Ginger Kitten Play with New Toy

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Cute kitten play with her new toy, trying to pull out golf balls out of it. Its very interesting moment.


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  1. glorija nikolovska

    Love your videos

  2. its o cute! I JUST WANNA SQUEZE IT!! i 10 yrs old I dont think I spell it correct

  3. Very cute xx

  4. cute cute cute … 😘 😽

  5. Love your vids!!!

  6. ein schönes Kitten Spielzeug

  7. That kitten is so adorable and so cute and precious that I can barely stand it.

  8. Mine were always the same. Doesn’t matter how much you spend on a toy, a good old napkin tied to string is just as exciting to them! 😀

  9. Your videos are always so cutee =3

  10. This baby is beyond ADORABLE!!! ❤️😊🐾🤗👍🏻

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