First Front Flip

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  1. You can clearly see that the goat doesn’t actually flip. Definitely video

  2. Is the Frisbee ok?

  3. I had no idea a dog cld 2 a front flip. 

  4. awesome

  5. Fence… what fence?

  6. Stephanie Ramirez

    How’d you train it to do it in slow motion? 

  7. If u read this comment then that means u read this comment ☺☺

  8. Wow, That is amazing how he has 1,019,324 views in 3 days but he only has
    131 subs, Wtf happend to the old youtube, Sub to him

  9. hehehe it seems he doesn’t even try to jump over it

  10. Damn a million views super fast… I think I watched this about 40 times
    already because it’s hilarious.

  11. Dog thoughts:

    “Chasechasechase- wheeeee- chasechasechase”

  12. my dog he is 7weeks old and he did a front flip off the couch and landed it

  13. damn’

  14. SKILLS!

  15. Winter is coming…

  16. Just imagine if that were either a chain-link fence or a glass
    window…..the title would have been “First Funeral”

  17. Nailed it

  18. no time to think what happened

  19. Thats how we cross the border

  20. all the trouble for frisbie..goodjob dog

  21. Paula Anna Jackson

    He meant to do that.

  22. Wow, smooth.

  23. fake, i tried this and it didn’t even work

  24. awsome frontflip

  25. When you know it’s time to take your dog to the vet for an eye checkup.

  26. xDesfu “Desfu”

    Dog mind: -Okay… I got two options… Jump or just go thrugh…
    Dog: -You know what stupid mind? I dont give a shiet… BOOM!

  27. If u can train him to do it in slow mo maybe can u make him do it in fast

  28. dog people, /sigh

  29. Juan Carlos Mancipe Hoyos


  30. Goid job

  31. It’s like the dog didn’t even notice it did a front flip ?


    Doggy style …not

  33. Tramaine Terrance

    what if the Dog would have broken his neck, he went head first into the
    gate. That’s like saying a Football Player tackling head first; he would
    have ended being paralyzed tho. (Very fortunate dog)

  34. Wonderdog!

  35. Assassin’s Creed Dog Edition

  36. Witness me!

  37. German shorthair pointer?

  38. Nailed it

  39. This is oddly satisfying.

  40. Deal with it?

  41. German Shorthaired Pointer?? Best dog breed EVER!

  42. Illuminati confirmed

  43. He knows how to jump through that the net not by coincidence

  44. Аня Гаврилова

    Кто от Стаса ??

  45. Алексей Klen

    Кто от Стаса, лайк!

  46. ᒍᗩᑕKᑭᒪᗩYᔕOᖴᖴIᑕIᗩᒪ


  47. My cat tried the same with a wood fence.

    R.I.P Kitty Samuel.

  48. Лёша Шишка


    ВПЕРЁД !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Better than me, lol.

  50. steve wurzbacher

    too fukn funny!!

  51. iambehindthemirror

    That’s how you go over the fence like a boss.

  52. Jackie chan dog 

  53. Cheke Elizarraraz

    stupid make a better one

  54. 17 seconds 1 mil views 4 days ago WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF

  55. Topkek

  56. I need to buy that dogs shoes.

  57. IGN would rate front flip 10/10

  58. Sebastian Vargas

    Is this worthy for an iFunny top comment?

  59. he (dog) meant business!!

  60. That front flip tho?

  61. Kong Fu Dog!

  62. Кто от this is horosho?

  63. 爱德华艾尔利克


  64. Katherin Barrios


  65. Why is this dog has a black head and white body? It is so wired

  66. Well who put this fence here?

  67. ウケルw

  68. Do a barrel roll do a barrel roll do a motherfucking barrel roll

  69. матвеев алексей


  70. who was sent by =3

  71. BannedFromUtube23

    He can’t see very well…
    He didn’t see the fence, it was the same color as the grass!

  72. some lady from =3 brought me here and im not proud

  73. Ninja dog training.

  74. Tien oughtta tien!

  75. Dog fl00p

  76. Perfect Score .. :P

  77. retarded dog

  78. Possible things that dog was after:
    A: A frisbee
    B: A stick
    C: DAT ASS
    Dog walks back with frisbee in mouth
    Fuck I was sure it was C…

  79. Do A Barrel Roll!!!!

  80. super funny!

  81. Oliver Nørregaard

    Hey evry body check out my youtube canel!!

  82. Who else is here for Free Play?

  83. who came here from =3?

  84. like a boss

  85. do the slow motion barrel roll

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