GoPro Awards: Soaring with Orcas

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Captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipient Andreas Heide, who was joined by a pod of Orcas while riding his Subwing off the coast of Norway.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪



  1. DJi>Karma


  2. Rodrigo's HDTV [GoPro & Travels]

    Amazing! I wanna try this too :)

  3. Did he just fart at 0:36??

  4. lmao at around 1:04 it looks like he farted

  5. Waouh ! Qu’elle belle expérience que de nager avec des orques ???

  6. I’m scrolling through the comments and haven’t seen anyone ask yet. What is
    he riding on? Is this thing motorized?

  7. dude. they were trying to eat you.

  8. Am i really the only one asking for the song? lol

  9. does this guy realise he looks like a seal? the orcas main prey?

  10. I can’t find the Waterstrider song they’re using…

  11. dji mavic advertising on GoPro channel. wtf is this

  12. Underwater bank

  13. Bad enough we take over Lions, Tigers, Bears natural habitat, now we gotta
    take over the seas and oceans? Fvck you Humans hahah j/k I love you Humans

  14. How stupid is this guy. Let me wear a wetsuit that makes me look like their
    favorite food.

  15. Dear comments, an orca has never killed a person in the wild. Love me

  16. I do some pretty cool GoPro videos if you guys wanna check it out :)

  17. He looks way too similar to a seal. That would be terrifying.

  18. this is all good until they mistake him for a seal!!!!!

  19. I hope this guy becomes a Celeb so we can hear about him dieing on the

  20. can’t find the song anywhere

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