Hairstyle Dog: Fashionable Pooch Becomes Instagram Sensation

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SPORTING everything from plaits to flower crowns and messy buns, this Japanese dog’s hairstyles put the average It Girl to shame. Kuma, a Shih Tzu and Pekingese cross, has racked up more than 18,500 followers on her Instagram page which showcases her luscious locks. Owner Yuki said: “I do Kuma’s hair on my own, it’s an original style. I get inspiration for the hairstyles from the internet. “I originally saw a picture of a western model and I liked her hair so I just copied the style.” Yuki’s Instagram account is completely dedicated to her furry friend – and the pup is an absolute natural in front of the camera.

Videographer / Director: Damon Coulter
Producer: Crystal Chung, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips, Sonia Estal

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  1. first comment, that’s a cute dog

  2. Animal cruelty

  3. P “Fluffy” The Cat

    this dog looks better than alot of people

  4. That awkward moment when a dog’s hair is better than yours!

  5. that’s one of the ugliest/dumbest looking dogs I’ve ever seen

  6. Poor dog.

  7. awwww

  8. This dog has better hair than me

  9. Where are the animal rights protesters

  10. I speak dog language… and I can tell the dog hates being dressed up…

  11. What a cutie!!!!

  12. I wish the pictures at the end didn’t change so quickly. I hate having to
    rewind and pause. this dog is so cute. looks like a stuffed animal. she
    should start a YouTube channel. featuring him playing with toys and just
    being adorable. she would get so many views.

  13. Dog: “kill me please”

  14. Too cute

  15. yum ready to eat

  16. That dog looks tasty.

  17. This dog is so KAWAII!!

  18. Is this animal cruelty? I can’t decide so I want to see what you guys

  19. but we’re are her ears

  20. Barcroft; a youtube channel where you can learn about extremely rare,
    diseases people have, and uh, look popular doggies

  21. This dog has better hair than me!??

  22. my dog ​​deserves that bitch

  23. The freaking dog has better hair than me

  24. that asian chick needs to get laid fast lol

  25. omg so cute my ig is @kumma_nerd

  26. sweetttt

  27. Cute but it’s tongue is always sticking out

  28. So, this dog’s a Bitch? lol

  29. I think it’s ugly.

  30. que hermoso jum

  31. That awkward moment when a dog has better hair than you…

  32. My grandma’s cat is named kuma

  33. mos of the people will be Dissagree for the make up…
    But the little dog looks happy and have a great life 😀 the owner take much
    care of it

  34. Sparkle Sohag (Golam Sarowar)

    Ha,ha,ha… LOL

  35. Awesomeleigh McGeek

    What was that ending tho?! 0-o

  36. ooow pobre ajjaja

  37. What a cute.

  38. I’m going to follow them after this video.the dog is sooooooo
    cute??❤️❤️.i love the hair style she does <3 <3❤️❤️❤️???

  39. Nice video

  40. love the dog do

  41. Not sure why you would even want to do this with a dog…if I had a dog I
    would just want to play fetch and run about with it having fun.

  42. Sophia Suerte Felipe

    Who else followed KUMA afterwards? Well i do :3

  43. ? cool

  44. Okay reminder it’s a dog not a barbie

  45. Dat tongue

  46. maybe the dog wants to go bald…nobody cares what the dog wants lol

  47. It’s so cute aaaaaaaaaaaa

  48. cuuuuuute??????❤❤❤

  49. Girly Gamer BW-MSP

    Feel sorry for that dog they are pets not styling heads

  50. poor lil dog this is torture no dog should have to dress up or get there
    hair done. buy a barbie if u want someone to play dress up with

  51. poor thing is just a fashion accessory.

  52. Nice

  53. i hope PETA sees this..

  54. That’s bad you can’t tie a dogs ears up

  55. Not Jeff the Killer

    Poor dog man

  56. i love *(I G R O C K E T D O T C O M)* it’s best site for real likes
    followers on instagram…

  57. that dog is so cute and that girl who was styling that dogs hair was doing
    so good .

  58. All this comments saying that this is abuse and torture, what the hell? she
    is only grooming him and doing hairstyles. How can u think that this is
    animal abuse? I really dont understand why.

  59. my dogs name is oso mean bear in Spanish

  60. Hey, at least the dog doesn’t cry or run away! U DONNO if it hates being
    dressed up or naw!

  61. Cute! :‘)

  62. 1:18 when someone offers me food

  63. why does Japanese people want be like westerns so bad… DANG. love
    yourself and your own features.

  64. The feeling when a dog is prettier than i am

  65. :))))))

  66. dogs shouldn’t be treated like this :(

  67. Jasmin Sue Rushton

    at 1:05 she looks so CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. What’s the dog’s instagram account called? ?

  69. Claudia Castrillon

    ppl saying Kuma is ugly .

    Are they blind?

  70. Very cute. The dog actually seems fine with getting different hairstyles

  71. what a load of shit

  72. That pooch has better hair and style than I do!!! Now that’s sad

  73. is such a thing as dog hair extensions? my dog is interested

  74. looks nice. hungry high ! !!!

  75. This dog has a better style than I do…

  76. Amsterz B (Amsterz14)

    It so ugly………

  77. teacup puppies Pando

    Cute but páinful for the puppy

  78. Awwww

  79. This dog is better looking that me.

  80. I feel sorry but also amazed for this dog, btw where were it’s ears?

  81. That Dog’s owner only wants to be famous. Poor dog

  82. so cute


  84. The dog looks so cute I wish I could do that dog my dog my dog doesn’t
    match with kuma

  85. the owner and the dog are both beautiful

  86. I have a Shitzu to

  87. The dog looks happy enough.

  88. Ain't Nobody Got For That

    Awesome! <3

  89. Guys… this is not “abusive” in ANY way. Its just hairstyling! I bet she
    loves it.

  90. My hair looks like a Monday morning compared to this dog ?

  91. dogs aren’t supposed to be like that they are supposed to be running free
    and getting dirty. Not dressed in prissy stupid closes! Like this comment
    off you agree

  92. I wish my dog had long hair

  93. Hanaa ali the dog’s hair is better than mine your rigth btw

  94. this is fucking awful

  95. Where’s her ears?

  96. Let the damn dog be a dog . Have a baby and if it’s a girl , Dress her up
    and do her hair . DAMN!!

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