Grizzly Bear rolling down a hill at Denali National Park.

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  1. You see me Rollin they lovin

  2. *green hill music plays*

  3. TheMusketITuckedIt

    I could see this all day. Also we need an extended version of this, or
    upload the full recordings. Damnit I need more!

  4. LaDonna McClanahan

    I thank the bear was trying to twerk
    🙂 hahalilol

  5. LaDonna McClanahan

    I thank the bear was trying to twerk
    🙂 hahalilol

  6. The kapitl t (MNars)

    I won’t lie I thought I was going to watch a big ass bear fly down a
    mountain at the speed of a fighter jet.

  7. On my way to steal your girl like

  8. This is sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Unbeknownst to Yogi that day, there were Pot brownies in that pick-a-nik

  10. When I’m bored.

  11. i’ve ate the wrong mushrooms too pal

  12. Looks like he’s having a bear-y good time!!!!

  13. Maybe he is trying t o get rid of an itch. Usually, bears will rub up
    against a tree to scratch, but the are no trees here. So, ya gotta do,
    what ya gotta do!! LOL

  14. Yes, keep laughing while the bear makes his way closer….

  15. Nice footage, except for the camera shaking, jerking, zooming out and then
    back again. Bears can be very playful. For that matter most animals can.
    People don’t give them enough credit.

  16. Bears just want to have fun…

  17. Where’s that Dentist? Shoot!!!

  18. +line:1414ty

  19. They see me rollin
    They hating.

  20. Someone set it to light hearted music to drown out the dumb tourist
    commentary please.

  21. wow. animal cruelty

  22. I was expecting the bear to say What Are Those

  23. wheeeeeee!!

  24. He had one too many “Bears”!

  25. Guess who found the marijuana patch

  26. They see me rollin’ they hatin’

  27. that was bearry entertaining. he couldve been acting that way due to the
    effects of some bearries

  28. Animals are better than us!

  29. Blacks live masters!

  30. This is amenal cruilty how culd u guys laff at this. the hill is abusing
    this poor aminel wtf man.

  31. I can’t bear this, too good!

  32. BEARell roll

  33. The bloomen thing has lice or the likes,its just having a “scratch”

  34. The bear is under the influence of pot…now that it’s legal in that state.

  35. PRECIOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. It’s a cub, an older one. Probably a year old male, old enough to be
    weaned. Young enough to still be playful.

  37. the bear is almost dead there a diassie that kills bear which idk what it
    called but it does

  38. Boglárka Hegymegi (ɮσɡɨ)

    2015= wow a bear *~* ?

  39. ah, it’s not that funny, a little bit cute

  40. isn’t it weird how this cute bear video comes out and then Obama renames
    the mountain?
    cecil the lion (few had heard of) got killed while cecile the lyin’
    richards continues to kill


  42. and then he ate them all, the end.


  44. Weers panda and ice bear?!?!

  45. I’m going to buy a huge amount of land with lots of hills, make it a nature
    reserve, and put all the bears I can find there.

  46. ‫יואב דנינו‬‎


  47. They see me rollin’… They hatin’…

  48. Do a barrel roll.

  49. I had the time of my live xD

  50. Silly bear

  51. did anyone else masturbate to this?

  52. That bear’s been eating some plants covered in ergot. He’s high as shit.

  53. this bear has made this man that uploaded this video a gotdamn millionaire

  54. Hey man if u didn’t know u pose to get 10 cents per view..and advertising
    dollars and streaming costs.u are now a millionaire my friend.if u know how
    2 get it.

  55. Hahahaha it’s too funny! It’s unbearable! It’s pelting down the hill! I
    hope it doesn’t get hurt, what a paw animal! This would be a good dance
    move to do at the cub! It stopped, is it sad now, is it bipolar? *drops mic
    and walks out*

  56. in before they realize; the bear was actually uncontrollably rolling down
    hill, screaming for help and stopping every so often for a quick draft of

  57. That’s beary cute

  58. They see me rollin, they hatin..

  59. Too lazy to walk ?

  60. in humans eyes:it’s so majestic
    for the bear:blablabababsmdlsbabsbabsbabsbzbbdbrbbrbbaba ababb

  61. They see me rolling they laughing.

  62. In the end, they were all eaten.

  63. Rose “Roselene Agatha Victoria” W.

    The most funny are the people who are recording this xD And bear is cute.

  64. Who doesn’t love rolling down a hill when we were kids?

  65. At 1:15, it sounds like Grace Helbig.

  66. Puts a totally new spin on the term barrel roll. Hehehe.

  67. It likes the attention

  68. Is that Kristen and Cory from DudeLikeHella?

  69. +erikabody

  70. Poor Guys looking for Boo Boo

  71. There’s a fire starting in my heart~

  72. this is freaking unbearable

  73. so sweeet?

  74. Come on Guys =(

  75. There was awkward silence after everybody realise that he was trying to
    suck his own dick.

  76. You monster that bear is rolling down the hill because hes suffering from
    bear dizziness disease its very serious and you shud be sham4d

  77. Do the Bear,rel roll

  78. “Alright guys, this video is gonna show the people what bears are all

  79. MrSistermaryelephant

    Betcha this brings in WAY more money than letting a psychopath shoot this
    bear just so he can have a nifty photo to show all his simian friends.
    Besides, what great skill does it take to shoot a bear playing in the

  80. Smokey Bear did say, “Stop, drop, and roll”

  81. Joy is joy.. it doesn’t matter what species you are!

  82. Awwwwww sooooooo cute

  83. This was all before things took a turn for the tragic, when the bear insane
    from all the rolling while trying to get a splinter out of its paw, and
    confused then embarrassed by all the laughter at his expense, ran down the
    hill and mauled everyone he could catch until people started to apologize,
    at which point the bear threw up his paws dismissively and sauntered off.
    Don’t Laugh At Bears! they just don’t get people humor…

  84. Smoke weed evri de! dadada takaweeeee…

  85. Whos here from jessii vee’s attacked at ballet class? i am c:

  86. because I’m HAPPY

  87. “Roll, roll for your lives!”

  88. Do a BEARrel roll!

  89. I used to do this as a kid. You’ve never itched worse.

  90. that’s ralph,practicing how to roll, and play dead. ,if you’re shot at by a

  91. Dominus Icarus (Icarus90)

    They see bear rollin’, they hatin’.

  92. must have ate some wild shrooms

  93. you see me rolling

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