“get in the bag” cat instantly regrets getting in the bag

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Buddy the cat takes a bit of a slip while being to curious.

Also before the inevitable, “you tried to put your cat in a bag” comments, i did not plant the bag there in hopes this would happen. I was just enjoying my wings when he hopped up and I decided to film it because I know he likes getting in Trader Joes bags. I thought it would be a funny video with him climbing into a different bag that wasn’t from Trader Joes, because we all know there are other places to shop besides Trader Joes. Which makes me think of all those mom and pop grocery stores that went out of business when Big Grocery came to town… Sad! =)


  1. hold on dude!

  2. I want to know how this was originally suppose to go..

  3. This video has so much meme potential

    EDIT: I couldn’t stop myself from making a meme out of it..

  4. I guess you could say the cats out of the bag


  6. No way I would let some cat get that close to my glass of wine.

  7. And that’s how I lost my hand.


  9. That was hilarious, but alternate scenario: cat ran the other way, spilling that wine on your laptop!

  10. Maybe Temporary

    this is Youtube.

  11. THIS IS ABUSE!!!!!!!!!

    People for Ethical Treatment of Plastic Bags has been notified.

  12. Owning a cat is pretty much a constant battle of trying to determine if you should be worried about, laughing at, crying for fear or surprised by.

  13. Eastsidedirtykid

    *FINALLY a video that isn’t political or “paid to trend” or even clickbait. Bravo uploader for the video!!*

  14. Isagail Carshuen

    The guy was possessing the cat! Mind control! DID YOU NOT HEAR HIM CASTING A SPELL?

  15. Just Here For The Comments

    *Title should have been : How to catch a pussy with a plastic bag*

  16. Publius Cornelius Scipio

    “Get in it” ~thats what she said


    *My late cat Lucky love to lick the plastic bags*

  18. You must now rename the cat “Nebby”

  19. Finally a video on youtube that deserves to be on Trending

  20. Brandon Goeringer

    You can’t always run away from your problems.

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