Funny Siberian Husky Puppy Scared by a Talking Toy

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  1. real romina Vuttion

    Awww cute boy 

  2. I remember driving home one Christmas Eve in 1998, after completing my
    Yuletime shopping. Having purchased said Furby for a young relative, I
    dreamed of the smiles and thanks for giving such a gift. Then at the red
    light, I felt a tugging on my slacks in the crotch area. It was the furby
    trying to molest me. He was speaking gibberish as I opened the window and
    threw him into the wilderness. I wonder if he survived.

  3. Nice dog

  4. She'sBeingBeautiful〈3

    OMG This video is so funny!

  5. It’s a girl, isn’t it? Very funny how dogs act when confronted by such

  6. I could hardly even concentrate I wanted to take the leash of him so

  7. Here we have a dog barking
    Wait is he barking at that toy
    Im done

  8. I have always wanted a husky.

  9. That’s not a puppy!

  10. furby: do do do doooo

  11. If you’re reading this comment then you’ve already lost

  12. Furbies are very dangerous. That dog is lucky to be alive.

  13. That toy was 2spooky5me

  14. I had a similar reaction to that demonic toy the first time I saw it in the
    mall as well.

    That being said…Oh my. It was hilarious to watch my dog watch another dog
    on the computer screen for the first time. XD

  15. That doggie is adorable! I love the sound of his breed’s barking. I grew up
    with a Malamute, & then a German Shepard. Most beautiful dogs in the world.
    They are wolf breeds, so wolves are included. I could have watched him for
    another hour with that creepy little furry toy.

  16. AAAW , it looks like he’s trying so hard to communicate with the Furby . I
    would LOVE to know what he was trying to convey . So cute !

  17. Bridget Dayanne Benitez

    He is so fluffy and furby omggg dog vs furby lol

  18. Good looking dog but four minutes of barking… seriously??

  19. Dogs are smart you just have to give me a chance and more attention most
    people don’t know that more attention because a dog to save a life

  20. I need to record this barking so people will think i have a dog. Best i’ve

  21. Who wouldn’t be scared of that demonic robot! The dog is trying to protect

  22. It’s not scared, the dog wants to play with it lol. You can tell by
    whenever the dog lowers his head to the floor.

  23. Werent those like a threat to national security in the 90s? 

  24. I watched this whole thing and I am not ashamed

  25. That toy has alot of battery… It wont stop lol

  26. All Furbys are possessed by deamons. It’s no wonder why the Husky was

  27. What a pussy

  28. So who won? 

  29. 4 minutes of this is a little too long.

  30. Incredibly Undeniable

    I want a husky ? I would get him a red bandana and cruise in a old Ford
    Mustang and it would be original lol

  31. Furbies are demon spawn. Good dog.

  32. Ah, a boy. Well, he sure is big for sixth months and a very cute dog!

  33. Hehehe… This is hilarious 

  34. Jorge Luis Villegas Rengifo

    Perro ridiculo 

  35. Sweet

  36. The dog knows that the furby is evil and is warning its owners

  37. Trifon Papahronis

    I haven’t seen a firby in so long

  38. Rule Of Three T.A.G

    To be fair Furbys are horrifying. This dog is right to be concerned. I had
    one I was little the moment it started turned itself on by itself I threw
    that shit away.

  39. This is too long….a 30 sec vid would have been better…

  40. Be Brave puppy!

  41. That’s no “talking toy” that’s a fucking DEMON. If you’ve ever owned a
    furby and taken the batteries out of it, you may have experienced some
    scary shit.

  42. StrawberryCHUU! Studio

    “Why have you brought Satan into the house master?”

  43. lol come on already bit hell out of the devil lol. you are so big and he is
    soo small lol. This husky sound hideous, I did not know husky could bark,
    mine never did just sing lol it was bark very very rare and with high pitch

  44. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 

  45. Too funny!!! :D

  46. The dog is thinking: ‘I did my part by alerting you of this evil intruder.
    Why aren’t you doing your part and smashing it now?’

  47. I fed a furbie after midnight and all I found was an empty egg in its place
    the next day.

  48. Pulpa que Precipita

    He tries to exorcise the toy.

  49. I’m pretty sure everyone is scared of furbies

  50. that’s a puppy???

  51. In all fairness, those things are legitimately terrifying. 

  52. Furbies are the work of Satan… The dog knows something we don’t 

  53. Spartacus The Husky

    I’d probably just stare at it. My humans can’t trick me.

  54. Хаски^^^ они такие милые:3

  55. Gremlin in disguise

  56. Dogs have a sense of evil and they understand it very well. Furbys ARE
    F@&KIN’ EVIL!!! They scare the crap out of me!

  57. que fofo amei o video

  58. I want husky so bad 

  59. Great video. Check out some of my husky videos. 

  60. I got one at home and she loves to talk rotroragge 

  61. Elaine Cristina Prudêncio de Jesus

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk adorein

  62. If I ever go into the woods in wolf territory, i’ll take a Furby with me
    just in case.

  63. DCP Dev (DevsDCPDays)

    I’d be scared too lol darn Ferbys

  64. I can’t believe how many dogs I see online now wearing those prong collars.
    Poor things :(

  65. First time I have ever heard a husky bark. I thought they usually sing or
    howl 🙂 SO cute

  66. This is hilarious!!

  67. I thought he was a goner thank god. 

  68. He wants to play!! LOL

  69. JustAnotherFanGirl~Karma

    He senses the evil coming from the furby. 

  70. I want a husky!!!! I’ll take twelve!

  71. furbies are demonic

  72. I think he wants to chase it so hes trying to scare it to get it to run X3
    poor puppy doesn’t know its disabled

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