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Last week a curious fox found and then ran off with (and seriously injured) my gopro.
The story: I went to Round Island, Alaska, to film wildlife with the University of Alaska Anchorage. My friends were photographing and filming sea lions when I spotted this fox come along. So I stupidly put my gopro on the ground in hopes of getting a close-up. When the fox ran off, I thought I’d never see my camera again. For about 8 minutes we looked for it, then there it was! It turns on and records, but the lens is messed up and I’ll need to have it repaired. I’m glad the fox itself didn’t get hurt or swallow anything that could have harmed it.

Thanks to my friends who were there with me: Travis Rector, Paola Banchero, Adrienne Lindholm, and Henry & Leslie Need.

More about our project: We went to Round Island to acquire footage in order to make a fulldome planetarium show about this special place where hundreds and sometimes thousands of walruses haul out on the beach, sea lions play in the surf, 250,000 sea birds nest, and some 30 foxes live. It’s an amazing island with a long, long natural and cultural (Yup’ik) history. To learn more about the project, please visit


  1. 1:10 i’m HUNGRY !!!!!!
    lol !!!!!☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

  2. That plastic probably tasted bad

  3. That fox is smoking something fishy…..

  4. what does the fox say

  5. sad that it going to die by she / he is cute!?

  6. guy: ill just leave this for a sec…
    sneaky fox: licks gopro.
    guy: Hey THATS MiNE!
    sneaky fox: no mine….

  7. fox.exe has stopped working.

  8. fox.exe has stopped working.

  9. Looks like Wiley coyote from Loony toons!:))

  10. Hay it looks like my fucking dog! When it grabs something it’s not allowed
    it fucking darts under my futon and I have to go under it and grab it.
    Probably one of the most irritating things in the world. But it does make
    for some fun games. I drop something like her toy duck and she grabs it and
    runs and I chase after her and she runs all around. It’s really fun TBH.
    But when she has something she is not allowed. Mmm not so fun.

  11. What does the fox eat? Gogogogogogogogopros

  12. bad fox????

  13. This is what shotguns are for lol PULL!!! xD


  15. Central Scrutinizer

    This is what being low on the food chain looks like.

  16. gopros can survive high drops, lost in the ocean, but it can’t survive

  17. fox trying to be a hit blogger

  18. Dora Dora Dora The Explorer

  19. grabs shotgun and loads it IMMA GO KILL SOME VOLES. I love foxes. Thought I
    was gonna say foxes huh? NNOOPPEE!

  20. what does the fox say

  21. The teeth is scary

  22. Put some hot sauce on it if you go back.

  23. So this is what it’s like to be eating…

  24. thar fox must be very glad in technology

  25. Fox in the morning with it would say:Hay so welcome to my daylee vlog

  26. He will never look the same again, what misfortune for GoPro ?

  27. R.I.P my go pro???????

  28. That poor thing shouldn’t be starving ITS EATING A CAMERA YOUR STUPID

  29. It’s just like a dog! But even more cute. He was probably just hungry =

  30. How did you manage to get a fox to eat your gopro?

  31. EnderSonic444 Plays

    ya dummy fox… THAT’S A CAMERA!

  32. but… what does the fox say?

  33. sly fox

  34. Well someone doesn’t like getting their picture taken


  36. nam nam nam nam camera nam nam nam

  37. Hans Christian Johnsen


  38. Silly fox, Camera’s are for kids!

  39. selena mcintyre (bambina)

    first step to being a dentist. watch this video!

  40. Me: oh hi foxy
    Foxy: sniff sniff
    Me: aw he likes me
    Foxy: puts me in his mouth and runs away
    Me: wheeeeeeeeeeee

    2 mins later
    Foxy: starts trying to swallow my face
    Me: your breath smells like $#!+
    foxy: what
    Foxy: that’s it
    Me: nooooooooooo

  41. It’s like a game called VORE SIMULATOR 2016

  42. Well….now you know the inside of a focus mouth looks like

  43. lol

  44. +TheOpenLens Its a dog,not a fox.

  45. Dear Mr.Fox,
    Your diet is bad. It is not good for your health.

  46. that’s y u keep the housing on dumbass

  47. Foxes will eat anything these days

  48. His teeth are whiter than mine :(..DAMN COFFEE!

  49. i couldnt think of a name

    you should’ve yelled swiper no swiping when you saw him grab it!!! that
    would’ve stoped this from happening at all!!! idiots!!!

  50. Jesus this is scary

  51. a fox vlog!

  52. Looks like a young fox

  53. Fox “KILLS” GoPro

  54. the entire continent of australia

    R.I.P GOPRO ???? – 2014

  55. DIE FOX

  56. you should had kicked the fox ass like actually trap it and beat the living
    shit out of him

  57. XD I feel bad for the guy but the fox is cute

  58. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa watching this makes me feel like it is eating my head…
    and for some reason it tickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1XD

  59. Why did the fox eat the GoPro…. And how… Does it taste good to him or

  60. That fox is really cute

  61. whats a gorpro?

  62. Hi fox here welcome to today’s vlog

  63. wow one hungry fox

  64. cute fox

  65. No no let go ouch no not there

  66. That fox has some strange taste

  67. Tony Hollins (Kuro Anpara)

    This fox remind me of my dog when she steals my socks

  68. I just died laughing. He looked so pleased with himself. I think this may
    qualify as actual go-pro art. It should be enshrined in a gallery

  69. Besides the fact it destroyed it, it’s actually a really cool video

  70. his muth i kind of creepy

  71. Christopher Garcia

    poor fox,

  72. That’s how it looks like to be eaten alive

  73. What does the fox say?

  74. that fox is probably gonna die

    congratulations you played yourself

  75. Now that whas a good wiew of whats inside of a fox

  76. Why does this look like scrat from ice age

  77. KaijuMania Studios

    The fox killed a GoPro?

  78. 00:50 did the fox literally eat some equipment of the camera?
    That’s not good
    This fox is definitely hungry give him some food. :(

  79. Where’s Falco?

  80. he must love u

  81. Kristy the ROBLOX player

    I hope this animal dies a slow and painful death! :)

  82. If I were you I would yell YO STUPID STOP EATING MY GOPRO

  83. Uhhhhhh did you get a warranty for that

  84. there is only one phrase to describe this video,WTF

  85. xDDD

  86. *I have only 1 question to u.What were u filming with gopro in the field?

  87. damn that fox is cute!!

  88. Nessie The Lochness Monster

    And this is why Foxes shouldn’t have go pros

  89. lizzy and wyllough

    It’s so CUTE ❤️?

  90. Then how did u get the video?

  91. Tenzin “FameHDx” Chemey

    GoPro plus fox equal foxy

  92. 0:03 Lol, looks like Naruto.

  93. kills lol

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