Ferret X-mas-Cessities

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When you’re a Ferret, you don’t need anything fancy for Christmas to be happy…it makes one wonder… “do any of us?” Enjoy your ferrets, friends, and loved ones this X-mas! Music: Waltz of the flowers by Tchaikovsky


  1. That was adorable!!! Merry Christmas Roy to you and the whole family
    (ferrets included)

  2. FunnyFakeTrailers101

    I love your channel

  3. FunnyFakeTrailers101

    I’m getting a ferret soon

  4. dooking in a tree, messing up the lights, oh what fun it is to chew on all
    the… ornaments? 

  5. This actually made me smile. I been having some problems going on where it
    was preventing me from enjoying Xmas but this cute short video got me to
    smile xD

  6. my newest little girl just sees our tree and a warm place to nap…. and
    find wrapping paper to crinkle and rip :)

  7. The only thing i want for Christmas was a ferret but I didn’t get one and I
    am upset about this is the only thing I want but my mom has to be a jerk
    worst Christmas ever

  8. …name of song please :-)

  9. …name of song please :-)

  10. Gernot Analfinger

    Hey guy i am missing your video with the ferret and the train…i named
    something like ‘epic ferret destroys my brain’ where is it? It was great!

  11. Are yr ferrets caged or do they rom around?

  12. What did you record with?

  13. Awww so adorable! I wish i have a pet ferret!

  14. Amy Deanne (TitaniumBiscuit)

    I can imagine that ferrets would enjoy brightly colored Christmas tree

  15. You got more ferets awesome i have 7 lol

  16. Only 1 dislike so far! Keep making amazing vids! P. S where did you get
    your pet ferrets? Petco? Please reply me because I really want one. Thanks!

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