First time ever meeting a koala and kangaroo

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Maya, from Germany, made sure a visit to Symbio was on her Australian Bucket list after falling in love with our Koalas through the videos we post on our @Symbio Wildlife Park Facebook Page.

Upon hearing this, the team here at Symbio Wildlife Park decided to do something very special for Maya and film a video of her very own video of the experience so she could treasure the memories forever and share with all her friends and family.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she got to cuddle up to Imogen the Koala, feed and pat Kangaroos and Wallabies as she fulfilled her Aussie dream.


  1. Don’t let this cute video fool you, it’s just an Australian ploy to bring in gullible tourists and feed them to the drop bears as a human sacrifice to appease them.

  2. I thought a Koala was meeting a Kangaroo, that would have been fun to watch.

  3. Maria elena diduszyn

    My Heart melted so tender

  4. Didn’t realise, koalas had such big claws. They could do some serious damage, if they climbed up your leg 🐨

  5. Hope this will be me one day 🙂

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