ovens, NO oven is safe, some ovens can have wires ( also Scary ) I
    was so paranoid about my ferrets getting hurt so My brother who is a
    carpenter, boarded up and blocked all the possible ways to get under
    things, so far, Under the oven is blocked=ferret proof now. Under Fridge
    Blocked=ferret proof now….also there should be a video on how to ferret
    proof a luandry room, or just no ferrets allowed in one

  14. Silly humans, ferrets are four-dimensional entities. You could have an
    air-tight seal and they’ll still get through.

  15. I duct taped my stove drawer closed and duct taped the gap under it. Mine
    can’t get in or behind the stove now. Worked well if you don’t mind not
    using the drawer.

  16. Black The Nerevar Funch

    Can’t agree enough to this, always ferret proof your homes it is the most
    important thing before you get one, waaay to many people forgets it and
    they end of getting hurt or dies. FERRET PROOF YOUR HOMES!!!

  17. Yeah, mines some how got into the dryer and died…. Serious, but I think
    it was done on purpose by a family member. RIP MIKO!!!!!!

  18. Cinthia “Baka-Chan” Gonzalez

    I have the same probleme!!!!/.


    Same issue here…don’t know whats the fascination with the stove:-) They
    also store stolen crap behind the fridge which is there favorite hidy

  20. This is the reason my ferret can only have ONE room in my house! Much
    easier to ferret proof one room & (still supervise) than the whole house!

  21. Lol, my ferrets do the same… don’t know why they like it under there…
    but they do…

  22. i can relate. my ferret, phoebe, somehow figured out how to get inside of
    the silverware drawer. i don’t know how and i don’t know why, but she
    somehow manages to make it inside of the silverware drawer. 

  23. A great trick that we used to keep our ferts out of an UNsafe kitchen, was
    to “install” a piece of plexiglass, about 2 ft. hight, across the threshold
    to our kitchen. You can buy a thin piece, a little larger than the
    threshold, and bend it slightly, and then nestle it into the jam. The
    tension will make it hold there perfectly. Of course, you have to step over
    it all the time, but it was well worth it for our darling fuzzbutts.

  24. KellyChristman69 Christman

    Hi brat

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