Friendly Baby Fox!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close with an adorable baby Fox!

While visiting Steve Kroschel’s Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska the Brave Wilderness team were privileged to meet many amazing rescued animals…one of their favorites was Lupin, an orphaned Red Fox.

Lupin was as energized and as playful as they come, and she eagerly entertained the crew for hours with all her pouncing and leaping while running in circles around the cameras!

Get ready to get up close with one friendly baby Fox!

Please visit his website for information on booking a visit to his wildlife center today!

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  1. What does the fox say?

  2. as much as this guy likes to take off his socks to use for whatever reason
    you’d think he’d carry some extra pairs.

  3. I guess now we know what the Fox says lol

  4. that lil foxie is cute af

  5. Is he trying to be desiigner??

  6. Moldy Cheese Wrinkly Goat

    I choose this guy for my team if an apocalypse happens

  7. So so so cute????you are mean if you do not think it’s cute????

  8. What does the fox say

  9. Well now we know what the Fox says….

  10. Why is this not a tv show? It seems so professional!

  11. what does the fox say???

  12. how old are you

  13. “Be brave, Stay wild” I’m going to copyright that to make that officially
    mine. after I do it’ll be mine and I’ll sue !

  14. 5:01 that’s my baby

  15. 5:00 AWWWWW

  16. I saw those gopro shots, gotta love the gopro.

  17. 0:50 Perfectly good ground to walk on. *Decides to walk in a stream*

  18. Church “Leonard” Alpha

    Coyote Peterson. You have single handedly made me have hope that humanity
    isn’t as bad as it keeps proving to be

  19. Awwwwwww this is over cute ITS OVER THE CHART!!!

  20. hahaha is beatiful fox and very funny :”3 ❤

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