Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever | Lifetime

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Official trailer of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Watch the movie Saturday, November 29th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

In “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever,” Grumpy Cat is a lonely cat living in a mall pet shop. Because she always gets passed over and never gets chosen by customers, this kitty develops a sour outlook on life until…one day during the holidays, a very special 12-year-old girl named Chyrstal enters the pet store and falls in love with Grumpy Cat.

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  1. Blackout Lighting

    Jingles bells Freddy smells Chica lead a egg Bonnie lost his and the night
    gurad gone away

  2. Kerri P. (OneCraftyLady)

    I’ve watched this movie, as an adult who used to be a child who LOVED
    movies with talking animals in them I couldn’t not watch this movie. This
    movie is actually quite good and I would seriously recommend it as a good
    family movie or a good fun movie for your kids next time christmas rolls
    around. If you actually watch the movie it makes fun of itself several
    times and jokes about how it’s a lifetime movie. I found myself laughing
    several times, it’s a decent movie that will entertain your kids, has a
    decent message, and has jokes in it for the parents that aren’t raunchy.
    Overused meme? Maybe. Decent movie? Yup!

  3. Grunpy cat hates he’s life

  4. They should have learned from The Fred Movie…

  5. Hey that’s the girl from Mama.

  6. Sarah Crespo-Liu

    I’m surprised at the number of dislikes, really. The movie looks pretty
    cute to me, and Aubrey Plaza’s humour is generally great.

  7. Joan rivers would have done a great voiceover for grumpy…

  8. i love this movie that cat is really cute!

  9. i love this move

  10. Seirously? That gave GC a voice? Talk about a Movie bomb!

  11. This looks like a horrible movie

  12. michael pichardo

    Worst Christmas Effur hahahahah

  13. I wonder how much money they would’ve saved if they didn’t make this movie.
    Oh wait- zer0.

  14. keldred the dark flame

    the only good in this movie is the part when grumpy use that nurf canon on
    those people

  15. xXx_billy _xXx (Debbie Brown)

    Looks like a shitty Disney Channel movie

  16. Short Animations

    I watch the full movie and I liked it.

  17. Cats rule the world

  18. Cant wait for rare Pepe the movie.

  19. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!111

  20. This looks terrible, poor Grumpy Cat.

  21. This is the most cancerous movie I have ever came across.

  22. more like Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Movie Ever

    damn effects with the mouth tho.

  23. Don’t expect this movie to be the next “It’s a wonderful life”. Just turn
    off your brain and enjoy.

  24. OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)

    Why does everyone hate this movie? I saw so many hate comments…

  25. Obailiss Starline

    I actually think if it wasn’t grumpy cat who had that voice the actual
    voice wouldn’t be that bad but on grumpy cat!

  26. How did anyone think this was a good idea…

  27. Is it put on disc?

  28. Yawn boring

  29. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  30. Screw you stan lee

  31. LIES ABOUT WHAT kayla SAID!!!!!

  32. hey grumpy cat want some pudding I can put it in your mouth so I can chew

  33. I love the end part were she’s singing jingle bells cause of her face and
    how she’s sing it. XD I love it!

  34. gingle bels christmas smells XD

  35. Svenbjorn Ragnarith

    When are we getting a dank Pepe movie?

  36. Kitty so pretty! :D

  37. i swear she was eighting!

    This movie sucked and so did Aubrey plaza if ya know what I mean!

  38. God this looks bad but damnit that cat cute!

  39. Layla The Hedgehog

    I love this movie! I love you Grumpy Cat!!!

  40. It’s like if Garfield was a girl.

  41. Garfield is Another Grumpy Cat….Just Noticed…..After being a fan for 9
    years….Jk I knew but ….ehh

  42. I’m not sure if this cat is grumpy or not but I’m quiet sure that the
    people who run after that stupid “grumpy cat” merchandising are such
    trotting stupid sheep

  43. Just watching for Aubrey Plaza

  44. *Next up, Dogeventure.*

  45. Hollywood; ruining things we love.

  46. Anna and Amelia Kirkland


  47. This movie was drawn out but funny, everyone who hates this film has either
    never watched it or hates it ironically.

  48. Give grumpy cat back to marvel…….I’ll let myself out.

  49. I want a sequel so bad

  50. Imliterally donewiththis

    …I’m so excited

  51. Does this mean we’ll get a Troll Face movie?

  52. Marvelous Moostache Man

    So are they gonna make a movie out of the Hitler parodies now? Oh…..

  53. the voice actor for grumpy cat is as shitty as the concept for this movie

  54. Only good thing about this is aubrey plaza

  55. i would like it if the cat had a male voice actor and not a female voice
    actor, it really ruined the movie for me!

  56. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Bottom of The Barrel

  57. Worst movie ever!!!

  58. Worst Christmas Ever?
    Burt Macklin is on the case

  59. Grumpy kitty got a grumpy face, but it is actually quite cute!!! =D

  60. What was it again? Grumpy Cat’s Worst movie Ever?

  61. “cat”-KILL MEEEH

  62. Christmas smells lol

  63. I ♥ this

  64. normies

  65. That was the most awkward thing I have ever seen… O-O

  66. Who else do the grumpy cat face when watching this?

  67. 0:26 replace the ‘w’ in witch with a ‘b’, suddenly this movie is the most
    realistic and greatest movie of all time

  68. 0:26 replace the ‘w’ in witch with a ‘b’, suddenly this movie is the most
    realistic and greatest movie of all time

  69. So whens the new lamborghini movie featuring a lamborghini and his
    lamborghinis coming out? He talks about lamborghinis, and his lamborghinis
    are voiced by people who own lamborghinis, the movie is sponsored by
    lamborghini so that more lamborghinis can be sold, increasing the
    production of lamborghinis to drive up here in the hollywood hills. But you
    know what i like more that materialstic things? Knowledge. Which is i
    purchesd over one thousand lambhorginis in the hollywood hills…

  70. cooljunkproductions

    Ugh this makes me want to die

  71. christopher wilkins


  72. who is the dumbass that greenlit a movie based on an internet meme? jesus

  73. the voice for grumpy cat is SO wrong. at first i thought it was the girl
    talking both times but then i realized it was just awful casting. not that
    the voice actor is not a good actor but come on, that’s not what grumpy cat
    sounds like…

  74. that cat smells bad i can tell

  75. Why is everyone disliking this video?? I don’t get it!

  76. is that the child actress from Narnia?

  77. Lifetime
    Television for Idiots

  78. If this weren’t on an official YouTube channel, I’d think it was a *poorly
    made joke video.*
    Ah, who am I kidding? That’s exactly what it is. This is Lifetime we’re
    talking about.

  79. Tana The Tasmanian Tiger

    My favourite part was “Jingle bells Christmas smells”

  80. I am not from America and i really dont understand why so many dislike for
    this movie but if you just enjoy the movie himself and forgot that it was
    created by Liftime you will see that is not such a bad movie , is actualy
    pretty funny 😀 and merry christmas everyone ! :D

  81. she deserves a better and mean voice

  82. At least it isn’t Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  83. How is that a freaking taking cat

  84. Lol i meant yalking

  85. I know the cats female but it would be much better if the voice was male…

  86. Not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed this movie. It knew exactly what it was,
    and ran with it (the fact that it lampooned some of Lifetime’s standard
    movie tropes helped). Yeah, it was dumb and silly, but I thought it was

  87. what, they made a film of grumpy cat??? IS THIS AN ACTUAL MOVIE?

  88. It could’ve been good if they got better actors. The girl especially.

  89. 524,155 liker?

  90. This trailer makes me want to shoot myself in the head.

  91. A man`s voice would have been much better. :D

  92. Don’t let your memes be movies

  93. Grumpy cat is a very awesome and cute cat, why torture the cat in such a
    dark.. Horrible movie?

  94. Where’s Garfield in all this? ?



  96. I love that cat

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