Happy Thanksgiving from Milo Meets World!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends from Milo Meets World. Who’s up for some turkey?


  1. You’re so adorable Milo! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Aww also under 301!

  3. Milo your the turkey but not the main food

  4. Milo is so Cute!!!!!

  5. bende türküm

  6. hello, where do you get all of these outfits? I have just gotten a little
    puppy just like him and I would love to dress her up xxx

  7. Oh Milo, you melt my heart! The most adorable turkey I’ve ever seen! <3

  8. This is so adorable! :)

  9. I want the Milo turkey! But only for cuddling of course, he’s so adorable.

  10. Can alwas count on Milo to make me smile so much it hurts. :)

  11. Thankful for cute fur babies like milo!

  12. Jk milo is indestructible

  13. check out my puppy DR.BEARINGTON

  14. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    It’s always a boost to the confidence to see a dog with a better haircut
    than me.

  15. awww so cute !

  16. #cute

  17. Tophotbabes Channel

    I’m sure this video is gonna get millions of views because it has a dog in

  18. Every turkey would be pardoned if they all looked like Milo.

  19. Gah! I can’t take the cuteness! :3

  20. awww Milo is beyond adorable!

  21. Cute dog.

  22. how do u keep this dogs face so clean my Maltese gets so dirty haha

  23. 2cute4me

  24. goat

  25. Haha epic! :D

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