HAPPY DOGS & CAT in AUSTRALIA – Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” song

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Lot’s of dogs playing at the beach. Special appearance from “DIDGA” aka ‘Worlds BEST Skateboarding Cat’.

I pick up the dogs (usually between 8-12 dogs), take them to dog beaches or other dog friendly places, let them play together, while continuing to practice the training they’ve learned. I’ll rinse off any sand, trim their nails (if needed), then take them home. 2 1/2 year old Didga, aka ‘Worlds Best Skateboarding Cat’, who I adopted from the shelter at 13 weeks old has been joining us on the outings her whole life. Especially being a part of the group photos or videos I make. A GoPro camera was used for all the shots for this “Happy” video.

When I’m not on the group outings, Didga still joins me everywhere and loves riding in the car, at times she is very “dog like” sticking her head out the car window as we drive down the road, riding on my stand-up paddle board or enjoying a little swim. Most cats don’t like being in water, BUT when she was young she didn’t react too negatively to water, so I took on a HUGE challenge of ‘desensitising’ her even more to the water. FYI – It was several months of patience and dedication to achieve what you see in the video. I’m a professional animal trainer so PLEASE don’t try getting your cat to swim at home.

Thanks for the Likes, comments (I read them), shares and SUBSCRIBING. Check out my other videos, (6+ million views) I’m just getting started, so more videos on the way.

Thanks, Robert And Didga

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Filmed mostly at Currumbin Dog Beach

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  1. Better than cool. I know what to do to start my day. Watch this vid.
    Good show.

  2. this made me cry happy tears…

  3. Amazing :)

  4. A bunch of lovely dogs- but Didga rules! Amazing cat! Love this video!

  5. Musen som aldrig fick säga något YOLO


  6. Every time I need a smile I play your video …Excellent!

  7. Hector Ramos Videla

    I love this video!

  8. Luna Camila Gerez Heredia

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  9. it was awesome it Made me feel so happy Thanks a lot For share it

  10. Hiyaaaa! Have you tried – Carkerakita Hound Master (should be on google
    have a look)? Ive heard some awesome things about it from my BF who got
    excellent training results with their puppy.

  11. Me encanta este video !!!!!! <3

  12. This my perfect day i love this video 

  13. Happy Happy Happy 

  14. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. 1435 miserable people :/

  17. How DID that cat learn to dog?

  18. I love this guy’s spirit!

  19. I think this could be my all time favorite video…..IT MAKES ME HAPPY!! I
    guess CATS can be ‘PACK-LEADERS’ too! Woof & mee00ow!

  20. Hoy fallecio mi pequeña gatita, mi único consuelo es que tuvo una vida
    feliz y tranquila, en el cielo de los gatos me esperara, saludos a todos
    los dueños de gatos y del animalito que sea, las buenas personas se
    reconocen X la forma en que tratan a sus hermanitos menores.


  22. LOVE this video! <3

  23. You raised them well.

  24. Very good!!!

  25. HAPPY!!!!

  26. That song is perfect for the video!! I put a small section of that on my
    voicemail so I can hear it and if someone calls, they will hear it too!!
    The ending with the dogs is hysterical!! I laugh every time I see it! Great

  27. That video is sooooo awesome! Definitely one of my favorite videos on
    YouTube :)) Thanks for sharing! :)

  28. A swimming cat! Must think he’s a dog! Love it

  29. 5 5 5 5+

  30. A day at the beach, WATER & DOGS FOR COMPANY… I’m sure olde DiDga had a
    PURRR FECT DAY.. He can not wait to do it again SOON.. “THE SOONER, THE

  31. This make’s me so happy!

  32. gayyyyyyyyy

  33. Great song to use for the dogs and Didga!!! I love this song and I laugh
    every time I see the video, especially at the end.
    God bless all of you…

  34. ☀️?????????????????❤️❤️

  35. The squad

  36. they all look very happy and that is all you can ask for really

  37. As of 2:20AM CDT on Thursday, Oct 1, 2015, there are officially 1,452
    haters in the world who gave a thumbs-down to this video!

  38. On Wednesday, I went to the pet store to buy food and treats for my cats. I
    thought about you and your cats and all you do for them. It brought tears
    to my eyes. GOD BLESS YOU!!! I love this song too!
    Have a blessed day Robert, Didga, Booomer!!

  39. hi thank you

  40. In my ‘PURRR-FECT WORLD’ all animals would be this happy!! On this
    ‘INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL DAY’ please take some time, go on-line and sign as
    many petitions supporting animals as you can. MAHALO & ALOHA*

  41. love it!

  42. This video is quite annoying

  43. One of the best videos ever ! ! ! Dog = Happy for humans (+cats;) )

  44. Love this Video, and the guy who is the dog trainer. You are truly gifted.
    Would definitely like to spend the day at the Beach with you & the troops.
    Keep up he great work,,,or should I say fun.

  45. Soo many DOGS!

  46. A cat swims ? now I know ….the are very happy hh ;)

  47. Daisy kohira larrauri

    I love this video!!

  48. wondefully cute andere funny

  49. and sorry

  50. As an old VT Editor, the editing in this is First Class!

  51. lots of sausages with legs. (those are dogs!! ^-^)

  52. I am a major animal lover and adore seeing the ‘pure’ joy in their little
    (and not so little) faces. I thank the world for people such as yourself,
    going above a beyond with the selfless act of working with animals. You
    certainly have found your calling life. And please keep the videos

  53. Love your videos! Seeing happy healthy animals having fun is soo much
    better than random funny cat videos. Please keep them coming!


  55. thnak you, awesome video! 🙂 Im happy now :D

  56. Amazing cat, dogs and videography!

  57. i love animals

  58. OMG that was soooo kool just wow u have a true family of dogs and a cat

  59. I danced to this….I need a life

  60. Awesome vid’, as always!
    Can’t believe Didga went swimming in the water. That’s a special cat!

  61. Watch my video

  62. Loved it

  63. bad sound -spoils it – very very bad sound – you shoulda known better – not
    happy sound

  64. When feeling down all I have to do is watch this video.. It makes me smile
    and feel so good.. thank you

  65. We really enjoy your stuff. Keep the clips coming :)

  66. pets nice creatures they feel and knows how loves &how dislikes them,please
    treat them gently

  67. This videon is EPIC ?

  68. omg he has a lot of dogs,???? I like the part where the cat says “ya”.
    all the dogs are sooooo

  69. This makes me feel so good since it was uploaded on my. B day :)

  70. A Dog:”There must be a spy among us…”

  71. They are so cute

  72. What a beautiful, “happy”, fabulous video!! Thank you SO much for
    making/sharing this…

  73. E P I C H A P P Y at 0:13

  74. so happy

  75. CATMANTOO: I can watch this endlessly… it has dogs, a famous cat, an
    excellent song, and just shows what little simple joys can make one *happy*

  76. Amei, que bichinhos mais lindos ❤❤❤

  77. I was awake at night while watching deep web videos then the lights turned
    off and I search very quickly on this.(phweh)

  78. Cat: DAY 21 the dogs still don’t know I’m not one of them. My plans are

  79. Exactly how many dogs do you have? No offense, but I don’t think it’s
    necessary to have so many unless you have a gigantic house…

  80. I love the cat .. Didga so cute.. I have 10 cats rescued but they love to
    eat and to sleep :)

  81. this makes me feel so happy, because i love dogs, and if they are happy, i
    am happy,soooo thanks you very much for this video

  82. BestMonster12 Official

    Awesome man!! I love ur videos..

  83. Sandesh van't Veen

    This made me so happy! I’ve never even seen a cat swim haha!

  84. This is an amazing video!!! it made my day!

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