GoPro: Grizzly Bear Slap in Alaska

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Naturalist, Brad Josephs, has a close encounter with a Grizzly Bear in Alaska.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪

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  1. Nothing like some good ol’ over stereotyped inserted bear noises to make a
    video more interesting!

  2. WWF smackdown

  3. Bearly any need for that

  4. futebolcapixabatv

    leave the animals alone.

  5. Rubén Vásconez Swett

    Dwitgh Schrute approves this

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  7. Drag the grizzles kings crown

  8. that bear needs a hug!

  9. MyEscapeFromReality

    y u do dis grizzly

  10. 183 salmon dislike the bear

  11. The other bear was like “Dude I’m bored, let’s get outta here”

  12. Animals pick up on frequencies and magnetic fields emitted from electronics
    that would seem completely inanimate and silent to the senses of humans.

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  14. Badass bear 

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  16. At least you weren’t slapped by a land whale

  17. why play that annoying noise?

  18. The music is stupid.

  19. Why is six afraid of seven…?

    Seven is a registered six offender.
    Budum pshhh… O__o

  20. Wild grizzly bear used pimp slap: it’s super affective

  21. Naturalist Brad Josephs has a close encounter with the Grim Reaper will be
    the next lead in you guys use……………..

  22. GoBro

  23. we should eat beat

  24. KEENAI

  25. Watafak u doin griz

  26. davoin ShowerHandle


  27. What if the go pro was a bomb? Silly bear ^_^

  28. I’m guessing that GoPro was just simply unbearable.

  29. Even bears don’t like the fisheye lenses of GoPro cameras

  30. Calling now my friends, we will kill you now. No one can punch gopro.


  32. Thats a cub

  33. Eazy muthaphukkin E

    30 seconds Ad for 50 seconds video, great just great

  34. а потом автора съели.

  35. Uhh, that bear had its mouth closed. Pretty sure Thems are sound effects.

  36. ? you know what you did……………@TJ Noor

  37. Settings?

  38. hey guys I punch stuff this time I punched boobs

  39. Why are you a hero for videotaping Bears ? Are you helping out the Bear
    community in Alaska, or the wildlife in general ?

  40. عيلننبلناخءهبخلخلخخل

  41. BOOM head shot!!!!

  42. My gopro! What the hell is wrong with you teddy bear?

  43. GregoryTheGr8ster

    Since these bears are out of their house, I’ll bet that Goldilox is eating
    their porridge and sleeping in their beds and watching their giant screen
    TV and stuff.

  44. Homie don’t play dat

  45. this is pleasant

  46. Ursaring uses slash…
    It’s super effective

  47. how is this guy so frigging close picks up the camera

  48. bear got scared of the go

  49. wth? this guy just casually picks up the camera while there are two wild
    bears a few metres away? that is more impressive than the slap.

  50. Guys check out my latest video. Got some up close footage of black bears.
    it’s pretty dope.

  51. Ur a ducking loonatic!!!

  52. Well, keep it up there & next time we can have out of focus pics of the
    bear eating you, (dumb ass).

  53. sounds like the bear was playing the music, shame you ruined nice footage
    with that audio.

  54. Hey bear, how about fist bumping the camera next time?

  55. That bear looked like it was up to no good to begin with lol.

  56. what sort of dog is this?

  57. Grizzly wanted to make sure he was recording himself

  58. Egyptian American Patriot

    does anyone else think this bear looks too skinny and a bit malnutrition?

  59. Do more bears

  60. Grizzly having none of that paparazzi shit

  61. Obviously set-up to try and make the GoPro look tough.

  62. I can’t bear this video.

  63. This is how Xbox One players feel like when the Kinect is looking at them!

  64. Far cry 5 looks intense

  65. Why don’t just set up an external mic?
    These fake roars break the magic!

  66. DUDE, how did you get so close to those bears without them getting

  67. It’s an ancester

  68. Guys watch my lastest gopro video and let me know what u think? :)


    Why are bears so weird & sketchy? So hard to predict their next move.

  70. Such a beautiful animal!! Love that big furry-fella!! Get that camera!!!!!

  71. He’s so cute and dumb :D

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    check this channel out(sailing)

    BEAR!!! Reply if you know this freestyle

  74. he thug life grizzly!

  75. Tranquillise it then once it’s asleep you can Fulton recover it

  76. They look so harmless I want to hug it!

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  78. so, the guy was like 10ft away from wild bears?

  79. My GoPro App has stopped working since I upgraded to the Apple iOS 9 on my

  80. 0.30 when you don’t like to be recorded

  81. Wie seit ihr an solche Tier so nah gekommen? Wo ist dieser Ort?

  82. That bear said boy if you dont

  83. It’s a brown bear -_-

  84. skyrim? is that you?

  85. did it say cheese? lol

  86. look at it! its so FREAKIN CUTE!

  87. Arturo Terol García

    Im sure he´s mad because the red dot record light ?

  88. I think I would’ve waited for the bears to leave before getting the
    camera….you insane bastard.

  89. Wooow! This is action!))

  90. tje bear is not real or?

  91. Awesome Indeed !!

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