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After a marriage of 63 years together, grandma past away on July 26th 2014 after a short, but intense disease. Grandpa also lost his doggy all within 4months. To give him energy and the courage to continue his life… We gave him this present. A moment filled with emotions!

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  1. Christopher Woodring

    Snoopy and Grandpa are my new heroes, and favourite celebrities. And also,
    I will NEVER admit that I cried.

  2. It was a lovley gift for grand pa I have the same puppy it will give you

  3. That was very sweet of your family to help your grandpa with his lost. I
    hope your grandpa is doing well.

  4. Hey dude, God bless Y’all.

    That was Awesome dude.
    Keep doing that, keep doing the “Love”!

    And keep making videos with Snoopy and your Grandpa!

    Have a good one.

  5. What a wonderful thing to see

  6. Sweet! It’s not only because of the gift – the puppy – but the family’s
    genuine love… .

    “After a marriage of 63 years together…” That’s awesome, Grandpa! Hat’s
    off to you!

  7. Impossible to watch without a tear coming to the eye!

  8. fuck!! onions

  9. I cired

  10. This is so emotional! I need to take time off to sob. 

  11. 天地君亲师

  12. Raiden Protecter of Earthrealm

    I’m not crying I’m just watering my beard.

  13. Raiden Protecter of Earthrealm

    I’m not crying I’m just watering my beard.

  14. Un cane x un anziano é salute!

  15. Beautiful! You brought so much joy into Grandpa’s life by giving him
    precious little Snoopy. He was overwhelmed with emotions when he saw his
    new puppy. So sweet!

  16. Snoopy dog.

  17. Just beautiful my tears came out. 

  18. That was the sweetest thing! I cried! Thank you for such a wonderful
    feeling today :)

  19. This is a wonderful thing you’ve done for your grandpa. If only there were
    more people here in the U.S. that treated the elderly with as much respect
    as other countries. Often times they’re simply forgotten…

  20. I think grandpa needs more than just a puppy

  21. snoopy,.. is a great dog name

  22. My grandparents, who were together 49 years, were also separated for now as
    of May. My grandfather made a huge leap in his life three months later.
    After saying he wanted no more pets, he opened his doors to a Bengal kitten
    named Trucker. I watched Papa and Trucker, and suddenly realized that
    little ball of anger was just what he needed. This reminded me of that.
    Thank you. 

  23. Hoping this little one helps bring about healing and comfort for your
    beloved grandpa! Such a lovely video. I wish I could hug your grandpa! But
    give him one for me anyway, just a viewer who wishes him only happiness. 

  24. Wat een mooie video ?❤️

  25. Aaww I needed tissue for this one. So sweet. 

  26. what a wonderful family. that small gift from you just made that man so
    happy. be proud of yourselves. humanity is alive and well with folks like

  27. Very nice, very, very nice, congratulations for you`re idea. Greeting from

  28. This is very charming I find it very comfortable it gave me happiness,
    thank you family for sharing this heart warming experience with us all.

  29. Omg thats so frikkin sound. Those people are realy nice

  30. I cried. Your grandpa reminds me of my mother’s widower, now alone after a
    50 yr marriage & legally blind, tho he has SOME sight. The addition of 2
    yorkies has given him reason to get up in the morning, to laugh, to keep on
    going, & they give him unconditional love. Ty for sharing your grandpa’s
    happiness with us.

  31. Muito lindo :’)

  32. Hope it was a rescue. 

  33. Zo lief dit :-)

  34. What a beautiful family! Bless your Grandpa. That gorgeous little puppy
    will so love being part of the family x

  35. How cute

  36. This is a very emotional video. Probably is the best i have ever
    seen…..God bless all of you…and many kisses to the grandpa.

  37. So sad and cute!??

  38. So adorable!

  39. Jose Victor Guimaraes

    I cried, and when you said the name of the dog, i cried even more, because
    that is my dog’s name. I felt happy for your granpa. nice familiy you have.

  40. I’m crying right now 

  41. Awww so sweet 

  42. “You’re not alone anymore, Grandpa!”

    The damn onions were gettting me anyway but that sentence truely got me.

    Well done guys, being so good to your family.

  43. Such a sweet video <3

  44. This is AWESOME!!!

  45. I just love this video. You obviously love your grandpa.
    (damn where are those tissues!!)

  46. Dominika Pożarowska

    I cried (I’m not joking) I found this video so beautiful and happy,but also
    sad.I hope you’re all going well (grandpa,puppy,you and the rest of your
    family) :)

  47. This was sad i was crying i would do the same thing if i lost somebody i
    loved and they got something eles to help me keep company ?even when i had
    lost my couisin that looked after me when i was little who died in the army
    i missed her then one day i found out she died ?so ya

  48. Why are there 566 dislikes? This was such a good/heart worming video 

  49. Such a beautiful moment. Much love for him and your family! Xoxx 

  50. What a great thing you did. He looked so happy. 🙂 


  52. I just broke into tears.. wow

  53. uw video is op 9gag tv terecht gekomen :D

  54. Lyke Daryl Basilio

    Step 1: Open Video
    Step 2: Pause Video
    Step 3: Prepare Onion
    Step 4: Play Video while cutting onions

    That is how you hide yo tears!

  55. I bet some people can’t relate to this because they sent their
    parents/grandparents at home for the aged.. Heartless bastards.

    BTW.. You should have given him a full-grown dog because a puppy is high
    maintenance. It will be like a nuisance for your grandpa because it will
    pee and poo everywhere, and such things.

  56. Belgian huh dutch is better.

  57. Long live Snoopy!

  58. we all going to be like that.

    unless if you a stupid swag

  59. One thing, that many peoples forget, this little dog will live 10-15 more
    years… is it really a good idea to give that poor thing an owner for a
    few years? What will happened to this dog when grandpa goes away?

  60. Christopher Tinker

    What a beautiful thing you did for him! This made me cry, your grandpa
    seems like a wonderful man! And I love that you cherish him so much! X

  61. Cried so much holy fuck?

  62. TussenZwolleEnWezep

    wat lief…. heel veel plezier samen

  63. Oh man…I want to give your grandfather a big hug! Congrats on such a
    great gift!!!

  64. Aww this is awesome! Thanks for sharing such a touching video

  65. I’m in tears ;-; This video is amazing

  66. i didn’t want to feel this many feels so early

  67. My mom didn’t sign the permission slip for this feels trip.

  68. Tyrone Pines (Kid Stanley Pines)

    I love videos like this, they put an instant smile on my face

  69. nottooconfused881

    Goddammit. Something is wrong with my eyes. Everything is blurry

  70. God bless him, spend your life wisely old chap.

  71. This is the sweetest video I’ve seen 

  72. I cried like a baby, snoopy will take good care of him! :’D

  73. Oh my goodness, it’s July 26, 2015, and I just randomly decided to click on
    this video… I’m crying watching grandpa’s reaction, this is truly a
    moment of love… I hope your family and grandpa are doing wonderfully!

  74. SO SWEET. He is so happy!! ?

  75. That is soooo sweet ;___:

  76. TOO.

  77. you can tell from the first second that grandpa is a good person

  78. What a loving family. Bless them all.

  79. What breed is that dog? Yorkshire?

  80. Germans have emotions ?

  81. Bro cute but

  82. jennifer lesperance


  83. Just lost my grandmom in july, and then my grandpa (late october) starved
    to death via an aneurysm between his stomach and duodenum as well as
    segments of his small intestines. at 6’6″, he weighed only 126 lbs at
    death. Its a sad world. I wanted to get him a small to medium size dog to
    have that is low maintenance, but we just never got around to it

  84. Awww bless ya grandpa

  85. great family,kiss from italiy ,elis.

  86. Aweosme. looks to be such a nice man . wish him all the best

  87. Brought a tear to my eye.

  88. 585 dislike come from dog eater

  89. When your grandfather started crying. The feels struck hard

  90. I remember my family doing the same thing. My grandfather lost my
    grandmother to cancer. We got him a lab about a month after. That dog had
    brought so much joy and companionship to my grandpa for 10 years. She
    couldn’t prevent him from dementia, but her presence helped delay its
    onset. Sadly, she passed away only two weeks ago, but my grandfather’s
    dementia is so bad that he didn’t even notice her passing, which is really
    a good thing. I don’t know how he could deal with that devastation. Still,
    she was an absolute blessing. I hope it will be the same for your

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