Great Dane Too Big for Bed

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  1. Poor doggy.

  2. Pika? *(Is it just me, or does that dog look like a cow in disguise?)*

  3. Hardboiled Greninja Xtreme

    that’s a cow

  4. No reddit fedora freaks in the comments section? YAY!

  5. I have this same problems with condoms.

  6. ImportanceOfWhatever


  7. Pussy shit

  8. If it fits it sits, 101 dalmatians version

  9. Le pendeja

  10. Am I the only one that thought the dog was a cow at first

  11. He probably thinks he’s still a lap dog. That’s just wrong, get that poor
    baby a bigger bed.

  12. Cool

  13. Da dog was like -nah dude, fuk outta my face wit dis lil ass bed. Lol

  14. And wtf u think it tastes like? answer- cookies and cream!

  15. In his mind… he fits.

  16. I think he needs a bigger bed…..

  17. the owner is an asshole

  18. abuse lol

  19. The dogs just like deal with it

  20. animal abuse for sure. too broke to buy a bigger bed

  21. XD ?

  22. Too big for bed is right

  23. That’s not a dog, that’s a Velociraptor.

  24. How do we know that isn’t a giant radioactive mutated dog trying to lay
    down on a human king size bed?

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  26. The dog is like “my master is a frickin douche bag trying to make me look
    like a fool trying to sleep in a bed fit for Chihuahuas.”

  27. Isn’t that a Dalmation

  28. What a beautiful dog

  29. Sekis

  30. Sekis

  31. Poor thing! Even as a joke. How could you? You can see it in his eyes, he’s
    thinking” what a cheap bastard” lol

  32. Call 6124992094 her name is T she is a dog abuser who has been reported but
    nothing has been done

  33. Post a video of you riding him. 

  34. He must of had that bed sinse he was a puppy.

  35. Yeah! Big deal! During the Great Depression this guy would be curling up
    on the hard floor!

  36. Jeremiah Blackstock

    He needs a much bigger bed lol

  37. “Am I gonna fit? Am I gonna fit? Am I gonna fit?

  38. I wonder if they trained Clifford the Big Red Dog to go poo poo in the

  39. Tf thts a dalmation

  40. I remember when my Great Dane outgrew her puppy bed. She circled, she
    circled, she circled, she lay down… she got up, she stared, she growled,
    she shredded it to pieces.

    Now she has a couch.

  41. ell get him a bigger bed already

  42. Howard Schumacher

    Lol he’s like plop well I guess this works

  43. This is obviously animal abuse. That dog needs a bed he can fit in. I can’t
    believe his owners are forcing him to sleep on the cold hard floor. Call
    the humane society someone!

  44. This is animal abuse. You bought that dog a red ball when you knew he
    wanted the blue one. Shame on you.

  45. Make your dog a new bed for God sake!) (And click on my channel, if you
    have some free time to loose)

  46. Before I enter the comment section which is probably full of animal abuse
    charges and random racism, tell the world I died fighting for my opinions.

  47. I want to eat that dog. It looks like a coe so I will eat it on burger.
    Don’t worry I’m not asian so don’t throw dirt at me. 

  48. Go check out my latest video please btw hilarious and adorable video

  49. That dog is in denial! Lol

  50. /:)1)

  51. Michelle Valerin (Mvalerin1)

    haha so cute!

  52. Heidi Anne Morris

    Awwwwr what a sweetheart ♥ 🙂


  53. Great Dane and Dalmatian mix?

  54. ….Ok, after hours of crying myself an indoor swimming pool in my living
    room, I think I have composed myself enough to type this message to the
    absolute SAVAGE that recorded this pet terrorism.

    As a dog owner/lover myself, I found this video VERY disturbing. How can
    you possibly justify such blatant animal cruelty? You have an OBVIOUSLY big
    dog, of this I’m certain because he is not small. So what on earth would
    compell you to purchase such a small bed? YOU are the animal in this

    What was the encore to your perverted, sadistic, cruel torture of this
    benevolent canine? Did you buy it cat food to eat? Did you buy it chocolate
    coated chocolate balls for treats? Did you secure it a title match against
    one of Michael Vick’s champion dogs?

    I hope you piss yourself awake this morning. And on the way to the bathroom
    to clean yourself up, you have explosive diarrhea all over your hopefully
    tile floor. Then once you reach the bathroom you successfully clean up.
    When you head back to your bedroom to get ready for your day you then slip
    on the diarrhea from earlier and crash down to the floor so hard you are
    knocked unconscious.

    Then the dog comes to check on you and pisses in your mouth and goes to lay
    down in your bed.


  55. Another potential amazing video ruined by vertical filming syndrome

  56. So cute and funny

  57. Give that dog a cookie!

  58. damn,son

  59. Awwwwwww

  60. Animal cruelty. How would you like it if someone gave you a dinky bed to
    sleep on?

  61. Your sick!! Your abusing that poor animal you should be in jail!!

  62. Yeah , too big for that bed haahaha

  63. Cute video : D – Reminds me of Marma Duke

  64. Aw poor guy!

  65. and hey if anyone here likes guinea pigs than check out StarCavy’s channel!
    She is my friend and would love some supporters! 

  66. Nuillistar chouuks

    Btw, my dog is little but have a giant bed :’D

  67. poor guy <3

  68. That’s not a dog bed……… It’s an egg cosy…

  69. The dog is very kind.

  70. Keep spinning and you will fit! Im guessing the cat or small dog is hogging
    the XL bed.

  71. “I think I need a bigger bed”

  72. Sit victor Borge

  73. What are you talking about? I still fit perfectly! Just look

  74. ITS A COW!

  75. So what I’ve seen this before

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