Hairless Wallaby Joey sees the world for the first time!

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This Wallaby Joey from Sydney’s Symbio Wildlife Park was captured taking its first glimpses of the world outside of its Mothers pouch and it is the cutest ever!



    hello from russia

  2. Is he just hairless because he’s a baby or something else ? Sweet little face

  3. More Koala videos please 😉

  4. Well, hello there, Sweet Little Baby! 🙂 Welcome to the World! And now it will be a better place thanks to YOU. 😉

  5. Maria elena diduszyn

    So nice

  6. SO CUTE!!!!! ^)

  7. Very nice !!! And very cute !!! ❤❤❤ More red panda videos please

  8. Only thing i can think of is a chest burster

  9. Melanie casado perceval

    Bonsoir trop belle vidéo j’adore trop.☺💖😁👍❤💖 c’est tellement trop mignon.

    Gros bisous ☺💖👍😘

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