GoPro: Wild Animal Dental Surgery with Kevin Richardson

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You might not think of a dental procedure as dangerous, but when the operation takes place on lions, leopards and hyenas, the stakes are raised. Watch as, over the course of a week, one of the most ambitious wild animal dental operations takes place on Kevin Richardson’s sanctuary in South Africa.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪



William Ryan Fritch
“Too Little Too Much”

“Holding Pattern”

“In The Grass”


  1. 0:46 “Yeah big boy!” Anyone else thought about the scotty cranmer big boy?


  2. what a fulfilling job

  3. And other people are hunting these animals …

  4. If would be more fitting if they uploaded something with bears with the
    stock dropping lol

  5. Stanislav Stepanenko

    Little kitties, 200 kg, OMG)

  6. Really great video, would have loved to see more of the surgery though but
    definitely do things like this again GoPro!

  7. да супер я плакал когда он лежал

  8. Let’s be honest this guy and these animals are incredible

  9. I felt awful when I saw that worried look on Kevin’s face. Thank god Tau

  10. 0:25 That’s a whole lotta love XD putting those scent glands on ya

  11. 051541451431641621571721571511441234567881234567812345678123678326470547
    Step1: Highlight the numbers
    Step2: Ctrl and F
    Step3: Put 9 in
    Step4: Enjoy :)

  12. Reposting this brilliant heartwarming video. Thank you so much Kevin

  13. at 10:00 you can see he’s not filming with a GoPro in the shadow

  14. KylarFTW - Gaming and more

    That lion could ripped you in half, he was huge!

  15. You scared everyone Great Tau! Phew… Thank God big boy is okay :)

  16. Oh Tau thank god you woke up. Kevin your an incredible person the way you
    look after these gorgeous animals. Keep up the the good work and God bless.

  17. I was really hoping for an in depth video about the dental surgeries but
    instead I got a bunch of self absorbed A-holes talking about themselves and
    how there so great.

  18. ?my heartbroke when he said ‘ it stopped breathing !!!

  19. awesome .. why is it that loins seem way more affectionate and cuddly than
    other big cats?

  20. I wish I could join yall!!?

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