Golden Retriever can’t get enough of Australian Open tennis

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The Australian Open is on right now, which means my Golden Retriever is in heaven. Georges will watch this all day. While he does love all sports, tennis is his favorite.

Yes, his name is Georges.


  1. i love dogs

  2. Ha! That’s how I feel when I watch tennis also?

  3. Best comedic timing from one happy dog to one bored dog. 

  4. Does george like golf or basket ball?

  5. The Sharapova Effect.

  6. I get this excited too.

    Love it when women smack balls back and forth!

  7. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Fantastic!

  8. The dog want to have the ball so bad.

  9. Basically me!

  10. Is that an Accoustech PL200 subwoofer on the floor?

  11. As a person who plays tennis and owns a dog, this is now my favorite video
    of all time!

  12. If only girls were this excited about balls 

  13. WEIRD. I have the same reaction when I see Maria Sharapova on TV

  14. I wonder whats going on his mind

  15. I thought I was the only one that did that when sharapova played tennis. 

  16. hey man id love to work together are u interested on a collab?

  17. The Anonymous Sexual Redditor

    I wanna eat that dog

  18. TAJEproductions1 TAJE

    I cant get over Sharapova either 

  19. Bowers and Wilkins; good choice.

  20. George is half gold retriever, half kangaroo and half OCD.

  21. put him discovery channel

  22. Максат Тажикулов

    Maria you have good admirers

  23. I first saw your video of George interactively watching tennis game on
    Robin Meade (HLN). Have two Golden’s myself (Daisy Mae who is 1-1/2 and
    Jake who is 10). Daisy Mae saw it too … 42″ HD tv … she was jumping
    and barking in total glee as she watched your dog doing so on the video.
    She frequently watches some Animal Planet shows (jumping , barking, whining
    in a playful way). I don’t watch tennis games so had no idea that she
    would be so active and jumping as she watched the tennis ball going back
    and forth (even though she loves chasing and retrieveing her tennis ball;
    she’s kind of manic when it comes to balls). I need to make a 10 minutes
    or or so continous loop/recording of the video; playing it to discharge
    some of her excess energy when the weather is bad and she can’t play ball
    /fetch outside … sort of a “doggie exercise video!” You know, someone
    should start making “doggie exercise videos” that inspire them to actively
    jump/play along with what they see on tv video’s. Daisy Mae has been going
    to doggie day care (Dogtopia in Waco, TX) since she was 3 months old to
    play with her friends, gain socialization skills with other dogs and large
    staff of loving caretakers, and burn off energy … a video like your’s is
    another good tool to sap it as well so she doesn’t drive old Jake crazy.

  24. 0:12, that’s the “yeah I have dumb relatives” face.

  25. I’ve never seen such mockery. This dog is clearly in distress from the
    women on screen and is demanding to make love to her. You really are a
    selfish dog owner to be able to sit there and not fly him to the airport to
    meet his future lover. You have serious issues and someone needs to call
    animal control for domestic hostility. 

  26. So what…..Georges, just likes watching athletic young girls in short
    skirts during his workout program …..seems legit!

  27. That is soooo cute. He is a happy dog who loves to play.

  28. That is soooo cute. He is a happy dog who loves to play.

  29. How cute…he is getting his exercise…woof, woof, woof

  30. Thank you for this adorable video. grusome videos by ISIS made me sick. We
    need more videos like this

  31. Come on, even George knows that wasn’t a volley.

  32. I love George! Take him out and play some hand ball with him.

  33. The other dog is like “the fuck I dont give is over there somewhere” Ha!

  34. Hey can someone help me out here.
    I’ve had my German Shepherd for a year. But I recently had to give him away
    due to the extreme amounts of hair he would shed. I loved him and I always
    dreamed of having him sleeping with me at night, but the hair was just way
    too much. So I need to know, how does this guy have two golden retrievers?
    Do they shed a lot less than German Shepherds? I want a dog that I can
    actually hug without becoming a dog myself. 

  35. George has reach pro level at Burpees, and I cant even do more than 5 :(

  36. By Golden retriever I thought you meant Caroline Wozniacki.

  37. brilliant

  38. Retriever believer in Reciever no deciever

  39. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    Look people.He is not jumping to reach the ball.He is named George.Thus,he
    is a male.Thus he is jumping towards that pretty woman who plays tennis.He
    simply finds her attractive,that is all..
    So i subscribed for George and his good taste in women.

  40. Nee it is more the tv flickering than the tennis game!

  41. Hey, owner, what your dog is really saying is “Get off the couch human, and
    let’s outside and do this together!” I shared 13½ years of my life with a
    golden retriever, and although George is getting a good workout now, YOU
    AREN’T, and you both need it. No TV is s substitute from the fun of
    actually catching that ball himself and yourself. So, outside, both of
    you. Now.

  42. Евпатий Зрадавич

    Russian girls love to all!

  43. I like this dog so much 


  45. I’ve got the same reaction when I saw (and listened) Sharapova’s playing
    and screaming!

  46. fokin dogs

  47. it’s really too bad about his depression and lack of ability to enjoy life.

  48. That looks like a very expensive speaker system… Paradigm References?


  50. The other dog is like “fucking idiot.” Lol

  51. The other retriever was like “I have to live with this every day”

  52. Даже собаки не в силах сдержаться при виде Шараповой, что уж говорить о
    людях )))

  53. My golden watches tv, but he never went nuts like this dog! He’s too

  54. Lol. I love the second dog’s expression. He’s probably thinking “dumbass.”

  55. Thumbs up because of the second dog.

  56. Πτολεμαῖος Σωτήρ

    dog big fan Sharapova !Пёс большой фанат Шараповой

  57. The other dog is looking like he’s saying “he’s the idiot in the family”

  58. So cute ? 

  59. Zumba for dogs. The other dog’s like “whatever dude”

  60. I can understand why the dog is going crazy. It’s sharapova! I mean who
    wouldn’t go crazy over watching her play. She’s gorgeous. 

  61. Looks like doggie wants to play with Sharapova 

  62. One of these rallies…the ball will smash through the screen and George
    will be there to catch it.

  63. Is that Shapa-rover he’s watching ?

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