French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton

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What can a puppy learn in 4 days? 🙂 This Frenchie pup will melt your heart.

Misa Minnies new little bro Brody Brixton will show you what a few days of training with positive reinforcement can teach a pup. 😉 Brody just turned 12 wks old (on 12/29/14) and is following in his Yorkie sister Misa Minnie’s paw prints. So far he’s learned sit, stay, down, come, shake paw, turn around, crawl, ring a bell, and is learning to weave. We are hoping he will be a therapy dog one day like his Sis Misa Minnie. He is home trained in Sunny California and loves his toys and napping in sunny spots.

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  1. Lovely. What brand of treat are you using to train him?

  2. Waou trop beau

  3. such a cute dog…love it

  4. such a cute dog…love him

  5. he is so cute!!!?

  6. do you feed them or only give them food for performance?

  7. this is too dang cute!! :)

  8. He is so adorable!

  9. Small , cute & smart! <3

  10. Awwwwwwwwww that’s so cute

  11. its so cute it hurts!

  12. Most beautiful thing in the world!!! 😀 <3

  13. omg how did u teach him all that.. i have 2 frenchies very hard headed

  14. I don’t think you should be teaching him things such as “crawl.” A dog
    should be taught a few basics, such as sit and down. Beyond that, it’s
    just “tricks” and entertainment for the owner, which I don’t think is
    really right. He’s so cute though.

  15. Which one was easier to train?

  16. hi how can I convince my mom to get a frenchie? 🙁 she said they have
    health issues. I read that they can’t tolerate heat well, I know that but I
    will take care of him and not keep him out too long during the hot times .
    I am just obsessed w how cute and compact these dogs are. we are currently
    finding a dog to adopt for my siblings and I and we live in a kinda small
    (not enough room for a big dog) home so I think a franchise would be

  17. Sistina Bojorquez Sanchez

    OMG how cute !!!

  18. (aw) he is so adorable

  19. What ever happened to Brody? The videos of him stopped?

  20. Breed is French bulldog

  21. Good boyyy

  22. I really want a French bulldog!!! This is making me want one even more!! I
    want one just like this.

  23. he is so smart as well as your amazing training skill <3

  24. frenchies are the best.

  25. I wish I had a puppy like that

  26. so so cute wish I had one cutey hey love em

  27. Very cute ???

  28. little munchkin! :x

  29. I have a French bulldog at 8 weeks. She doesn’t want to do anything but
    sleep. When I put her on a leash, she just sits there refusing to walk. I
    tried using treats but same thing. Any tips how you got your 12 week to be

  30. Awesome

  31. what a cute little dog

  32. Are you planning on him being a therapy dog, too?

  33. Excellent.

  34. Your dog is smarter than my child. Seriously

  35. I wish my French Buldog is like that….

  36. my friends french bulldog just died yesterday she was less than a year old
    R.I.P ;(

  37. How long did it take you to potty train him? I hear they are HARD. Also, do
    they drool? I have a boxer and they drool tons and since their faces are
    shaped similarly I’m wondering if I am signing up for another drool
    monster? <3

  38. Misa isn’t that tiny anymore. She was so adorable when she was though. ?

  39. My goodness, he’s cute! =D

  40. do you know of any reputable breeders in the midwest?

  41. How did you taught him all that ? he’s just a puppy

  42. beautyle “beautylexoxo” xoxo

    That’s a smart puppy

  43. excellent job!!! :-)

  44. you are a amazing trainer?

  45. He is so precious

  46. And smart

  47. Would love to see a video of you training pups at this age! Very great job,
    nicely done :)

  48. Your puppy is the cutest thing ever

  49. He is SO CUTE

  50. Why did so many people give this thumbs down? This is so adorable!!! The
    trainer is loving! 

  51. that is really impressive! I’ve taught my dog to open /close and all kinds
    of stuff but no where near that young.

  52. :3 awwwww

  53. This was the video that inspired me to get a french bulldog almost a year
    now I wait on December 11 2015 for my frenchie to arrive from Ohio.
    Thank you MeSoMiniMisa

  54. He so cute

  55. brody should have a Chanel

  56. I’m a big burly man and it shames me to say this but I melted when I saw
    this video…

  57. so cute!!!

  58. Who is your breeder?! I have been looking for this exact color of frenchie
    for 3 years now and haven’t come across a breeder who has pups this color!

  59. pewdiepie & marzia anyone?

  60. So cute I want him

  61. he is so cute

  62. 12 weeks old and he can do that many tricks, that’s awesome, great job with
    training. I love the ring the bell one, never seen that before. That lil
    guy is beyond cute.

  63. so cute

  64. Ana yizeel Candela Mendoza

    hooo my gosh kiut

  65. he is so cute I want him so bad!!!!!!!!

  66. I get one for my high school graduation gift, I can’t wait!!??

  67. “okay human, I will ring this bell and you’ll give me treats” haha

  68. so cute

  69. That is a awesome puppy!So cute!Good job on training and that is one smart

  70. He’s Adorable!!!

  71. omg! how do you teach them to lay down with the head down? I have boston
    terriers and they are so excited but to do a trick with food its really

  72. I’m getting a blue fawn in April can’t waiiiiiit

  73. What a good boy! I want him….

  74. Looks like John cena and Nikki Bella new puppy frenchie

  75. What a smart dog!

  76. sweeeeeeeeet!

  77. Maxinne Bielle Edwin

    dear trainer can you plss teach me how do you train them i really wanna
    know cause i have new born pups i wanna teach them if thay are already that

  78. omg I’m in love with this breed of dog? I want one.

  79. Just got a ten week old French Bulldog and she is so cute! I’ll try and do
    these things with her?

  80. So adorable. The French Bull Dog is my choice for our next dog. Can they be
    watch dogs at all, or will they just lick them to death? LOL

  81. what do you use for his treats

  82. What a great little soul. He is good! Nice training.

  83. Good boy counter: 26

  84. Good job!

  85. How Adorable ‼️ ❤️?❤️ ???

  86. soooooooo cute??

  87. how cute!!!!???

  88. So cute damn

  89. Really your a really good and exellent trainer….may i hire u as my dog
    trainer? Cause my dog is killing me…lol jk

  90. Very small for 12 weeks!

  91. andreeutza ralucutza


  92. So cute!

  93. Oh god that tiny, little, adorable paw he puts into your hand! <3

  94. he,is so small and really cute

  95. #MisaMinnie

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