Guy dresses up as dog’s favorite toy ORIGINAL

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Jolene meets her favorite toy come to life.
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  1. you should stuff the suit with like cotton or plastic bags and let him keep

  2. that why dogs are better than cats

  3. Stephanie Sartorius

    This is so CUTE!!!!

  4. Me when my mom brings home groceries



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  8. My 2 year old daughter once said “Gumby”. I didn’t what was it, therefore I
    googled for it and found out it was a 1950s cartoon character. Maybe she
    was making up a name. I drew Gumby and showed it to her. She asked me what
    was it. I said: “It’s Gumby”. She was very happy and time to time asked me
    to draw it. We also made up two characters called “Munchy” and “Emo”. I
    believe she would like to see someone with that costume.

  9. *The dog just recognized the smell of its owner.*

    And yes I’m fun at parties.

  10. I’m just here to get some likes for no reason…. :V

  11. Someone say that dog doesnt wanna mate…..

  12. Nah. The dog is just trolling its owners. Surely with a dog’s awesome sense
    of smell, it knew all along who the full grown human in that costume was.
    Still world class acting skills by the dog though!

  13. i love how nonchalant the guy is when hes walking in

  14. A big version of your favorite toy that smells like your owner is every
    dog’s dream. And mine.

  15. OK now back to what’s important…. the election!!!
    make sure you go and vote.

  16. If I hit 900 subs within the next week I’ll eat an entire pumpkin with the
    skin on it. Mark my words.

  17. james? is that you?

  18. I bet this will get lost in the comments but if I hit 1000 subs by tonight
    Ill eat an entire pumpkin with the skin and make a video of me doing it.

  19. I’m sending this to everyone I onow

  20. If ya’ll get me to 900 subs by tonight I’ll eat an ENTIRE PUMPKIN mark my
    words lmao

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