GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

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On a cold Thanksgiving morning, Branden Bingham and his family stumbled upon a seemingly frozen kitten buried in the snow. In an attempt to save his life, they rushed inside and began performing CPR on the lifeless cat.

Captured by GoPro Awards recipient, Branden Bingham.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪


William Ryan Fritch
“Bounce in Your Step”

Additional Music Courtesy of Score Revolution


  1. Literally the cutest cat I’ve ever seen

  2. that cat is so cute

  3. This man is a hero WOW

  4. ‫السا GlaSSlip‬‎


  5. Bless the kitten and the people who saved it. ? I’m in tears!

  6. Poisontype The Junglist

    He lives in a house where they still use a VCR. 2:26

    He would probably wishes you’d let him die.

  7. new channel here..SUBSCRIBE 420 crew

  8. Cuddlecreeper weiss

    he’s such a beautiful cat

  9. Nice

  10. This is the sweetest video I’ve ever watched..????

  11. Im just going to assume that video is fake.

  12. God bless this kitten.
    I wish the best for him.

  13. It’s amazing to think about what people can do to save lives.

  14. who the hell dislikes this video who ever does has no soul

  15. Cats have nine lives 8 now

  16. r u keeping him

  17. It snowed out of the sky! The kitten did.

  18. Oh that video was adorable :*

  19. Not gonna lie i wanted to cry.

  20. Airsoftboyproductions

    he is so cute

  21. Heart touching :)

  22. What a champ! Well done.

  23. XxDashaxX Moviestarplan.


  24. Is this fake? Seems a bit staged.

  25. GOD bless that kitten

  26. That family saved a life! Thank you God!???

  27. he’s the cutest thing ever!

  28. Such pretty blue eyes <3

  29. l am so glad the cat is ok

  30. im crying

  31. This snow got SKILLS!!!!!?

  32. Ohh! So cute!

  33. This man seriously needs an award.

  34. its so beautful.wonder if its been named yet

  35. me to

  36. This video made me cry

  37. 300+ dislikes? How can anyone dislike this video?

  38. Amazing!!!?

  39. I cried, but I punched the tears back into my eyes.

  40. The cat it’so cute!!

  41. Those eyes at 1:59

  42. his eyes are as blue as the ocean

  43. Виктория Менкеева


  44. AUDO3000 and ChuckleNuts

    Lesson: Never give up, no matter what

  45. I’m crying to hard

  46. This got me very emotional the reason for that is my little 8 month old
    kitten died drowning in a pool it was winter and that pool had no pool
    cover that was probably the saddest moment of my life (R.I.P Comet)

  47. Faith LPS (FaithKitty)

    Those Eyes.. SOOOO KAWAIII

  48. As the saying goes, never lose hope

  49. He’s so cute. This guy is a hero. There is hope and good in this world. I
    would’ve taken that cat home and done whatever I could to care for him, (I
    hate referring to animals as “It”)


  51. Awesome video man..

  52. Such a lucky kitten. Wonderful camera work. Kudos to all the people who
    helped with the rescue!

  53. That cat has 8 lives now

  54. Good job!! Saving its livef!!!!

  55. Ioanna Tsimprimani


  56. adorable?

  57. Of course it happens to be some crazy breed of all white and the cutest cat

  58. At 2:30, the plot twist falls into place.
    Secretly, the cat was acting like he needed help, but once he had gotten in
    their house, it was time to carry out his plan…
    Kill the family.

  59. Did anyone else have chills throughout the whole video :)

  60. I would name him Bobby Drake.

  61. лиза октавия каретинаджонс

    почему они страдают вместо нас

  62. I cried so much! This is so beautiful… Branden, ur a hero!

  63. q bonito y le.habeis sabado.a un gato tan mono

  64. I wouldn’t give up not even for 4 hours or even a day

  65. I like these types of videos. I have a special spot in my heart for animals
    and when I see one almost dead it breaks my heart. I just wonder if he/she
    had any brothers or sisters who were still out in the cold :(

  66. i would have named it little half squat.

  67. hi I am not happy am sad

  68. 8 cried

  69. ??so sad

  70. Liek if u cri evry tim

  71. that kitty looks like my kitty omfg!! x3

  72. awww, go heros!

  73. this is so cute

  74. you saved my favorite animal

  75. this almost made my cry and this is the second time I’ve seen it but this
    is a merical sorry I spelt it wrong

  76. man u liek this video and this video is really gooolg and I am so devatesy
    that this keettne surnvu e the outbreak to the zombie apocalypse to the
    brggkng to the time

  77. You are the best some people would leave them to die also i subed you

  78. This video made me tear up

  79. That brown glove at 2:08 looks like a turd

  80. Good job guys saving a life keep it up

  81. Xx Infinity gamer xX

    I cry’d

  82. i’m just wondering why nobody thought of placing the kitten inside their
    shirt to share their body heat with it. that’s the fastest way i know of
    heating up frozen creatures if they aren’t too big.

  83. Its sooo cuutee!!!

  84. that is so sad

  85. amazing :)

  86. The cat should be called Snowflake or Miracle :)

  87. I not kittening but that cat be chilling

  88. I would call him Frost

  89. Žingsnis į rytojų

    3weeks ago about 8p.m I was going on a bus to my home. It was about -17C,
    still snowing, So when the bus stops to let me out I hear that squeaky
    screaming, I checked bushes I saw a kitten. He was freezing, very skinny
    and his hair was covered in ice. I nearly cried the whole way walking with
    him underneath my coat to home. How can some heartless piece of shit
    monster dump him in that cold night. Well, he is healthy, now. fully
    trained handsome midnight – ninja ginger cat. He lives with us and his name
    is Vince.

  90. Who’s chopping onions


  92. this actually made me tear up considering my cat died 3 years ago: /

  93. Is it bad I cry a lot more seeing videos like this about cats, dogs and
    other animals than I do with similar videos about humans? :’)

  94. Oh yea right. It just so happens that they filmed the whole thing
    professionally. FAKE

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