Focused kitty is focused

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(Contact for licensing/usage info.) You cannot break his concentration.


  1. that me when watching anime

  2. hahahahhaha this cat is high as a motherfucker.

  3. me , when my wife is talking to me.

  4. Cat just saw God.

  5. Nope! Chuck Testa.

  6. he or she wassssssssssssssssssss sooooooooooooo cute! =^.^=

  7. i think he can see sounds and hear colours now

  8. It’s just transmitting signals to it’s homeplanet to plan the invasion

  9. русским привет)

  10. Ah procrastination, IU should relaly be doing some work now, Oooh Funny cat

  11. Da-me um petisco?

  12. Now what happened here is cats are controlled by government satellites
    something interrupted the signal so it shutdown 

  13. 6TheLastBroadcaster6

    This cat is extremely cute! I’ve never seen a yellow eyed white furred fat

  14. JackoDEJ - Dojo Content

    It is rumored but, but some cats can probably see ghosts or illusions. So
    when you see your cat looking in a random direction without blinking
    intensely, I suggest you book a flight to Antarctica.

  15. They say “Today our cat broke”, and when they turn camera onto the wall she
    said “There supposed to be a birdy”

  16. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  17. What type of cat is this? 

  18. I’ve seen cats go into prolong stares but that’s because they suspect
    something will be passing by. It’s sort of like a hunting stare or what
    some call a “sniper stare”. But this was a little weird, lol.

  19. that’s why you should have a cat.. best ghost detector!

  20. I was sent here by RWJ (aka that new guy)

  21. cat.exe stopped working

  22. █░░█░█░░█░█░█░█░█████░████░█░░█

  23. This cat is not focused if you put a paper clip on there neck it paralyzes
    them Google it

  24. =3 army’s here

  25. Imagining to fly like Nyan Cat

  26. TheLapisMinecrafter

    The cat is dreaming to be one day, nyan cat.

  27. Was someone farting on 0:14?

  28. For all you dumbasses, the cat was not looking outside the window. It was
    staring at the guy behind the girl filming was doing, that is why the cat
    lowered its head after the guy moved his right hand down that was holding
    the camera.

  29. espurr in real life

  30. Craaaaazy cat. love it

  31. serafino di giambattista

    nessuno mai saprà mai visto gatto di così sconvolgente 

  32. Madushan Aruna Jedan

    Someone has test drugs on the cat….

  33. This is what happens when kitty’s use ice. 

  34. Cats can see spirits

  35. What kind of breed is this cat?

  36. Me with writers block

  37. You know that cat has seen some shit.

  38. i expected a shocker

  39. the day the cat sit still

  40. Lmao, I didn’t know weed was legalized in Russia! Shitttt, the cat must’ve
    had one hell of a brownie. Or something. Wow.

  41. Internet needs more cats! 

  42. What kind of cat is this?

  43. gake and fay

  44. Thalia Pommellet - Papadakis

    Looks like a “Petit Mal” epileptic seizure to me ._.

  45. ijpewkfflfs, etklfmnds;ewtgnj;

    Well, this is interesting…

  46. Vertical footage is stupid

  47. somehow it scares me :/

  48. It’s staring at those boo-boo in the air

  49. He has seen the face of good

  50. 何が見えてるんだろう・・・・・(´・ω・`)

  51. Lazer kitty

  52. Meditation level :99

  53. It was in direct communication with the mother ship and didn’t want to lose
    the connection until the exchange of information was complete.

  54. it’s CATatonic!

  55. Это же Россия тут у всех котов стальные нервы!

  56. This cat has more focus than the average teen.

  57. Un mi piace per chi è arrivato qui per Daniele Doesn’t Matter

  58. Sono di nuovo qui per colpa di daniele

  59. DDM è stato qui

  60. これは凄いw

  61. El gato disfruta de los colores… :3

  62. Why the heck are they laughing, it’s f*cking creepy i would be like “nope,
    nope, f*ck nope” and run like hell O_O

  63. Chi è qui per colpa di daniele ????

  64. C’est un faux chat

  65. ‘Nam was a mistake.

  66. kitty’s installing updates

  67. Cat.exe has stopped responding.

  68. Michael Extrafalarious

    HES CATATONIC!!!!! …..anyone? anyone? no? …..ok

  69. It’s been stupified.

  70. what breed of cat is this?

  71. what breed of cat is this?

  72. Espurr is such a great Pokemon. Good to see someone who owns one.

  73. LOL it seems to work out at the end!!!Translation: come on let that pussy
    go she a cunt its not worth it!!!!

  74. Does someone know the breed of cat? :X

  75. What kind of cat is it the closes I can get to the look of it is a british
    shorthair silver tabby is it correct?

  76. hahahahhaaha :D


  78. he is thinking how many like will get :)

  79. I think the cat saw a bird or somthing and was waiting for it to come back
    … Creepy!!

  80. 壁のシミが気になるんじゃない?

  81. これは多分癲癇の一種だろう。意思が働いて一点を凝視しているのではなく気絶している様な状態だ。

  82. ‫جبير الهذلي‬‎

    Cat sees the Angel of Death ?

  83. Now firmware updating…

  84. والله مدري كيف اقولها لكم بالانقليزي لكن واضح انه فها ف السقف ??

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