French bulldogs don’t need water to swim

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  1. lol

  2. Cat with moustache

    Put some water on him?

  3. mamma obviously doesn’t know the boy…he is saying; how about some
    water…I feel like a swim….or a nice dunk in the pool of water would be
    nice..come on; turn on the tap, and aim the hose toward the pool ….I am

  4. Julie Hollenbach

    I have a frenchie. such amazing dogs. can’t imagine life without her.

  5. LOL! I don’t know how this came up in my feed, but what the heck?! Silly
    creature!! LOL

  6. Awe! That’s his way of saying “Hey mom and dad put some water in this damn
    pool so I can swim! Come on, what are you waiting for? What’s a guy gotta
    do?” Body language…

  7. Puppy is thinking ‘Why is this thing is not as refreshing as last time?’
    Now go put water in that pool for that cutie!

  8. French bulldogs don’t swim…

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  10. it looks like he,or,she’s breakdancing!!!!??????

  11. awww that is so cute?

  12. Exo Wolfnaegawolf

    followed they’re instagram SO CUTE!

  13. I wish I could bone dogs where I live ?

  14. Hey.. this is just like me licking an invisible ice cream cone.. when
    there’s no more ice cream left.

  15. this dog dont know how swimming

  16. he dont need water

  17. ?????

  18. Bull dogs can’t swim, there heads are to big and they sink. But very cute

  19. It must be a fooldog??

  20. awww so cute

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  22. omg scoop cute

  23. So cute!!! I love my dog klohe.

  24. This animal is apparently out of it’s mind….

  25. The Totally Creative And Not Generic YouTube name

    Are French Bulldogs on a diet consisting only of baguettes?

  26. Sandi Willeford-Pankey


  27. this is so cute

  28. the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations

    Don’t be mean, put some water in there for the little guy.

  29. why tf didn’t u give the dog water

  30. Hes not trying to swim…hes trying to scratch his junk on the indented

  31. anéchoïque pfft

    That dog loves it!
    ♡ and ALL the fish in the world love that dog!!!

    My French poodle also loves dry swimming. It’s great exercise, especially
    for dogs that need it and don’t enjoy water. My dog also likes a dry bath
    with a rubber ducky… and dry humping… and ?

  32. that’s so cute ???

  33. thats why i prefer to love cats

  34. I don’t get it he’s crawling around not swimming!!!

  35. Adriana Gonzalez Mendoza

    that is so adorable

  36. Poor little hound needs a better fitting collar! Holler!

  37. that video came out in the news

  38. today

  39. God I love the internet

  40. Lauren Ashley Boo

    Awww, He’s sooo cutee

  41. Wtf is that sound.Cheap ass kitty pool daruda yo

  42. what makes them french?

  43. LeohaisY??

  44. ???????????????????????????????????☺???????☺?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  45. Kachina Ferguson

    give this baby some water so he can swim

  46. Modit Bazracharya

    Well this is gonna go viral
    Just a comment passing by thats going to get lost anyway inside the comment

  47. pupper does a swim


  49. Must be a Californian dog.

  50. awwww

  51. You guys realise his back legs are broken?

  52. The dog looks like its overheating :/

  53. Lmao I love this dog??

  54. Of course water isn’t needed….they’d run away if there was water

  55. this is boring….put sum water in there and then film

  56. Seems legit

  57. “It may look silly now, but when we add the water in post-production, it’s
    gonna blow your mind.”

  58. Molten Mozzarella

    well, what are you waiting for? put some water in it and post another video

  59. drugs?

  60. Doggo does a swim.

  61. I bet this will be on trending

  62. god can walk on water…..

    the french bulldog can swim on land

  63. I celebrate this dog’s entire catalog.

  64. That’s one cool lil dude !!!

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  66. lol poor baby where’s! the water ?

  67. LOL LOL. That is Beautiful

  68. ????

  69. Darth Pyro “devastation” Panda, Sith Lord

    finally YouTube suggest something that doesn’t have to do with Te biology
    of testicles

  70. Sunbeam Productions

    I hate like if you agree comments.
    Like if you agree.

  71. That’s a retarded dog

  72. My look on the world

    omg sooooo cute!!!!

  73. Teehee! What a goofball! :¬D

  74. 机油有不连队

    awwwww I’m dieing of cuteness I can’t spell it’s so cute

  75. This needs over a million views

  76. Wasn’t the bulldog on Adam levines college humor show

  77. this is do funny!! I was scrolling down through my videos to watch and this
    came up -“by the way I subed”u welcome!!!

  78. Anthony Zastoupil

    This is going to go viral

  79. talented little shit.

  80. vote this lil pup for president

  81. Dank_Duck_Productions

    thats cool but can it lick peanut butter off my balls?

  82. it’s just crawling around my dog does that

  83. It’s was so fluffin cute and then I realized he’s probably itching his junk


    Here before famous


    I made it here at 50k views

  86. Yvette Gaming and Vlogs!

    omg lol ?????

  87. to cute

  88. That’s terrible, you are abusing that animal.

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