GoPro: It’s Always Sunny In Walter’s World

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Join this happy dog and his joy for the sea as he takes us for a ride down a Sicilian coastline to finish off with a leaping plunge into the ocean. It’s always sunny in Walter’s world!

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic


  1. My Head is shaking

  2. Тестовый канал

    Блин это круто!Нам бы русского такого…

  3. Loved It 😀 ive see it though loads but really good! :D

  4. It’s like the dog from black ops 2

  5. Where is this place? I wanna live their

  6. I though it was gunna be about breaking bad :c

  7. i thought its a camel… i dont like dogs

  8. Артем Митюшкин


  9. nothing like some good old doggy cam

  10. Watching a dog make his way to water has never been more enjoyable to watch

  11. 180 Dislikes … Who could possibly dislike this video? Such negativity. 

  12. That was cute

  13. Dog’s ears wobble very funny from this camera.

  14. Que coisa mais fofa!

  15. Love this dog and the music. Perfect together!

  16. I don’t know why but I kept smiling when I was watching this video, it just
    makes me happy inside

  17. Strangely enough, this was not shot using their own Fetch mount for dogs.
    I’ve tried to leave an honest review for the $70 item, that GoPro has
    refused to post, even after many back and forth messages with their
    customer support. The fetch produces unwatchable video. The positioning
    of the mount on the dogs shoulders makes it so wobbly, you can’t get any
    decent video. In fact in their own promotional video on their site, they
    use a dog on skateboard to give the illusion of a great shot. I feel I was
    cheated, and even more so that they refuse to post my review.

  18. Actually the video quality is terrible. I do also own 2 Gopros but
    unfortunately the advertising ist way better that their performance.

  19. Too Cool !!!! 

  20. The sound is lol :D

  21. I see now days before he lost his bone in the bathroom and so and ended up
    in the sea through the sewers and so on course to strut to resume xD

  22. Gotta go fast doge lel ))

  23. Oh god what an amazing video

  24. stupendo!!!! hahahaha

  25. Funny!


    jajaja playa playa playa

  27. Walter has a good life!

  28. Oh my god so funny its always Sunny in Philadelphia

  29. Lol he’s flying! 

  30. This is what Go Pro considers doggy style

  31. So cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. That is such a simple and awesome video. You can’t fake happiness and that
    dog has it!

  33. 3 month ago!!!

  34. Parkour dog…

  35. This video made my week

  36. Lynne Carmichael

    I can’t stop smiling at this video! The music adds that extra cheekiness to
    it too! :D

  37. Whenever I take video outside, the sky or sun or even overcast weather
    distorts my overall footage and makes it blurry/grainy. Why is this? I’ve
    even toggled between 1080×30 and 720x60fps

  38. j’ai la méme vidéo presque

  39. Gopro dog 

  40. The water is calling and I must go!

  41. My dog would have wiped out…

  42. the way the doggy jump over the wall tho !!

  43. This video is really amazing! 😀 Makes me want to go jump in the water too!
    😛 Thanks for sharing!

  44. Telefonocolgado Telefonocolgado

    Gotta go fast!

  45. Awesome??????

  46. Greece?

  47. Off the air!!

  48. Does anyone know what this song is called?

  49. Hundetrainer Gruber

    so cool :)

  50. haha so cute

  51. The_Best_Things_Are_Strings_For_The Underworld


  52. Amazing vid

  53. I died laughing. just look at his ears flying around while he’s running :D

  54. jajaja que vuen porro:-)

  55. Need this accessoire!!!!

  56. You maybe wanna take a look at my profile? any tips how I could do it
    better with the videos?

  57. Anyone here from FaZe Rug?

  58. Was this shot using the FETCH attachment?

  59. look at the very end of the video there is a person’s hand in it!!!!

  60. Stephanie Dollerschell

    Does anybody know if they used a gimbal for that vid?

  61. Awesome !

  62. Where’s the version with racecar sounds

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