French Bulldog gets outed by his best friend

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When asked who chewed up all the toilet paper this French Bulldog has nothing to say. However, her Bull Mastiff “friend” has no problem literally pointing her out. Check out their hilarious reactions!

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  1. Maaaaaaaan I knew Bitches ain’t got no code!

  2. So many “AWWWWW” moments.

  3. Who else is here for equals 3 :D

  4. hahahhaha that “BITCH is a SNITCH.”
    lol no pun intended.

  5. And people say that dogs aren’t smart….

  6. She is literally what you call a “Snitch Bitch”

  7. She did it!!! LoL!!!! 

  8. How on EARTH could you be mad at THAT FACE??

  9. man,dogs have us figured out down to a T…they know exactly what to do to
    get away with it…

  10. Best guilty dog vid ever!!

  11. fucking little snitch

  12. We live in the house of Love and Poop

    freaking awesome

  13. Why do people hold the camera vertically? Do they think having massive
    black bars on the sides looks better? I dont understand. Everyone, please
    – Just say no to making vertical videos…..

  14. My jaw dropped!
    What a guilty looking frenchie!
    Both of your dogs are absolutely gorgeous.
    They look like complete sweethearts!

    Is there a fan on in the background or is that swishing noise from your
    mastiff’s tail the entire video?

  15. Is that a bull mastiff?

  16. hahahahaha!!

  17. the reel mess is the verticality of the filming

  18. Porter the Frenchie

    Frenchies are so silly, check out our channel!!! <3 <3

  19. No offense but that dog wAS DEMONIC

  20. #SnitchesGetStiches

  21. What’s the race of the dog covered in toilet paper?

  22. awwww

  23. not cool bruh

  24. That was just to funny, allow me to paw you in the right direction!

  25. lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  26. That BullMastiff was like “Bitch you on your own” LMFAO????

  27. aww at the end

  28. aww at the end

  29. Обрыдалась ))))

  30. persian golf for ever

    how funny and sweet,ha ha

  31. thats pretty funny

  32. soo adorable… I can not stop laughing…… :D

  33. So adorable 

  34. CrazyBritishBiker

    Vertical Video Syndrome is such a disease! cute dogs though :D

  35. hahahahahhahaha she pointed atchu


  37. I love dogs so much. So much better than filthy, piggish, selfish,
    annoying, ugly, stressful, hungry, greedy, unhappy humans. To hell with
    every last one of you.

  38. I think they are both females….

  39. Razzle dazzle Baroque


  40. hahaha.. Dogs are the best!

  41. This still tickles me. “Oh hell nah. I ain’t going down for this. It was

  42. Love this! LOL!

  43. Would have been much more believable if 1) the toilet paper wasn’t wrapped
    around the bulldog and 2) the person doing the recording had been amused by
    the mastiff’s behavior.

  44. adorable I love it. lol

  45. I am sure the owner pointed, off camera, as a demand to get it to point to
    the other dog.

  46. Ohhhhh snap!!!! Lmao! If my dogs were able to realize they could just point
    to the trouble maker, the little selfish brats they are would be getting
    into all the mischief and just point to one of their brothers as the

  47. Come on, someone is coaching this dog behind the camera….

  48. so funny

  49. cutest thing EVER

  50. bob thebuilder (pewpewpew)

    amazing that he pointed out the other dog thats ac special dog;0

  51. I don’t care how many times I watch this, I laugh every time!

  52. I can see the string they tied to his paw.

  53. Gr8 Stuff…

  54. a snitch nigga that’s that shit I don’t like hahaha

  55. A Bullmastiff will tattle on you all day long LOL

  56. What a traitor!!!! LOOOOOOOOL

  57. Too cute LOL

  58. Евгений Многогранный


  59. That’s one SMART dog right there!

  60. Jajajajajaja le hecho la culpa a su amigo

  61. That is so funny and adorable?

  62. It’s just like the French to pussy out.

  63. Omg they’re so cute!! xD

  64. I think she was framed! LOL

  65. Zd nz hhkvkclec ljj ll Jlqlfqd

    il est tro drole


  67. Tatle teller

  68. Kristýna Strnadová

    soooo adorable!!

  69. Priceless…..Big Smiles!! Cheers

  70. bitches ain’t loyal

  71. Lmao so freaking funny

  72. Now that’s a betrayal you have no honor

  73. unfeliz sapo

  74. But why does that kid on the couch have swimming goggles on?

  75. rat out you BFF

  76. thats creepy af he understood that now that I think about it lol

  77. so sad ??

  78. Have you watch the video when a cat says “No more” durning her

  79. If you got a new dog could you get a pug i read in a book that they are the
    #1 best dog for kids and baby pugs are called puglets

  80. aww cute

  81. Lola the dog pointed

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