Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter

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THE world’s biggest pit bull cuddles up to his adorable new litter – valued at a whopping half-a-million dollars. The eight puppies were fathered by gentle giant Hulk, who weighs in at a huge 12 stone. And even though his owners say his bite could ‘snap a man’s arm like a toothpick’, here he shows off his softer side by nuzzling and licking his new brood. The eight pups could collectively command $500,000 (£320,000) if they go through owner Marlon Grennan’s training school to become elite protection dogs. And there are even hopes one of the new batch could one day grow big enough to steal their father’s crown. Hulk, who made international headlines when he was unveiled earlier this year, has also been in training to become a protection dog at Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire, USA. The business supplies protection dogs to high-profile celebrities, billionaires and wealthy professionals – as well as law enforcement around the world.

Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas, Sonia Estal, Ian Phillips

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  1. Training is what makes the difference with dogs, starting at the youngest
    age possible and start training to build their brains. I’ve had people tell
    me on the street that “you gotta let the puppy be a puppy and not put too
    much emphasis on training”, they couldn’t be more wrong. No amount of
    training is bad for a dog and the age does not matter, if anything you
    should be training the dog as SOON as you get it. I own 2 GSD (German
    shepherd dogs), and they are absolutely fantastic and people ask me who I
    had to train them and I say “Youtube”. I watched countless hours of youtube
    videos learning myself how to sense dog body language and what to feed my
    dogs and how much training they need and how to do said training. You can
    never learn enough and it’s a huge responsibility raising a powerful breed
    that should not be taken lightly. When large breed dogs are not trained
    well, it can be disastrous and can get someone maimed or even killed.

    I also believe that if you want a dog to be a guard dog it’s best to have
    it specifically trained to be a “protection dog” and to not allow any
    aggressive or abnormal behavior if it’s a family pet, because encouraging
    aggressive tendencies without proper training can also be disastrous.
    Socialization is also a huge key when training a dog and exposing them to
    other people and situations it’s not used to is one of the best things you
    can do. People have told me to lock my dog up and never let it around other
    people and it will make it more territorial and I just can’t help, but to
    educate them at that point.

  2. They’re gorgeous ???

  3. Americans are lucky they get to have pit bulls
    In Australia they are banned

  4. Why are his ears clipped?
    Kind of fucked up.

  5. maybe about 1,500 to 2,000
    500,000??? Fuck no

  6. Misael Xotlanihua Ventura

    That breed is that dog???

  7. NEUTER YOUR DOG !!!!!! There’s thousands of pitbulls killed almost daily

  8. that is the biggest dog I ever seen?

  9. I want that dog!!!!!???????

  10. The harmonica part cracks me up!!! I always loved when our boxer did that
    noise!!! Tooooo funny!!!!!!

  11. Fuck that dog is ugly as fuck

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  13. Pit bull aren’t bad! The owners need to train them more! Obviously the
    owners trained the big pit bull! We had a pit bull too he was the sweetest

  14. Juan Cena | THE CHAMP IS HERE

    Big ass fucker is gonna kill some people. Retarded ass animal with its ugly
    ass snout and wrinkled little bitch.

  15. It’s so funny reading these comments everyone’s so upset about the “HE’S
    NOT A REAL PITBULL” shit and then the fake ass, “I have 32 degrees in dogs,
    I know what I’m talking about” like. Everyone calm down, stop being so mad.
    Who should there be a “certain price” on dogs? And why should “pure breeds”
    be better than “mutts”
    Everyone just shhhhhhhhh and watch the video with cute puppies

  16. Wait wait wait…. So his shit ???is worth 50, 000$?

  17. 500,00 bahaha i wont pay 50 bucks, those are ugly ass dogs.

  18. + ophiachus ovesoul I don’t like pitbulls cus 12 KIDS DIED THIS YEAR ALL
    CAUSED BY PITBULL… plz kill that dog :)

  19. No wonder black guys says “what’s up dawg”

  20. Would hate to be the bitch that Hulk banged…

  21. Angel Luis Trinidad

    How does a male dog have puppies? I’m I missing something?

  22. hope he dose not sell them to people that fight dogs

  23. i hope that pitbull get killed someday by the police

  24. What you’re doing IS most definitely dangerous. Why does it seem that it’s
    always the seedy type of people that breed these monster breeds that have
    NO business being “family” dogs? Get a clue, idiots. Unfortunately, it will
    take severe facial trauma or the death of a child or family cat,
    etc. before people get a damned clue.

  25. You just know before Hulk mounted the female he was thinking, *”HULK FUCK!”*

  26. u fuckin imagine breaking into a house @ night and hulk is staring at you
    lying on a couch

  27. kan ich in kaufen für 40000 euro

  28. Do you know how many kids have been killed by Pits that were loving and
    safe, according to their owners.

  29. Pit owners don’t fool me for one tiny second. They want a dog that might
    hurt someone.

  30. Why do they look ghetto

  31. He has no ears ?

  32. The dude not only looms like a crackhead but is also on crack, 500k for a
    puppy? There are other breeds like the tibetan mastiff that are bigger than
    hulk and bought mainly by the higher class and a good purebreed will run
    you about 50k he needs to put that crack pipe down if he thinks they are
    worth 500k

  33. top dog breed for the most aggression I been u don’t even know?? beats out
    the pitbull and any terriers even rottweilers!? it’s the dalmatian

  34. Can’t believe you got that overgrown devil dog anywhere your kids.accident
    waiting to happen and please don’t tell me it’s all about how you train ang
    bring them up because those fucking horrible thing can turn any second
    regardless of how well the brain dead owner has brought them up.stop
    breeding dangerous dogs they are a danger to society.


  36. That is not a house I want to rob.

  37. I had a pitbill growing up and he was a big baby. Miss that dog

  38. Thats so cool i have a pit bull and people don’t like it case he seems like
    he’s dangerous but he not he really loves people and I think pit bull are
    not dangerous

  39. Best dog I ever saw around kid is a female Bull Terrier. Calm as calm can
    be while the children ride her like a horse and tug at her.

  40. So.. Where is the mum dog

  41. “Gentle” he bit through the plastic on the mans arm what would he do to the

  42. that dog could feed a lot of homeless children

  43. truckerjoebrother

    I want a dog like hulk

  44. if i saw that dog run at me i will shit my self

  45. I bet one day when they leave there kid alone with that dog he would kill
    him that is y I get a Chihuahua

  46. it’s not dangerous fuck the public wen they say that

  47. That’s a huge dog

  48. St. Evremonde VonWare

    ♡.♡ Those puppies!!!! soo cute!!

  49. That dog slow as shit tho lmao ! He couldn’t catch me…

  50. Half a million dude? Come on.

  51. Jaiden Livingston

    I love hulk and his puppies they are adorable

  52. Too much

  53. si me lo das bueno me lo regalas

  54. i think that hulk is safe to be around the kids

  55. Yeah, Hulk may be a great protection dog, but he can’t sing worth a shit,
    like when he and the kid are in the tub and the kid plays the harmonica and
    Hulk “sings” (Yeah Right) along!

  56. stop saying you do not like the dog owners because they own pit bulls if
    they trust the dogs with their son so be it

  57. he’s delusional at best. he has not track record of the clients he’s sold
    to. he’s claimed big time celebrities and says he sells dogs for more than
    100k lmao. ain’t ni body want degenerate American inbreds. when you can get
    quality German breed dogs with track history and impeccable blood line

  58. wat he eat??

  59. pranpisit rittirong

    Dog know not hard bite the kide : )

  60. It’s part Mastiff.

  61. gottfried kompakt

    But he is Not Green

  62. Sergio Moutinho Neto

    They are so cute

  63. hulk has bigger balls than me. literally

  64. Stop taking advantage of people with speacial needs.only a retard would pay
    have a mil for a dog.

  65. nice french mastiff mix.

  66. Hulk sounds like the best dog ever

  67. omg the poor dog! This is horrible breeding! This isn’t even an APBT! HOly

  68. Beautiful dog, but I could never trust a pitbull. Deffinately not with
    kids. Labrador still the best family bet. 

  69. Bad ass dog?


  71. I have a lot of dogs

  72. Luis Alberto Gonzalez Hernandez

    una sola palabra,imprecionante animal….!!!

  73. When hulk was singing with jordans harmonica playing that was so cutee

  74. ExperimentalSpace


  75. I wish I had a dog like hulk I’m going to New Hampshire this weekend

  76. Damn son!!! I want to have a dog like that he looks like a champion fighter
    man !!!?!!!????

  77. Christopher Person

    what an ugly dog not worth half million dollars. im getting a yellow
    labrador in 2 days pretty dog 🙂 boy doggies are nasty becuase dog penis
    flapping everywhere

  78. i want to hug hulk ???

  79. coooooool

  80. much love to you and your family and HULK such a gentle giant thank you so
    much for showing the world what these precious pups really are and it’s
    truly how anyone raises a dog 🙂 love to you !!!!

  81. Now i’ll tell my mom to buy a giant pit bull just so i can go to school
    with it!

  82. He kinda looks like a bear

  83. HOW CUTE!!!!!!

  84. Kimberly Lafortune

    Hulk is beautiful

  85. Definitely trained well. But still you should never let a kid put a
    protection sleeve on with that big of a dog. If that dog accidentally bites
    to hard he will crush that kids arm so god damn hard.

  86. Who chuckles at 3:01

  87. At 3:40 my jaw dropped when I found out he wasn’t even 3!

  88. Hes so cute i love pittbulls

  89. Where’s the wife of Hulk’s children

  90. that was a 175 pound pit bull that was laying on their lap sleeping like a
    baby. pits really are the biggest babies lol. mine will cry if we take out
    peanut butter and not give her any ?

  91. Frozen

  92. Looks more like a french bullmastiff to me, maybe crossed with american
    pitbull bloodlines. Not ‘pure’. In anycase, why breed a dog to large for
    most adults, let alone a family child, to control? recipe for DISASTER.
    People often get these types for the wrong reasons, to look tough, show
    off, yet are too lazy to pay for proper care like vet bills, pedigree feed,
    vaccinations, worming,fleaing, DAILY exersize, and registration.

  93. Memorable Occasions

    thats to cute

  94. ghetto ass family got lucky with this dog lol

  95. Cool dog, but what is this modern obsession with endangering your toddlers
    by placing them in close proximity with an animal that could end their life
    before you or your partner could ever hope to intervene?
    there is nothing COOL or IMPRESSIVE about it. if you wish to show everyone
    your control over a potentially dangerous animal, have him do tricks for
    you infront of people.
    or some other way that doesn’t involve gambling with your kids lives.
    and no i don’t care how ‘trained and gentle’ the dog has always been,
    because although it might be predictable, you cannot be 100% sure of
    another living beings actions, so why risk it at all? 1:39 ruined video for

  96. very lovely

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