Fritz Learns to Catch Compilation #1

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Music by Evan Ball
We’ve compiled some of the highs and lows of Fritz’s quest to learn how to catch food. Sit back and enjoy a little ride through memory lane as Fritz is introduced to a steak, a strawberry, a chimichanga, a meatball, and more. Rest assured, Fritz lives a healthy lifestyle. Also, his eyesight is fine; he just can’t catch food well…yet.


  1. Reminds me of my girlfriend when we play catch ??????

  2. Crying from laughter. Great video. What a guy! We can’t be good at
    everything, so no worries, furryman. I give my boy Fonzie a little bit of
    everything I eat too. yolo.

  3. Kuang-hsin Rex Chang

    Her eye is very bed, she is old.

  4. The food splat sounds are just awesome!

  5. when i am sad i come to this video

  6. Starving kids in asia could have eaten that dog.

  7. That dog gets fed better than I do lol XD

  8. no he parado de reiirme!!!!!!!!

  9. So erotisch!

  10. LG schaut auf meinen Kanal vorbei! und spendet mir eure cs go Skins!

  11. this made my day!! thank you. i was at my depressing mode!! oh right rock
    en roll to the world xD

  12. I always laugh so hard at this every time

  13. damb c’mon Fritz ur site was locked on that taco

  14. damb c’mon Fritz ur site was locked on that taco

  15. His poor belly…and your poor nose,…must be dealing with some serious

  16. LOL Dumb dog!

  17. So cute, I’ve subscribed. Thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ
    Bless! :)

  18. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  19. Please spend a little time coming to see my channel and watching my videos!

  20. FRITZ!!❤️❤️❤️

  21. Joyce Schilling-noel

    Why would some one keep on doing this, poor baby ? Would YOU want some one
    do this to YOU?

  22. I have tried watching this video 3 times now, and haven’t really been able
    to see much of it through the veil of tears from laughing so hard. But the
    *thunk* noise tips me to what happened lol

    It reminds me so much of my retriever too. No matter how old he got, how
    much practice, he’d always go to catch the food, then as soon as it got
    close he’d flinch away and get smacked in the face with it. However, I
    found if you didn’t give him any lead-up, and just threw something at him
    without warning, he’d instinctually catch it without blinking.

  23. dixie magadan (lildixikins)

    Poor dog can’t even catch a break

  24. Actually he can catch it, but when the last second come he will dodge.

  25. When I saw that taco

  26. Omg poor baby.

  27. Fritz is putting Paso Robles on the Map

  28. The taco and the strawberry made me laugh out loud! That was a big ass


  30. Is it seriously ok to feed a dog doughnuts, ketchup/mustard etc?

  31. just missed that hotdog ooohhh

  32. Cracked me up so bad. ?

  33. Jose Alvarez Dureaux

    this video makes me smile

  34. This is small three – з

  35. So cute <3 <3 <3

  36. such a beautiful dog but this is hilarious, i’m literally crying

  37. aw, seems like this dog lacks any depth perception, i have never related so
    much to a dog before

  38. why are you feeding him/her junk food ?

  39. poor dog ???

  40. lol just found out the guy that made this is a history teacher at my

  41. Please see ( Dog climbing tree cannot catch a squirrel )

  42. Angel Scene (XxAnGeLScEnExX)


  43. That’s me playing basketball.

  44. he did a good job

  45. Why would you give a dog a donut?

  46. Oh

  47. да он болен ничего смешного не вижу

  48. the taco killed it.

  49. I cried when fritz dropped the burrito

  50. I love these videos XD

  51. There needs to be a three hour compilation on this. Slow motion and

  52. The full hotdog killed me lol

  53. Катя Лапаева

    Мне жалко собачку

  54. I died from laughing so much. Makes sense why he always has a bib on!

  55. what the hell are u feeding this dog????!!

  56. poor dog…surprised he didn’t need a bath after all those messy foods
    being thrown at him.

  57. this needs mozart not even ball…

  58. I bet Fritz gets all that good food he misses and in the interview the
    owner just said he doesn’t to not get PETA and other nuttballs after him.

  59. Hola vine aquí por Mox de Whatdafaqshow. Arriba Mox! :D

  60. Полина Волкова

    Ну почти))

  61. This dog is eating better than I am.

  62. I’m a little late to the party, but please don’t give your dog human food.
    Especially not sweet or fatty foods like donuts. You predispose your dog to
    getting diabetes, but even worse you can induce pancreatitis in your dog,
    which is often fatal. The pancreas is overstimulated and releases way too
    many digestive enzyme at once and not all in the right places…causing
    their internal organs to be bathed in digestive juices.

  63. aww so funny haha ☺

  64. i never laughed so hard to the point of crying.. but man, this topped it

  65. R0se_G0ld_Bl0ss0m™


  66. hanife Karabıyık

    Bu beceriksizlik değil bu bir hastalik. Çocuklarda da oluyor ve tedavi
    edilebilir. gözleri de sağlam diyorsunuz. köpeğinizi seviyorsanız burdan
    beceriksiz diye dalga geçeceğinize gidin tedavi ettirin.

  67. i was laughing but it made me sad at the same time awe!

  68. If you want to see why comments should permanently be disabled on
    YouTube…see below.

  69. What is the name of the track?

  70. How old is Fritz? I love that name btw

  71. Thank you.

  72. The taco…lmfao

  73. what is the song

  74. I cry from laughing every single time I watch this video. Thank you for
    sharing Fritz’ inability to catch food with the world.

  75. Oh my gosh, this video is funny to me every time! The taco one is my

  76. la chaîne des bons films 2

    trop drôle.. :)

  77. This video is genius. The slow mo,the sound effects,the music,and the fact
    that it’s iconic pieces of untouched food is a seriously clever Way to put
    this video together!! Great job!

  78. I started crying when the taco hit him

  79. テレビで、フリッツ君知りました(^_^)

  80. FlyingPantsu Gaming

    watching this is kinda satisfying :D

  81. this man was my teacher last year for history

  82. Tristan Fratini (golinocavigliano)

    La bandana hahaha

  83. cool

  84. Just like my dog, he can’t catch anything either.

  85. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,, wooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  86. LMAO, he finally catches it! Just barely, but he caught it!

  87. Just like my dog!!!!!!!

  88. Ahahahahah

  89. OMG ROFL the fail is strong in this one. I love it.

  90. This looks like a game ?

  91. Boom. First try.

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  93. Fritz you’re my dawg lol

  94. Fritz is cute‼︎

  95. LMAO Fritz is awesome !!!!

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