Gator vs Truck

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Messing with a gator and he won!!! Jukin Media Verified (Original)

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  1. why didn’t he just run it over?

  2. Dmitriy Dmitriy


  3. Shit

  4. Well deserved

  5. Vitalstatistix Stats

    WOWWWWWW!!! That was the coolest thing yet…

  6. Go Gators!

  7. Stupid human leave the Gator alone with you stupid truck in nature

  8. That’s one bad ass croc!
    Pity that fool (batman) who has to deal with a croc as an arch nemesis! 

  9. Can you please help my friend out he’s a new Chanel and he only has two
    vids but making more his name is CJ Mars 

  10. Did he say “son of a goat” ???????

  11. Gator don’t play no SHIT.

  12. How can I find out more on licensing and permission to use this video for
    academic research on douchebags?

  13. Thug Life…

  14. You might not be stupid, but what you did here was! It wasn’t too hard for
    you not to disturb this poor thing.

  15. why to make the animal nervous! that is so stupid of mankind

  16. Лариса Одинцова

    Молодец, крокодил! Не дал себя в обиду.

  17. theblackslcmamba

    And then the turbobilly shot the innocent alligator:(

  18. Lol’d.

  19. JustAnotherGuyWhoMakesStuff

    what a dumass

  20. And he is so cool about it

  21. That’s what you get for trying to run it over dumbass

  22. Wrecking machine

    Gator got you lol ?

  23. Ripped it off like paper.

  24. Don’t mess with Gators

  25. Mynameismcgyver

    Rofl. How do you insure that one?

  26. Hahahahahahahahah

  27. Думал я с тобой шутки шутить буду? Днище ***ное (С) крокодилка

  28. ‫زهرا محمدی ‬‎

    چرا باز نمیشه 

  29. Don’t mess with Mother Nature!

  30. バンパーは樹脂パーツ。 固定方法は10mmボルトと樹脂クリップのみ。人力でも無理矢理引っぺがすことはできるよ。

  31. I would be so pissed that I would have run the truck over that bastard

  32. ericson quintanilla

    FATALITY gator wins

  33. Gotta love alligators! Few things in the world more powerful than a big
    bull gator, or a momma gator with babies.

  34. Hector Flores TA

    ha stupid thats what you get for messing with that

  35. Well what the fuck did you expect reversing into a Alligator!

  36. DANNY WINS!!!

  37. Get rekt

  38. Thumbs up if a certain giraffe/penguin/bare-ass bear brought you here.


  40. You totally deserved that.

  41. american cars build quality


    And he proceeded to run over the gator 

  43. What an ass

  44. Two things for a guy like this.
    Don’t be such a redneck and respect animals as you do your fat wife. And
    for christ sake if you are already using a cellphone try to make the video
    horizontally. Use your brain sometimes.

  45. REKT!!1 =3 Brought me here <3

  46. dumb guy, he should of honked. it would scare the aligator away


  48. This Alligator is obviously upset because, THIS man stole Gator-tots and
    blatantly drank all his Gator-ade right out of his fucking Refriger-gator.
    What a hater

  49. What was the year make and model of the truck?

  50. Thats what he gets for backing up right toward it 

  51. Abouzar Kaboudian

    That’s really nice! LMAO!

  52. Why not just run the fucking thing over, don’t tease it

  53. Consider yourself fortunate that your airbags didn’t go off… People don’t
    respect nature. For this guy it was just screwing with an animal, for the
    gator it was a life or death fight. Sad part is that if this guy had been
    bit somehow, the gator would’ve probably been killed even though it was

  54. Guilherme Konflanz

    Se fosse GTA V nessas hrs “SE FUDEU “

  55. Uh excuse me sir you are trespassing my property…..

  56. Cinnamon toast bell

    Super wow

  57. If this is what a small aligator did to his truck, than imagine what would
    happen if he tried to do the same thing to salt water crocodile, who is as
    three times bigger.

  58. “Oh well that’s nice”

  59. Lolololooooloololololo

  60. شذر مذر…

  61. *Gator completely tears apart bumper*

    “Sun uf a gon”

  62. You knew that was going to happen! Why would you even do that?!

  63. Dumbass 

  64. CognizantCheddar

    I like all these internet beta-males on here posting ‘hurrr what an idiot’
    without appreciating that the OP obviously already knows how this video
    makes him and his decision here look.

    He’s man enough to have a laugh at himself. What about you people?

  65. Did you ever get out to gather up the broken pieces of your truck?

  66. “Hey watch my truck” is the best part

  67. The pitbull of the swamp.

  68. This guy learned something I think.

  69. The hissing sound translates to “fuck you”

  70. ha he got what was coming to him i mean what was he thinking??!!

  71. It would be funny if he bit a tire )))

  72. Excuse me but you’re trespassing HIS territory.

  73. Must be an american or chinese car.

  74. HeY! watch my twuck

  75. Порвал,как Тузик грелку!…

  76. “Чё катишь, ща твоё тачидло разберу на детали. ЧЁ КАТИШЬ Я СКАЗАЛ”
    “Ты чё урод не понял… на!”
    Кроок на СТО 10лет отпахал… мастер экспресс разборки

  77. Must be a Chevy fan

  78. I ❤️Alligator

  79. Вот олень)))

  80. ele queria q mordesse o peneu e matar o animal mas nao foi isso que sucedeu

  81. Holy fucknuggets xD

  82. Gator pun

  83. Maple Art productions (Myah)

    That was kinda funny but being rude to the gator he could’ve hurt you or
    worse you could’ve killed him

  84. This is horrible. This is unacceptable! Why? Oh, why for the love of God,
    would you film a vertical video?

  85. The best part about this video is the comments section XD


    I like how calm he is during the whole video

  87. Dumbass ?????

  88. That’s what you get for driving a shitty plastic Nissan

  89. the gator would have moved if he was in a chevy….just saying….

  90. There is a special place in hell for people who mess with animals. 

  91. нужно было,этому водиле ,еще и яйца откусить!!

  92. wow I ain’t know them bitches was that strong!!!

  93. that’s what u get being a dick. haha.

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