Hangriest Kitten EVER

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Fizz the foster kitten expresses his need for snacks in a very loud way.

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  1. I found a kitten out side it’s mom left her , she does the same thing but not for food she can not be left alone not even for a minute.

  2. i take off my adblock for you. <3

  3. should’ve put that kitten in a bag and toss it in the river like a normal person

  4. that sounds like my cat 24/ 7. and she’s 2 yrs old.

  5. Some idiot will comment here that you’re being cruel by starving them in 3…2…

  6. Lol, Fizz sounds like my 3 yr old boy demanding gushy fudz. He starts demanding around 2 hrs before serving breakfast, and dinner. Squeaky knows what time it is to eat and waits until it is time to feed them. Da boy is spoilt

  7. He has issues he needs to work out with himself.

  8. Fizz crying so “angrily” when confronted with food and water bowls, and refusing to eat looks more like pain and a possible health issue to me. You had, I’m sure, checked to be sure there was no reason he might be in pain?

  9. wee kitten only wanted it’s hooman mummy to hand feed him lol cute Lil thing …

  10. Fizz is the babiest kitten ever-I love him

  11. me when i dont get what i want 😂😂😂😍💯

  12. That Meowing sounds like Me when Bingo and Rolly wake me up.

  13. Cmon! One more thousand! Were gonna make it!

  14. He is THE CUTEST. I can’t even deal <3

  15. It’s funny- we have a grown cat that doesn’t like to eat out of a bowl. She does not like to put her head in a bowl. So, I went out to Pier 1 and got a set of 12 human snack plates that are very flat and she eats happily off of those. What we do for our babies.

  16. High Altitude Observer

    Is going to be a singer 🙂

  17. So cute! My cat was very alarmed by the noise though :p

  18. Where did you get this footage of me?!

  19. Why not but his food on a tiny plate rather than a bowl? Maybe that’s why he’s dunking his face in there! Or!! He’s just a pampered prince alien 😛

  20. He wants A5 beef and orange juice

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