Great Dane puppy at 3:30am Talking

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We own the bagel factory in Birmingham mi and even he knows 3:30 am is to early to wake up!!!


  1. In the future dogs will talk sloppily like Astro “Reariously? I
    am Rikken sreepy dude! Just a rew more minutes”

  2. That pup is ridiculous <3. I want him.

  3. He is just sooooo cute!!!!!!!! <3 Love from Australia

  4. _ thefourelevens _

    Okay Ray Prevo you have over 12 million views! don’t you think we deserve a
    follow up video on Thor? did you get rid of him? Where is he at??

  5. Sounds like me when my wife tries waking me up in the morning. 


  7. Love this video One of my favorite puppy vids. Can’t understand why this
    didn’t go viral Keep watching it over and over. What does Thor look like
    now? Would love to see how big he got.

  8. Id love to come into the Bagel factor and meet this pup ^^

  9. love it!

  10. CatsfullofGrace

    Uhggg I dont wanna get up. Story of my life

  11. I may have been responsible for 11 million of the views. 

  12. Me every morning lol poor pup. I’m a little lost. Why does he need to wake
    up? If it’s about him staying home alone, can’t you have someone look after
    him and let him sleep?

  13. I love this, thank you so much for posting it. He looks so comfy and so
    does the bed! I would like to crawl in there with him and snuggle up to
    him. What a beautiful dog.

  14. Hilarious dog and 583 people can eat dog shit.

  15. Do you still have Thor? 

  16. This video never gets old ?

  17. ❤️✨

  18. I know the feeling, Thor! :)

  19. I didn’t know Danes were talkers?

  20. That is a comfy bed.. I would not want to wake up that early.. Go away

  21. This is totally me if i were a dog! What an adorable lazy pooch!!! <3

  22. That’s the Dane in him! LOL! I had a pure bred Dane and they are SO lazy!
    He’s beautiful smile emoticon We just adopted a Labradane about a month
    ago, she is four months old and looks just like yours. I am in Waterford,
    MI….You didn’t by chance get your Labradane from a woman in North Branch,
    did you?

  23. I am dying!

  24. Your the best dag in the world 

  25. lol he says NO hehehhe

  26. Björn hansen (Red smoke)

    HAHAHAH sweet Dog

  27. me too, thor

  28. 2:05 – “Thats a good boy” (Plops onto the bed again) This made my day and
    it sounds like me when I wake up to go to school XD

  29. see mine videos also at my name martin ackordi if u like ackordions ;)

  30. That’s me in the mornings

  31. she says no LOOL

  32. What a cutie!

  33. He is so cute!

  34. lol Wonder if he still does this at 3-4 years old!

  35. godzilla fan10000000

    1:20 LOL

  36. Itzmissawesome Cool

    This is me when my mum tries to wake me up for school

  37. Poor baby, I know exactly how he feels at this very moment :/


  39. What’s up with the bald spot on his tail and his left front paw? He’s also
    underweight, is he a rescue?



  42. 1:59


  43. “Time to make the bagels!” Great video, thanks!

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  45. I watch this video a lot. LOL I love watching him tell you “No!”

  46. This really never gets old, it’s just so cute!

  47. that made my day!

  48. Dude, that’s how I’d feel if someone woke me at 3:30, too!

  49. How old was he here?

  50. krishnan srinivasan


  51. omg…the cuteness is just too much!!!

  52. Too bad Thor can’t grab his hammer to whack the guy.. LOL!

  53. that puppy knows perfectly well that Daddy isn’t serious yet!

  54. How is Thor now?

  55. Lol that is so me in the morning ?? I’m so dead

  56. Looks like Bill Cosby stopped by

  57. ~ <3 Too cute & precious <3 He got you @ 1:58 then sounded like a clear
    "NO!" to me @ 2:05 lol ~

  58. He is precious!!

  59. Would love to have some good dane with mustard n ketchup on the side!

  60. Hahaaha he is so funny I know how sleepy dogs are mine sleeps for 9 hrs but
    still wants to sleep after breakfast.!!


  62. That’s a good boy…..thump back on the bed hahah

  63. Theme Park Lunatic Fringe

    Thor is hilarious! I showed that video to one of my girlfriends.

  64. Theme Park Lunatic Fringe

    The yawn was my favorite part!

  65. me. every morning.

  66. janeyrevanescence12

    He’s like “Five more minutes, Daddy!”

  67. 2:06 is me every morning before school when mom wakes me up ?

  68. Noooooo, noooooo. This bed is so comfy thooooo – the dog says. hahaa

  69. Oh! Its like our dog Milka. Whats your dogs breed? From Spain!

  70. Hey – he’s a teenager!! Temp him with FOOD! You don’t have to say anything.
    Really. It works!! Scrambled eggs with cheese in a pan toasted tortilla –
    that smell alone will get my kids out of bed at ANY hour of the day or

  71. I’m going to have to side with Thor on this one. 3:30 AM is too early to
    get up for anything. The only people up and around at this hour are the
    criminals and serial killers. “Lets go?” Go where? I have this same problem
    at 6 AM and I’m not a K9.

  72. janeyrevanescence12

    How is Thor doing?

  73. Thor is my kind of dog ☺️ let’s sleep in and cuddle!!

  74. this video was posted 3yrs ago … any update video of big Thor 😀 ?

  75. radiopinkzeppelin2

    he so doesn’t wanna get up he even speaks human at 1:59

  76. How is he these days? Does he get up nowadays or has your routine changed?
    Hope it isn’t a struggle nowadays

  77. Thor is my spirit animal – that’s me every morning ing, except not nearly
    as adorable! <3

  78. KingAdri Youtube Page

    ??? He Got An Said Nahh Five More Minutes

  79. Congratulations, Mark Hamill shared this on his Facebook page. XD

  80. Why so early though?

  81. I want that dog now lol

  82. We have a dog named ️Loki that is a Great Dane Saint Bernard mix that has
    black fur and a white spot on his chest coincidence ?

  83. my dog does this all the time he always puts up a fuss when its time to
    wake up


  85. we recently put our Dane “Thor” to sleep…..boy do we miss him

  86. Absolutely AMAZING !!! What a gorgeous pup.Thankyou for sharing. Sooooo
    funny x

  87. Hahaha….totally me in the morning

  88. You guys need to feed him more. He looks skinny, it’s kinda sad considering
    he has an owner

  89. spongebob swag pants

    It sucks that they only live 7 years

  90. me right now

  91. What a sweet great dane puppy, is Thor the only puppy you have?

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