He showed a gorilla photos of other gorillas on his phone. Watch the gorilla’s reaction!

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There has been concern about the habitat and happiness of this gorilla. Please note that this gorilla (I believe he is named Jelani) is housed in an award winning 4 acre gorilla sanctuary in the Louisville Zoo. He is a Western Lowland Gorilla, a species classified as “critically endangered” by the I.U.C.N.

The Louisville Zoo works hard to provide Jelani and his group with great nutrition, a stimulating and wide open environment, medicine and a chance and hopefully through awareness and captive breeding they’ll help move this beautiful species off that endangered list.

I am in no way affiliated with this or any zoo or wildlife cause, but given the popularity of my video, I feel that people should direct the emotions that this has made them feel in a positive way to help make this world a better place.

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  1. CC Ryder (MusicFamily)

    Awesome! Ive done that with chickens. They love it…

  2. his mouth is pretty weird, (not talking about the gorilla) lol

  3. coolest gorilla on the planet !!!

  4. sick show for idiot people. really.

  5. I hope he would like at least one of tgem

  6. Kid has a serious underbite

  7. this is what happens when you give phones or the internet to gorillas they
    get fat and lazy

  8. James William Bottomtooth III

  9. It doesn’t matter at all how ‘award winning’ this ‘sanctuary’ is, he’s in
    fucking prison period. If it’s critically endangered, ok. So be it, that’s
    nature. It’s when humans try to control nature, we not only fail to do so
    but create absolutely miserable lives for numerous species. It’s not right,
    and if you are even a decent human being you understand this.

  10. Kiss the gorilla! Kiss it!… No fuck off bitch.

  11. jukeachuthepikachu

    Why the hell are people whining about Gorilla’s being in captivity? The
    whole point of this video is about a guy showing a gorilla photos, I swear
    you people ruin everything.

  12. A century from now when there’s like 100 white people left in the world, I
    hope these dirty Arabs keep them in a sanctuary for their pleasure. Earth
    without white people would be dead.

  13. all i see in my head …LOL…is him going “oh nice babe..”

  14. i love Gorilla

  15. Poor guy ! I feel sorry for him.

  16. Animals that intelligent shouldn’t be kept in pens :(

  17. Kid looks like Pruane2Forever.

  18. I really want to know how gorillas think.

  19. Gorilla be like ” show me more homie “

  20. Gurning his back off

  21. Why do we lock these creatures up?

  22. v same

  23. Not funny

  24. sad we lock these big guys ina cage for there entire life for our
    entertainment. these gorillas are smarter than some humans lol

  25. jacksparrowismydaddy

    that was cool. they made a friend that day 🙂 if I can ever be in a zoo
    like that I’m gonna bring him a picture book of gorillas. I wonder if
    they’ll let me give it to him. course I think this is how planet of the
    apes got started.

  26. They don’t have the same understanding like we do, he just sees you holding
    something and the light flashes from it draw his reaction, you really think
    he can comprehend that what your trying to show him?

  27. I’d kill myself if I had to live in one house all my life.

  28. awesome vid

  29. Tinder swiping

  30. Mr. Struggle Snuggle

    We should let this gorilla out so that it could be killed by humans! – PETA

  31. Most Excellent!

  32. I want to see that gorilla beat the shit out of him but idk why>?

  33. Spider O' Pumkin O'


  34. Going through tinder like Next…. Next…

  35. This is the Louisville , Kentucky Zoo

  36. That’s so sad he made a friend…..

  37. He skipped evolving to a human and went straight to the electronic addict
    couch potato.

  38. He should have taken a selfie and then show the ape the picture of them

  39. That just made the gorilla look more lonely.

  40. Why the guy makes him grimaces??

  41. I don’t get this. What is the reaction, he just sits there? Why does this
    video have 7 million views? Why so many likes? Why does the person stick
    his lower jaw out so that he looks like a gorilla too? Thumbs down from me.

  42. this beautiful animal shouldn´t be there. thats sad

  43. that reaction sucked, disliked

  44. very nice, but he looks a little bit sad :/. like he would see the nature
    and want to get there too. get them out. away with them, into the nature.
    love gorillas. some monkeys i really don’t like. chimps are sometimes not
    very good to other animals, also baboons are the badest ones. but gorillas
    are really nice ones. like a human buddy.

  45. Somehow… That gorilla reminds my of my grandpa lol

  46. so cute how the gorilla leans to the glass to see

  47. stupid people keep flashing

  48. people who have the flash on their phones are stupid

  49. This was touching. Gorillas are awesome creatures. This guy made an impact
    on that animals life with both the pictures and that cool ass underbite.

  50. Love watching this video of Walt Jnr and the Gorilla.

  51. Lol the gorilla lookin like you gots some naked hoes up in there bruh..?

  52. pretty perverts

    sitting in front of a gorilla, showing him pictures of free gorillas while
    he himself is in prison

  53. he does look like o boy from gorrilaz Inc???

  54. Just chillin’

  55. They are trading memes

  56. I love how the gorilla flips his head back and forth every time the guys
    switches pictures. Its like he is doing his best to show interest on what
    the guy is showing him.

  57. amazing

  58. Ugh let the poor thing go home.

  59. This is Amazing !!!

  60. That kid looks tasty to him

  61. nice connection :-)

  62. refreshing.. it was a gentle reaction to what was going on in his day to
    day life.. thanks.. it made me smile

  63. I was expecting the gorilla to go crazy or something. He looked about as
    excited as if he was watching paint drying. ha ha!

  64. I am certain that gorillas would enjoy playing an interactive game with
    humans. The zoos ought to set something up for that, it would make everyone
    happy and increase business.

  65. RJ Mitte from BREAKING BAD at the Zoo.

  66. I love the video. It shows that the gorilla is more than just a animal,
    they are so similar to us. I watch gorilla videos just about every night. I
    really was impressed out he just sit there and showed so much attention to
    your pictures.

  67. lol he is really looking at the pictures

  68. Could George Foreman knock out a gorilla?

  69. like two broes having a beer talking about girls

  70. That gorilla would be 10 times smarter than that ape.

  71. Ballani Samba Kargbo

    If I should have being there I will mingle with them real with out the glas
    mirror realese them from the mirror 

  72. Awwwwww

  73. it’s amazing. a little bonding time

  74. He looks Tongan

  75. When me and my bro hang. Lol ?

  76. That’s one awesome selfie.

  77. They’re like old pals chilling, one looking at the other’s weekend pics or
    something. Cute.

  78. This is funny lol

  79. Couldn’t but help notice the way the guy holding the phone pulls his jaw in
    and out all the time too…! LOL!!

  80. Gorilla be like,,..Yeh i’m that bored..I’ll even watch your lame pics.

  81. so something really cool is happening. then somebody has to make it about
    their fucking baby. nobody cares about your stupid non endangered baby!
    Jesus people are idiots. your baby just looks like another baby. meanwhile
    a cool ass gorilla is looking at pictures on an iphone.

  82. I watched it seven times and I still can’t figure out who the gorilla

  83. YES so cool

  84. Amazing, a way far from materialistic works.

  85. I dunno why but that made me sad as fuck.

  86. Either this dude was trying to find common ground by mimicking facial
    expressions, or he has a monster over bite…

  87. How anybody can hurt these beautiful animals is beyond me.

  88. don’t keep your chin up

  89. He’s using gorilla tinder

  90. This was pretty funny.

  91. was he motioning for him to go to the next photo?

  92. it looks like their friends

  93. the gorilla is like….holy fuck is this all you do all your life is look
    at this thing? if gorillas only knew who controls humans and why they would
    know and have a better understanding of why some douche with a phone has no
    respect here …and thus have a better understanding of why they live and
    die behind glass because of dumb people with phones.

  94. dud you look more stupid then gorilla

  95. and i bet that you are

  96. Jorge RosaIsela Ortiz


  97. Well, at least 7,658,020 other people wasted 90 seconds of their life, like
    I just did.

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