Hamster Has Epic Fail on Running Wheel

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  1. Thank you for uploading it. I was looking for it and the girl that uploaded this video first put her account on private. It’s just so damn funny

  2. Way to get back up and going on that wheel though, little guy! Way to go!

  3. Hang in there buddy

  4. lol he just got fucked up

  5. Oh no…. the entire time watching this poor fella go through his very regretful decision I was just laughing and thinking, “Oh… no. I shouldn’t laugh but its fucking hilarious.”

  6. Poor Hamster… 🙁

  7. A++++ content

  8. Omg the poor thing 😧😧

  9. This is the content that I use YouTube for.

  10. I thought the hamster was going to get decapitated by the wheel

  11. It’s like something you watch in cartoons but in real life xD

  12. WhiteWomen LoveBlackMen

    he tried to play it off lmao

  13. This thumbnail has an impossible Mushroom Island.

    +1 for not filming upright.

  14. Ahhh, this is so refreshing to see on the trending page. No drama, no trailers, just a classic animal video.

  15. The stuck one was like stop running dumbass 😂😂

  16. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the hamster on the left is sitting in the food bowl… 0 fucks given.

  17. awh i feel bad 😩, but then it went straight back on the wheel running like it never happened 😂😂

  18. *patiently waits for PETA and the vegans to attack*

  19. You people might think this is really funny but I didn’t see that poor hamster laughing.

  20. Any black guys for kinky phone?

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