Giving It Big Licks: Meet the Tongue-Out Instagram Cat

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MEET Melissa – the friendly feline that loves to stick out her tongue for the camera. Scottish Fold cat Melissa, who is also known as the “Einstein” cat by her 20,000 Instagram followers, has been diagnosed with a bone degenerative disorder called Osteochondrodysplasia. Vets advised the quirky cat’s owner, Alina Esther, to have her put down due to costly and time consuming treatment – but instead she has become an internet sensation.
Videographer / director: Alina Esther
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing.
    ~South Africa~ xox

  2. So cute

  3. Almost looks like the cat Bub

  4. That’s adorable

  5. So cute!

  6. More cat photography, your Kitten me right meow.

  7. I love iraq because it's my country

    what is name this girl 1:45

  8. Jeremiah Herrera

    so kuote

  9. WTF!

  10. Izzy's Channel of Fun plus Aphmau


  11. That’s a snake!

  12. love this cat

  13. So cute

  14. That has to be the cutest thing ever!!❤️
    I would have that type of cat if my dad wasn’t allergic.

  15. aww. super cute 🙂 nice story!

  16. chrisaki, t.A.T.u 静子


  17. cuteness overload

  18. cats own the internet.

  19. Scottish folds are bred with a genetic disorder and most have health
    problems :<

  20. king of crazy primates

    we should launch a full scale investigation to why she sticks her tongue !

  21. You gotta do one on lil bub

  22. Ah, you just can’t go wrong with cats on the Internet…! ? ?

  23. shes a cutie

  24. Can she lick pussy though?

  25. Cute cat.

  26. This video escalated quickly……

  27. God dam, 1:45, the eyes on her owner are next level beautiful

  28. the weak cartilage/bone thingy is on every cat of this breed..? hmm.. why?
    wouldnt want a cat that would be sick all its life

  29. Tongue out cat? You gotta be kitten me

  30. Jade Gilchrist-Brock

    Do Lil BUB!

  31. cat got your tongue?!

  32. Thats one cute feline

  33. Lol looks like he’s shocked every second with those big eyes

  34. my 3 cats do this all the time what’s so different about this cat? oh wait
    I know NOTHING

  35. She’s really cute! The owner that is

  36. I really love this cat :3 I got really sad hearing her little kitten story.

  37. Hncgnhgdnhg Dfgdrt

    Super video ;)?

  38. I love that they do videos everyday

  39. I thought my cat was just weird. His tongue is always sticking out,
    sometimes he drools.

  40. That is so so cute.????♥

  41. If miley Cyrus was a cat :P

  42. cute

  43. cute

  44. a little bit short but its a cute cat

  45. Second Barcroft video I’ve watched today that insinuated an unhealthy
    creature should be bred or be left with the capability of breeding. It’s a
    cute cat. And her owner did the right thing by preserving her life. Every
    life has value. But responsible breeders don’t contaminate the gene pool
    with congenital defects. It’s detrimental to the future.

  46. so they put makeup on cats

  47. Klaudie Kostková

    super cat

  48. “Miley cyrus in Cat body.!!

  49. this is bub’s evil twin

  50. That’s metalica cat :D

  51. First

  52. 1.46 her eys??

  53. I love cat videos?

  54. Adorable.

  55. the owner’s eyes though. . . beautiful. 01:44

  56. look what we’ve created, sad

  57. the comments on this video are pure :’)

  58. Natasha Alyokhin

    This is deep, and cute

  59. It’s going to be a lot more than 21K…

  60. Love Melissa! And there’s a whole Instagram dedicated to cat tongues!

  61. Mine is doing the same sometimes?

  62. it may looks cute but cat tongue out is not a good sign for her health

  63. can cats an dogs see evil?

  64. so adorable!!!

  65. Sometimes my cat sticks his tounge out, but not that much. Jeez.

  66. XoxRobloxGirlXox

    Scottish fold cats are calm and friendly…I want it !!

  67. She is so adorable…bless the owner for giving her a chance

  68. That is just so disturbing and creepy….

  69. cutieee???

  70. Actually It’s not a cat it’s a DOG

  71. nice barcroft

  72. oh so cute

  73. Did eny 1 cry every time when she said she had broken bones ?

  74. I had my appendix removed about a year ago.

  75. i wannaa give it a hugg!

  76. Teagan Ventulett


  77. Lickety split ??

  78. Soul Moon (TGS EcLiPsE)

    Wish that cat will never die for the world

  79. Sweetie…

  80. She stole my name :-(

  81. C⃟H⃟E⃟L⃟L⃟Y⃟C⃟O⃟R⃟N⃟R⃟E⃟I⃟M⃟B⃟O⃟

    She deserves an Oscar

  82. kill bubs mom

  83. she so cute ??

  84. I have a golden laborador puppy and his name is Max I got him yesterday for
    my birthday he is only 8 weeks old.Now it’s your turn tell me if you have a
    pet what’s his name how old is he! Have a good day!awww you know what?! He
    is now on my lap he is sooooooooo freaking soft and I cryed when my mum and
    dad gave me Max❤️??✌?️?

  85. The Miley Cyrus of cats

  86. ‫ילדת המשחקים הוירטואלים‬‎


  87. Cute video

  88. awww ❤️❤️❤️

  89. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

  90. KsoushaLovesJokes

    Melissa could cat-ch flies with that tongue

  91. what a long tongue

  92. i want that cat right now she is so cute

  93. Firmansyah Sembiring

    or maybe this cat got injected by some Miley Cyrus’ dna…

  94. to be honest it looks inbreed xD I can imagine the race is too if they all
    descend from a single cat :P

  95. it feels wrong to breed cats to have diseases just for them to look cute :/

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