Fetching Jack

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My younger German Shepherd will fetch his brother if you tell him to.

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  1. Green Raver (M u s i c)

    why do people record in virtical like peasants?

  2. Legend has it. If you make a joke about filming in vertical, you can get

  3. a dog fetching a dog. so meta.

  4. 2016 – where filming in vertical automatically gets your video tending.

  5. That’s not impressive my daughter can do that and she’s only 7.

  6. am I the only one who read this as ‘Dog plays fetch with his boner’….? I
    just woke up.

  7. Blake Jones (Panda Boat Co.)

    It’s funny, because the dog seems smarter than this vertical-filming
    peasant .

  8. I thought it said dog plays catch with its boner.

  9. This irrelevant to the video but when I was young I thought Cats and Dogs
    were the same thing. I thought a Dog was the male version, and a cat was a
    female version.

  10. Aw so cute

  11. danm

  12. Filmed sideways like a dumb retard from the United States. Fascinating.

  13. That dog is so cute!

  14. That’s so cute!!

  15. Really ?

  16. My reaction summed up with emojis : ???

  17. Steve Curly Fries

    Alpha dog gets to smash dem betas in da pussseeeee

  18. Ğğ

  19. This is the kind of content I signed up for.


    (just kidding)

  21. Wow what a dumb dog.

  22. its 2016 and we are still seeing vertically recorded videos.

  23. What the actual fuck? Is this all it takes to go viral? I can’t even get
    over 10k views but you get 1M…

  24. Dyslexic Brabderry

    Why did I watch this

  25. This video was stolen stop stealing you just want views and money

  26. This is going to go on Ellen and the dog is going to get like 100 brothers
    to fetch…

  27. Wow, dogs, I thought those YouTube days were over. I guess not

  28. Love it!! Beautiful dogs

  29. Only blacks would dislike this, blacks only like watching dogs fighting and
    suffering, disgusting niggers

  30. Legendary Weapon

    Reminds me of that tiger who raped and ate the asian woman.

  31. D Duff is gonna end up on the Ellen show and receive a lifetime supply of

  32. Ofc if this was recorded in landscape, this would have been a whole
    different story.

  33. Those dog are cool

  34. When the title said “dog plays fetch with his brother”, I was expecting a
    dog to throw a ball to another dog

  35. lol

  36. that was nice

  37. Dude I want a dog like that

  38. NoSarcasmTutorials

    Hey people this is a brand new channel so you should check it out!

  39. Made my day

  40. he problably was like “betch, your coming wif me lets go” XD

  41. Opinzi Productions

    This is so cute . Btw you could make really good money from this . You
    already are famous just turn on monetization so they can mail you that big

  42. grabs the coller???

  43. The dogs are beautiful?

  44. That is adorable

  45. TOO FAST!!!

  46. OffTheKirb Street Preaching

    Dog videos are so therapeutic

  47. Lol not fair first video and over 1m views….

  48. Can't_Choose_A_VIXX_Bias

    Huh, reminds me of my childhood…Parents telling me to fetch my younger
    siblings. -OldestChildProbs

  49. That’s so cute!

  50. Ummmm

  51. If you wanna see one the greatest channel on ascension , mine is here!

  52. These black German Shepherds are great dogs, very smart, loyal, and they
    will protect the ones they love with great zeal.

    We had a black German Sheppard, but we had to put him down because of
    spleen cancer.

  53. Lol

  54. Sub to my channel I don’t post no videos so it’s like I’m not even there

  55. Lavender Productions

    Cute ^~^

  56. Michelle Barnes-Crutcher

    OMG LOVE IT ???

  57. A nickel for a tickle

    Ma nigga.

  58. why is this trending wtf?

  59. Awwww?☺️

  60. omg this is on trending vids!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE

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  62. awww cute, definitely the best! I tell my doggie to get its toy and even if
    its a distance away he already knows, love how you can teach them lots of
    things and they catch on quick.

  63. Damn dat dog smarter than me

  64. how long until this is on ellen

  65. Congrats on a viral video D Duff I wish my video goes viral

  66. Y do I feel like all these viral videos on the trending list are in
    portrait mode

  67. How do people trains dogs to do this I can’t even get my dog to rollover
    without a treat

  68. He was training for ISIS bombing

  69. He fetched his brother because he’s the only one in the house that doesn’t
    record in vertical.

  70. This was on my recommendations

  71. Cool

  72. Pat Gedeon Music

    Haven’t seen a viral video for ages….

  73. I was scrolling! I didn’t even click on this!

  74. Now Jack can get drunk AF and he can rely on his brother finding him

  75. Thanks. I needed a smile.

  76. Hahaha

  77. inoffensive coddler

    Daily reminder that Muslims hate dogs.

  78. nonononononono

  79. but why 1 million views with a normal video title ? is it genius? or just
    plain luck? cause i have friends which have vids like this with 35 views.

  80. That’s a big ol’ pupper!

  81. It’s called a bacon collar! Nothing new here people!

  82. I thought the dog was gonna get shot or something

  83. Team instinct

  84. by the collar “get over here”

  85. abdullah mohaimin

    I never understood y video’s of animals doing human things like sneezing or
    getting there brother are do popular like its a fucking dog getting another
    fucking dog big woof

  86. aww :3

  87. Can’t even get my dog to fetch a stick…..

  88. What was Jack doing around there?

  89. Green Raver (M u s i c)

    What was Jack doing around there?

  90. Jasmyn Awesomeness

    why is this viral? No hate, I love this. It was so cute!

  91. viral

  92. Green Raver (M u s i c)


  93. plot twist
    jack fetched luke

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