Grey Wolf Chases Family in Car

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Occurred on September 8, 2017 / British Columbia, Canada

“My family, my dad, and in-laws were driving around Radium Hot Springs. It was a hazy morning because of all the wildfires that have happening in the province. My husband then slowed down and saw a grey wolf beside the road. He alerted us, and because I am always fascinated with nature and wild animals we meet along our trips, I got my phone and started recording. I was sitting at the very back of the van when I saw him running beside the road and when I turned to look at the back that is when I noticed him chasing after the car. He was running so fast and he had his eyes only on us because there were other cars on the opposite direction. He chased us for a good couple of kilometers and an amazing experience. I was keen on reporting or calling parks Canada cause we were afraid that the wolf might get hit my another moving vehicle but there were no service in the area.”


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  1. At :30 he looks before he crosses

  2. Hedwig :v the Badass bird

    He wants food. He is very skinny.

  3. My guess is that isn’t a wild wolf, but someone’s pet that someone lost or released back in the wild…I had a friend with a dog that looked almost exactly like that…1/2 or 3/4 wolf mixed with Husky I think it was…wild animals don’t act like this.

  4. Robitussin Ethanol

    So rude !! Slow down and pet him atleast he’s a friendly wolf. Dickheads

  5. That more like a husky then a wolf

  6. what vid doesnt show is people feeding it first. and its not chasing you randomly, its because you stopped and fed it. then drive away just slow enough taunting it for it to be able to chase you… even the truck driver honked at the video makers like wtf you doing.

  7. they started filming after they threw their pet husky out the car.

  8. It is not a wolf, it is a domestic Husky. Hopefully his owners find him…terrible sad.

  9. It looks like a dog /wolf cross was looking for help (i had a dog part wolf/shepherd) very similiar. I hope someone helped get this beauty to safety

  10. It’s a dog. And looks lost, that’s shitty that he’s asking for help from them and they’re driving away.

  11. It’d be pretty messed up if that was their dog and they were using it just to make a viral video.

  12. That’s a dog….geesus!!!!

  13. They are taunting that poor animal.

  14. The way these guys slowed down and drove away whenever the husky/wolf got close really pissed me off. Idk why but this video pissed me off.

  15. This was a dog that was missing in the area. How tragic that these people did not have enough sense to know that this is a dog looking for help. (since when have wolves, bears, moose ever chased vehicles down a road) Now really 🙁 I hope someone has helped this beauty to safety

  16. heartbreaking, someone either lost this dog or dumped him.  He is so wanting to be rescued.

  17. That is a pet dog not a wolf people! Help find the owners instead please

  18. That is definitely not a wolf

  19. Why the heck didn’t you stop?! You really think it’s a wild animal? He’s probably wondering why he got left out there and will someone take him home! 😓 I’m betting he’s a wolfdog, domestic, and escaped or dumped. Wild wolves are much more shy, they wouldn’t give chase.I would for sure have stopped and cautiously attempted to figure out how friendly he was, and based on that potentially give him a home.


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